History will judge us harshly for our response to this pandemic. We are America, the nation on earth possessed of the greatest treasure of resources with which to address the pandemic and yet we are faring worse than most other industrialized nations.

Only in America would such a tragic occurrence as the rapid spread of this disease be viewed as an opportunity. The proof of this statement can be seen in that, rather than a countrywide, single coordinated attack on the virus we can see differences in response drawn sharply along red state, blue state lines.

Perhaps the best example from the medical side of the equation is the reaction to hydroxychloroquine. This drug, in use for 65 years, has had 51 global studies, all positive, yet our FDA and the government’s medical advisors dismiss its use out of hand and deny doctors the same ability to prescribe it off label as is done with hundreds of other medicines. To add insult to injury, social media platforms have taken on the role of medical advisors and with zero medical training are censoring expert medical posts that conflict with their ideological views. By doing so they are also complicit in any deaths that ensue from missed opportunity to receive medical treatment that involves drugs they seek to keep from the public.

Medical decisions should always be between a patient and his or her doctor. There is no room for the opinions of politicians, bureaucrats or social media mavens.

Could it be that those drugs that are being touted for use all provide huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry while hydroxychloroquine is out of patent and available for about $1.00 per pill? Who would have ever thought that people in the USA would be allowed to die in order to further political agendas, skew election results or insure corporate profits? Yet we seem to have arrived at that juncture in our history.

Joseph Stalin. Mao Zedong, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, to name just a few, were mass murderers all. But you can be sure that when any of these men looked into a mirror they did not perceive a monster looking back at them. Those who have politicized this pandemic for personal gain, either in power, wealth or simply to advance their ideological views are as culpable in mass murder as were the men named earlier and like those named, they too will not perceive monsters looking back from the mirror. One and all, they believe their actions to be for the common good.

But due to their callous disregard for human life, there is no kinder term than “murderer” for each of them.

Politics has no place in medicine and those medical advisors, charged with steering the course of the nation’s response to a pandemic, should not be financially involved in companies producing possible treatments. Yet that is the case with several of those responsible for telling the rest of us how to react.

The attitude of so many of our so-called leaders can be summed up in Governor Cuomo’s response to a question about the high number of deaths in New York’s nursing homes, “Those people are old,” he said, “they’re going to die anyway.”

Our children are our most precious commodity and, as many experts have testified, keeping them out of school does nothing to increase their safety but creates irreparable harm to their education and social development. Despite ample evidence that they are at no risk of contracting or spreading the virus, many of our “leaders” have elected to keep the kids out of school. It can be noted that school closures are among those aspects of the virus response that follow the red state, blue state split.

Twenty-two European nations have opened their schools and they are being safely operated on a day to day basis. The difference is that in those nations the virus has not been politicized. Again, only in America.

We have a presidential election coming soon and, without regard to who wins, with the passing of that event a large part of the reasons for politicizing this virus will disappear. Perhaps then the country will reopen and the medical community will be allowed to use every means at its disposal to eradicate the disease.

As for those who have perpetrated this mass injustice, they will probably never face consequences for their actions but the stain will be on their souls. Maybe God will forgive them, the nation can not and should not.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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  1. Roxanne says:


    This is excellent! The fact that a video I watched Friday night interviewing Dr. Immanuel that was posted earlier in the evening was GONE by 9:00 the Saturday morning has been the last straw for me. I was concerned, annoyed, unhappy, but now I’m straight up ANGRY.


    • rixlibris says:

      Pogo Possum (Walt Kelly) famously said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.” This country is being systematically destroyed from within and the rascals are on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately there is no constitutional mechanism for calling for a century and a half of “do over.”

  2. Why do you think seemingly non political things like masks, pills and global warming are so deeply partisan?

    • rixlibris says:

      Ben, I respect you very much as a writer and thinker but your response seems to be somewhat of a non sequitur. I think that the politicalization of the virus in the United States is pretty much a given and that the process of doing so is definitely non partisan. The various motives for doing so, whether for ideological advantage, to increase power or to gain wealth are not restricted to any one party. Were I able to offer an opinion where it mattered it would be remove the politics, identify those who are actually vulnerable, isolate and protect them and then open the country just as we have historically done with the flu. But this is a good crisis, isn’t it?

      • What I mean to say is that a lot of the stuff you mention is partisan for some reason. That’s, at least from here in Korea, not normal at all.

        Here we shut down the schools immediately, set up free testing as quickly as possible, supported people in isolation and set up a really good system of contact tracing. Our rate of infection is about 1% of the US and we’re practically finished with COVID 19. None of the solutions I mention were subject to any serious squabbling between Free Korea Party and the All Together Democratic Party.

        All of those things WOULD have been the subject of intense partisan squabbling in the US. I wonder why.

      • rixlibris says:

        The reason, simply put, is that each and every national crisis is viewed first bin light of the opportunity it brings. Factions form quickly based on possible financial gain, increasing political power or adding to voter base count. Once formed the factions vie with each other to control the crisis and gain whatever profit they can glean. If a solution is found for the crisis and it can be controlled by a faction then the crisis will be solved. In a sane universe this would be a very cynical view, in the USA of today it’s business as usual. I applaud you in Korea for being able to keep your eye on the prize and working to solve the problem rather than exploit it.

      • I hope you’re staying safe.

      • rixlibris says:

        Thanks for the concern. Staying safe, in fact I have no choice to do otherwise. Read my “dress Rehearsal” post and you’ll understand why. It’s been an unusual and different sort of summer so far.

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