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Normally I don’t use this blog to promote my writing even though I am fond of the maxim, “he who toot-eth not his own horn, the horn of same shall remain untoot-ethed.” Now that the book in question, “The Time … Continue reading

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Dr. Eric Berne developed Transactional Analysis and added to our lexicon the phrase “I know where you’re coming from.”  Beyond mentioning that his theory was based on each person having three ego states, child, adult and parent, I would refer … Continue reading

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Blackbird Esteem

Originally posted on Flakes of Cynicism:
I’ve never been one for things like ‘resolutions’ or ‘resolve’ especially in the contrived way that we are expected to renew ourselves in the dead of winter each year. The timing of this is…

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Many reading this will react with a resounding, “well, duh!!!” but for me the notion of stewardship came late and was fought against at every step. I suppose that ‘stewardship’ is just another way of saying ‘responsibility’ but with the … Continue reading

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Are Women Scary?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
This picture made me laugh. I do love lions. In our perfectly balanced equalitarian natural world, male lions tend to sleep about 20 hours a day while female lions hunt.…

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“If You Are In Business Without Advertising Then You Are Winking In The Dark.” It seems impossible now but when I first read those words I was not yet in middle school.  It was another cold, snowy (read that as … Continue reading

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Tears of Glass

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“Chief Joseph” Drawing by Carlos David From were I chief you would know me as Broken Wing sad from the anger of brave crippled souls of a sudden black moment denied of their…

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