America’s longest war is over. The United States of America, the most powerful nation on the planet, possessed of the most fearsome military might of all the nations, surrendered to a rag tag bunch of tribal terrorists. And the impetus for this shameful debacle can be summed up in just three words, “Orange Man Bad.”

The war is over. After twenty years of conflict Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, claims another victim. The difference this time is that the latest to fall did so voluntarily. The Taliban did not win the victory, it was awarded to them. The terrorist organization, now masquerading as a government, could not have finished in a better position had they negotiated to buy the country from Hunter Biden.

We not only ceded the land, we also equipped their forces with 85 billion dollars worth of some of the most sophisticated fighting gear known to man. And in the spirit of good sportsmanship we neutralized our ability to control the night by providing them with night vision equipment to enable them to see us coming should we ever have to attack them by night.

The Taliban now has an air force larger than that of some small countries and lack only the ability to operate it. That minor inconvenience will soon be off-set by some of their friendly neighbor countries insuring that our investment in giving them air superiority will not be in vain.

America is in disgrace and our fall is being widely cheered both at home and abroad. There are many among our so-called elite who, having used the American way of life to amass fortunes now wish to deny that opportunity to others. To them being in the club is an exclusive right and membership should be limited to only a select few. American Socialism is their way of barring the path to financial success, open borders the key to an ever growing subservient lower class.

And the military, that once highly respected group of finely honed warriors, that august assemblage of brave young men and women who have dedicated themselves to the protection and safety of their fellow citizens, what of them? They have been sold down the river, every one. The current leadership of our armed forces, both the civilians and those four star politicians in the Pentagon, have traded readiness for “Wokism.”

Critical Race Theory and Gender Politics have no place in the United States Armed Forces. No, President Biden, we need not concern ourselves with maternity flight suits for fighter jet pilots. The military has but one task, to protect and defend the citizens of this once great nation. All the rest of that social engineering garbage should be left to the limp wrist set in the halls of liberal academia.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy has a name and we need to start using it. It’s called “Treason.”

A final thought, just a very few months ago America was riding a crest. We had the lowest unemployment rate, across all demographics, in our history. For the first time ever we had achieved energy independence and cut oil’s umbilical cord to the Middle East. We had secure borders and controlled immigration. Despite constant bickering among the Professional Politicos and an obsessive hatred for the man in charge resulting in obstruction rather than cooperation, America was on the move in a positive direction and we were respected by our allies.

Fast forward to the present, a cognitively impaired President and no one in the line of succession prepared or even capable of stepping in to take his place. Inflation is out of control and because spending is also out of control more money will be printed causing inflation to continue to grow. The list of problems facing America is far too long to include here but they are sufficient to affect every man, woman and child in this country and will extend far beyond our borders.

The American Socialists are cheering this as progress while many others of us lament the loss of our beloved country. Please will someone step up and show us the way back through the looking glass to a world ruled by sanity and common sense?

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This will not be a scholastic approach to the subject of socialism. There will be no charts, economic data points or political histories. What I intend is a quick glimpse into the structure of American Socialism, based on observance and common sense.

Contrary to propaganda from those political elites who espouse the adoption of socialism as the panacea for all of America’s supposed woes, socialism is not a groundswell movement driven by the masses. American Socialism is a movement of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. The average American would never vote for such a debacle and would certainly not want to live under its dictates.

The folks who would replace our Democratic Republic with a socialist form of government often use some form of the motto first used during the in the French Revolution, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.” A success on the part of our socialists would eliminate the liberte and fraternite but would insure egalite for the greater part of our population, equality of misery and poverty.

Look not to the Soviet Union, but to Tsarist Russia for a more accurate predictor of what American Socialism would look like. Prior to 1917 Russia had only two classes of people, the Tsar and his elites, and everyone else. The upper classes ruled with an iron fist, the general population had no rights under the law and in fact, rather than being citizens were more akin to being chattel, property of the Tsar.

In a Democratic Republic the bulk of the power is concentrated in the middle class. The wealthy acquire and maintain their wealth by efficiently servicing the wants and needs of that middle class. The smaller lower class, those of lesser means through circumstances beyond their control, have their needs met either by government assistance or by the intervention of private support organizations. Liberty and Fraternity for all is based on Equality of opportunity.

Our American Socialists view democracy as an obstacle to their dream of a two class society dominated by the elite(themselves) and supported by the labor of everyone else (us). To accomplish their ideal Utopia the first objective is to render elections meaningless. Can’t have the rabble deciding who should be running the country.

Another speed bump on the road to control by our would be socialists are those pesky borders. In their view commerce and labor supply should flow freely around the globe with the elite puppet masters able to decide how, when and where to achieve their goals without government interference.

Our current system of governance has a long and deeply rooted history and will be difficult to completely uproot. Since government will remain a necessary evil for the elite, the solution is to control elections so that they remove the public from the equation and make filling “elective” offices a boardroom decision. If you can’t eliminate the process then control the outcome. Different route, same destination.

Admittedly what I am describing is not classic socialism. But our American Socialists are not classic socialists. They have usurped the term to lend familiarity to what they are attempting to do and to facilitate the acceptance of their propaganda. Given the reality of definition creep, I am sure their usage of “socialism” will be widely accepted.

Spoiler alert for the American Socialist Movement, the 220 pound bully, prepared to kick sand in your face, is the Chinese Communist Party. You may have success on this continent but if you don’t adapt your game plan to include China as the Boss Hog and play by their rules, they will pick up all the marbles, theirs and yours, and go home.

The irony is that all you so-called American Socialists, Elite Intelligentsia and Tech Wizards earned your fortunes, and your self-proclaimed right to control the planet, by working within a system that was built with controlled borders and an acknowledgement of American Exceptionalism protected by our system of laws and by that Constitution that you now disdain. You want to scrap that which allowed you to succeed and replace it with a system that, although modified, has been doomed to failure everywhere it has been tried

If this is the example of your superior intelligence, advantage ignorance.

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Anyone else having trouble keeping up with current events? Living today, especially in the USA, is like riding a runaway roller coaster. Up, down, sideways and often inverted.

Is the virus a medical problem or a political problem? Should it be Dr. Fauci or Dr. Falsie?

Was the 2020 election truly stolen or just a collection of inexplicable anomalies that taken together give the impression of impropriety?

A person being interviewed during a BLM/Antifa unpleasantness was quoted as saying, “looting is just a form of reparations.” Can that be true?

Does anyone still think that Joe Biden in the White House is good for America or that Kamala Harris is actually qualified to be President?

How long will our Justice Department and the intelligence Agencies continue to sit on evidence of major crimes committed by the so-called elite and refuse to take action?

Has anyone else noticed the number of billionaire oligarchs who are buying citizenship in New Zealand? Maybe it’s just a new status symbol purchase or perhaps it has something to do with the difficulty in obtaining extradition to prosecute money or tax related crimes.

The Supreme Court seems to now exist for the sole purpose of remaining the Supreme Court and to do so they must scrupulously avoid controversy. Not unlike the Kardashians and the Obamas, they seem content to be famous simply for being famous.

The latest big thing is Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy. This unlikely patriot is either the largest personification of Don Quixote or he is actually cut in the mold of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and all the rest of those who risked it all to create this country. Mr. Lindell has put it all on the line in an attempt to singlehandedly drain the DC swamp and end the American corruptocracy. I can think of no-one in modern history who has risked more with no thought, or even possibility of personal gain.

I watched his 72 hour symposium. The presentation was compelling and convincing and if true, the effort put into the election steal would rival the WWII Manhattan project.

Spoiler alert for Mr. Lindell, the so-called Deep State came to life with the founding of our nation and has had nearly 250 years to metastasize into the soul-sucking cancer that it is today. Our elected and appointed officials, both political parties, the tech oligarchs, and many foreign governments have more interest in maintaining the swamp than in draining the swamp.

As one who believes in the spirit of our Constitution and in American Exceptionalism, I truly hope Mike Lindell wins this fight. I do not want to see this great country take a place on the ash heap of history.

In Irish poet W.B. Yeats’ poem, “Second Coming,” written in 1919, there is a line that describes the political make up of today’s America. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

America has problems but it seems the attempted solutions are often worse than those problems. It would be good to visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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For all practical purposes we are alone, we the 7.7 billion passengers aboard Starship Earth, as we ride this solar system through the cosmos. We have encountered no other travelers on the journey nor have any made their presence known to us. It is a daunting task, being the only self-conscious race in this fathomless universe.

From the perspective of human time it has been a long journey while in the context of universal time a mere blink of the eye. Without regard to the temporal disparity, we can only examine our interaction with eternity from the human viewpoint. From that aspect the most enduring characteristic of the human animal is impermanence.

Everyone born onto this planet, from the beginning of humankind until approximately 120 years ago have one thing in common, they have all died. And everyone currently scurrying about the surface of this big blue rock will eventually join them.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that while we are here we have choices. We can choose to be a force for good or we can choose evil. We can choose love or espouse hate. We can be happy and at peace or constantly quarreling and at war, one with the other.

Most who are reading these words are residents of the United States of America, a deeply divided nation. While we can only exert control over a tiny sliver of the events that will shape the history of this country we must never lose sight of the fact that we are all heirs to the collective choices made by our ancestors over many millennia and that the choices we make today will similarly shape the lives of those we leave behind.

A cursory examination of the history of mankind would indicate that at no time has our species ever been universally at peace. One might conclude that it just isn’t in our “nature” to get along with each other. I choose not to believe that to be true.

I do believe that there are no complicated answer to any of life’s problems, only complicated reasons to avoid the simple answers that are available. I believe in the truth of Occam’s Razor, that the simplest solution is usually the best solution.

I believe that it is way past time for us to teach our children that hate is not a family value, greed is not good, accusation is not guilt and that we are our brother’s keeper. An old Native American adage reminds us that everyone lives downstream from someone. While we cannot always control what our upstream neighbor does to us, we can control what we do to those living downstream. This is true both in space and in time.

We choose to live in an organized society. For such a society to function politics becomes a necessary evil. All political systems are composed of leaders and followers. In our system we have the opportunity to choose our leaders. While that is admirable it is also where the system seems to break down most often.

In order to have a better political system we must elect better people to office. In order to select better candidates we must first become better voters, that is to say, more informed voters. Apathetic or low information voters will destroy any democratic society.

While we cannot control where this journey aboard Starship Earth will take us, we can control the environment in which we choose to live during the trip and we can control the character and effectiveness of those we choose to give the power to steer the events that shape our individual lives.

Since we cannot jump ship we had darn well better make certain that only the best, brightest, most honest and most ethical ever gain and hold the awesome power that is entrusted to our leaders. 2022 will soon be here, be prepared.

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In our nation’s Capitol, on January 6, 2021, to use a phrase coined by Rep. Ilan Omar, D-MN, “some people did something.”

That “something” is enshrouded in a mystery that grows ever deeper each passing day. Not in dispute are facts such as that several hundred people have been arrested and are being held without bail, in solitary confinement. That a closed prison facility was brought back online specifically to hold those arrested in connection with the Capitol incident, and that those being held are being denied any semblance of due process.

The Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi and then majority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell were fully responsible for overseeing events in the Capitol. That they failed miserably is an understatement.

The so-called insurrection should never have taken place and was totally preventable. The unanswered question is, was it an organic movement or was it the result of careful planning?

There are suspicions that the initial stage of the rioting was a false flag operation intended to disrupt any attempt to postpone the certification of the Biden election until certain states could examine their elections and perhaps recall their electors. If this is true then the “insurrection” was highly successful.

This particular mystery can be easily resolved. The answers are readily available. The FBI has 14,000 hours of surveillance video captured by 6 separate cameras. So far this video evidence has been used only to identify and incarcerate people who can be shown to be Trump supporters.

This is America, not the Soviet Union or Communist North Korea. We don’t have political prisoners, reeducation camps or state sponsored torture. Or do we?

Where is the full force of our legal system’s investigative power? Where the search for truth without regard to where it might lead? Why do we have investigations being led by a need to “prove” a given outcome rather than to discover the facts?

If Trump supporters are truly guilty of instigating the riot then they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The truth is in the 14,000 hours of video and they must be released, shown to we the people, and a bright light focused on the facts.

The other closely guarded top secret is the identity of the only person to have caused a fatality during the Capitol events, the killer of Ashli Babbitt.

Early broadcast video showed two viewpoints of the tragedy. One was from outside the infamous window. In that footage a man is seen urging Ms. Babbitt to go through the window, saying, “you’re holding everyone up, go on through so other people can climb through.”

The other viewpoint showed the shooter, gun in hand, aimed at the window. As soon as Ms. Babbitt, empty hands in plain view, came through the window, the shooter fired his weapon. No warning, no attempt get her to reverse course. Deadly force was the first and only response to her trespass.

This shooter was reported to be a Capitol policeman but remains unidentified. Secrecy where none is usually to be found, or even necessary, leads naturally to suspicion that something is being covered up. Perhaps the shooter is a policeman, perhaps not.

Again, the answer is in the 14,000 hours of video.

Perhaps the DOJ should be renamed, “The Department of Selective Justice.”

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In his publication ‘Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar’ Mark Twain wrote, “It could be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinct native American criminal class except Congress.”

Written tongue in cheek to show his disdain for what he saw as corruption in government, Twain left us with an amusing quote. But in his wildest imaginings Twain could never even have suspected the degree of wrongdoing to which the malfeasance he observed would grow.

A full catalog of the crimes and misdemeanors that have plagued this once great nation would require several volumes to adequately record but we can touch on a few in this limited space.

Let’s begin with one of the most egregious, the Jeffrey Epstein saga. As is widely known Mr. Epstein died while in custody. Although the circumstances were suspicious his demise was ruled suicide. Then Attorney general Barr stated that the entire fiasco surrounding his death was a “perfect storm of dereliction of duty and official mistakes” but otherwise nothing to see. A key element was that the men assigned to check on Epstein’s cell failed to do so and were subsequently charged with making false records and conspiracy. On May 21, 2021 those guards received a deferred prosecution deal, avoiding jail time and slipping their case under the rug.

The unanswered question is, what happened to the rest of the Epstein investigation? In his rise to wealth Epstein amassed a trove of video recorded evidence showing his “clients” committing serious crimes. The FBI confiscated all such evidence and has held it for several years but no mention of it being used to bring justice to the Epstein victims has ever been mentioned.

The Biden crime family was outed by one of its major members, Hunter Biden. Again, the evidence has been in the possession of the FBI and our Justice Department for quite a while. Have you heard any underground rumblings of potential prosecutions? Again, nothing to see here.

Was the 2020 presidential election stolen or was it not stolen? No one really knows, but the current president thinks that it was. He said as much on national TV. “We have put together the most massive voter fraud in history.” Also, contrary to the Constitution, many states allowed their elections to be governed by other than their state legislators. That’s a huge no-no.

Audits are currently being conducted to test the integrity of the election and, surprisingly, are being met with fierce opposition from the winning side. That alone sounds just a bit counterintuitive.

Our last Attorney General, under the previous administration, came into office swearing that he would uphold the rule of law and left office with a laundry list of criminal referrals and unfinished IG investigations pending but no significant prosecutions. He did get a book deal.

And on book deals, if you want clue as to who has done the bidding of the so-called Deep State or the billionaire oligarchs simply look to the book deals.

Billionaire “world shakers” buy into publishing companies. Those companies can then be used to funnel money to people who are willing to violate their oaths of office and to abandon public trust by acceding to the wishes of special interests.

When the books do not sell the “authors” of the books get to keep the money, the publishers chalk it up to bad business decisions and write off the losses. Those who wanted the event, outcome or judicial ruling get whatever it is that they paid for.

It is by design, not stupidity, that we no longer have a meaningful Southern border. It is by design, not stupidity, that we have unchecked, unprosecuted rioting in our streets.

Deviancy has been defined down to a point that no behavior is still considered deviant. There is a well organized movement in America to normalize pedophilia and school curriculum now embraces teaching children to judge others by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. MLK has been canceled.

As I said at the top, a full examination of crime and malfeasance in government would require volumes. If so inclined you can readily find all the evidence you care to see. The perpetrators no longer even bother to hide their crimes, for all practical purposes they own the judicial system.

Quoting Swami Vivekananda, London, 1896, “the nation that abandons morality will not survive.”

The Swami, just as did Mark Twain, nailed it.

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Here in South Central Texas the sun is setting on Memorial Day, 2021.

This is the one day of the year dedicated to remembering the fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price for the rights and liberties we enjoy as citizens of this, the greatest country on the face of the earth,

We owe a debt that can never be paid, a debt to each of those patriotic men and women who sacrificed their all for all that we lay claim to as American citizens.

How dare we make this a day about trivial pursuits of pleasure rather than focusing on the solemn duty to offer prayers of gratitude for the blood shed on our behalf.

How dare elected leaders our country dismiss the meaning of this day with a cavalier, “keep cool out there,” while eating an ice cream cone or, “enjoy the long weekend.” Where is the honor and gratitude in those comments?

I am a proud veteran, ten years in military service, but this day isn’t about me or anyone else who can read these words. As veterans we have a day on which our nation pauses to offer us collective thanks for whatever degree of service and/or sacrifice we have made. Today is all about those who did not survive to be thanked in person.

Memorial Day was originally the day on which we visited the graves of those who had fallen in battle, let us not lose sight of that purpose.

Patriotism was once an integral part of every civic occasion. Statues of military heroes populated town squares across the nation and the flag was proudly waved from coast to coast. We were a people proud of our country, willing to pay whatever price necessary to maintain the freedoms purchased at great cost by the bravest of the brave.

How dare we trivialize their sacrifice by converting this day into just another excuse to take a day off. How dare we we abandon the reason for this day, that of offering honor to, and prayers for those who shed their life’s blood to guarantee our right to live peacefully here in America is the planet’s greatest nation and it’s largest magnet for legal immigration.

America is indisputably the greatest nation. Proof of this statement is that millions of people from every nation on earth vote, and have voted, with their feet by coming here to enjoy the rights and freedoms that those who gave their all secured for us.

How dare we not make the true purpose of the day foremost in all we do on this day?

How dare we allow the meaning this day and the meaning of all other patriotic holidays to slip away? Do we not realize that a nation that abandons its shared spirit of nationalism will soon cease being a nation?

How dare we allow the greatest experiment in self government ever attempted to so easily slip away?

Do we lack the courage to dare to step up and reclaim the ideal so many died to protect?

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There is a concerted effort afoot to remove all vestiges of morality from the American culture. We are engaged in a war for the soul of our nation. The war is not new, not of recent creation, it has been waged for many decades and the forces for good are losing.

America is a nation founded on religious principles, endowed by a Creator God with certain inalienable rights. These rights, as numerated in our foundational documents, being bestowed as they were by a Higher Power and not derived from the the benevolence of a ruling class, cannot be taken away by any such ruling class. While our God given rights cannot be taken they can be hidden from us, removed from our reach.

Is there an upside to immorality? For those who would destroy the American way of life, subvert the intent of our founders and exert control (for fun and profit) over America, and by extension the world, the answer is a resounding “yes.” For them Immorality is merely a tool, just as is racism, political and judicial corruption, civil unrest and election fraud to name just a few.

Morals, ehtics, and obedience to a Higher Power all have rules, immorality has none. The dichotomy is that the control sought by those driving the war against morality must also conform to a set of rules. This they accomplish by dividing the populace into definable groups, each with its own set of rules. These sub sets are then told that so long as they remain in their own lanes they are united and free, never realizing that the concept that divides them from everyone else is itself antithetical to unity and freedom.

Examples to prove the premise that a war on morality is taking place are so many and so varied that it would require far more space than is available here. If you have an interest in pursuing the subject I suggest you do a search for “pornography in public school curriculum,” “normalizing pedophilia,” and “treating adolescent gender dysphoria.” A deeper dive could lead to asking why our Justice Department is still not acting on the mountain of evidence garnered in the raids on the Jeffrey Epstein properties.

Hunter Biden provided the smoking gun that would certainly have led to at least a day in court had he not been related to a member of the protected class. AG Bill Barr (CIA code name Robert Johnson) deftly avoided juggling that hot potato. That Robert Johnson was a blues guitar player who claimed to have sold his his soul to the devil might just be happenstance.

Other arrows in the quiver of those seeking to erase ethics and morality are book deal advances. It is no coincidence that several of the oligarchs commonly linked to nefarious schemes to control the strings of government have invested in publishing companies and that oddly enough many individuals having made in controversial decisions in their official capacities which aided the war against morality have been rewarded with multi million dollar advances for books destined to never become best sellers. Nothing to see here.

We are losing the war and the key to victory for the dark side is aptly described in the adage, “for evil to triumph it requires merely that good people do nothing.”

You, dear reader, are doubtlessly a good person. Bite off a chunk of this battle, investigate it, form opinions and then communicate your thoughts as widely as possible. We greatly outnumber the enemy but they are well positioned, wealthy and dedicated to the destruction of this nation that we cherish. If the army of the good continues to slumber while the dark side makes inroads into all the institutions we once held to be sacred, there will be nothing left to fight for.

Someone much wiser than me once said, “if you have nothing worth dying for you have nothing worth living for.”

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Make no mistake, the United States of America is being ruled, not governed, ruled by organized hatred. Just as Adolph Hitler employed his Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) to intimidate and frighten the citizens of Germany into giving him the dictatorship the current governing bodies in America are using similar means to increase and solidify their power over this country. Hatred is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal.

The three most prevalent factors in human interaction are love, hate and indifference. Of these the easiest to control is hate. Hatred requires no maintenance whereas love needs to be nurtured through understanding, empathy and compassion. In other words, love requires that you actually put some effort into sustaining it. Love is not something you say, it’s something you do on a continuing basis.

The forces now controlling America have successfully weaponized hatred and have used it to instill fear and intimidation in order to divide the people, and to subvert law, reason and due process. When people have to arm themselves, board up their businesses and cower behind locked doors in anticipation of an election result, a jury verdict or a court ruling, can we not agree that something has gone awry?

When even our Supreme Court can be cowed by the mob, can be intimidated to shirk its sworn duty to the Constitution out of fear of retribution by uncontrolled rioters how can we say that we are very far removed from Hitler’s Germany of 1925?

When duly elected members of our legislatures, federal and state, can take to the streets to egg on the mobs and incite riots in order to advance their political ideologies, where are the checks and balances?

And those of us who care, what can we do beyond wringing our hands in despair as we futilely blow against the whirlwind? In a few short months we have seen our great nation dive into the abyss, a headlong leap toward destruction fueled by a purposely engendered divisive hatred that has been financed by forces that for various reasons want to see the America we have all cherished cease to be. And those forces are winning.

There is no end to the list of laws violated by the people who are behind the destruction of the country. Where are the prosecutions for abetting illegal border crossings? That is still a crime, is it not? What of inciting riots and looting? Giving comfort to enemies, foreign and domestic? Still illegal? The money trails are obvious and could be followed but are not being acted on.

For a period of time we had so-called good guys in power. Where were their actions against what was taking place to subvert the rule of law? Not only were they silent then but now seem to be interested only in multi-million dollar book deal advances, a classic way to pay off corrupt officials for services rendered. Those that we looked to for positive leadership were not haters, nor were they governed by a love for country. They were driven by shameless greed, indifferent to the result their inaction would have on all of us who depended on them to honor their oaths and to defend the country and its laws.

Personally, I feel betrayed. Not by the haters in the streets, they are at best useful idiots duped into following false prophets or at worst criminals using the cover of a political debacle to profit from looting. Nor do I feel betrayed by the billionaire radical leftists or the Media or the Big Tech oligarchs, they cannot be expected to have any desire to seek a just, well governed society blinded as they all are by their quest for wealth and power.

I feel betrayed by the good guys, that whole sanctimonious lot of pretenders, acting and talking as though we the people, the rule of law, the American ideal and the Constitution were the driving forces in their lives when all along they were just in it for the glory and the gold. How some of them can stand to live in a world that has mirrors is beyond me.

Okay, the rant is over and the search begins. A search for that person, that font of wisdom, that potential shining knight, who can pick up the tattered pieces of our nation and provide the leadership that will unite those who truly want this country to survive as a republic and begin a cause worthy of being rallied around. Hate can be defeated.

Any volunteers?

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I just finished reading a fascinating book, A War of Shadows, by Jack L. Chalker. The first sentence reads, “The shadow of death passed through Cornwall, Nebraska, but it was such a nice day that nobody noticed.”

Small town America was being attacked by a biological agent, bringing death and/or chronic illness to such a degree that the President of the United States had Congress declare martial law. Our government’s response to the attack by unknown assailants was to completely suspend civil liberties.

As the narrative unfolds it becomes clear that the biological agents being used were manmade, developed for the purpose of creating sufficient fear among the general population that no measures taken to counteract the menace would be questioned.

The forces behind the plot consisted of a group of very wealthy liberals and progressives, under the control of rogue elements in the government, going all the way to the highest offices in all three branches. Their end purpose was that of transforming the United States into a totalitarian regime, forever to be under their collective thumb.

Quoting from the text of the novel, “Using the idea that we had a mysterious enemy controlling a horrible fate, we scared the American people half to death. They were willing to do just about anything to feel safe from this dreaded disease. It was much worse than soldiers of an enemy. It was silent, invisible and permanent in its effects. They demanded protection from Congress, Congress gave extreme emergency powers to the President, and we had the military state of emergency.”

A phrase often used when a work of fiction or entertainment seems to hit upon a subject currently existing in real life, “ripped from the headlines,” would seem to be appropriate in reviewing Mr. Chalker’s novel. Appropriate until one takes into account that the novel, “A War of Shadows,” was written in 1979, over forty years ago.

I am not a great fan of coincidences but barring such an occurrence it would seem that Jack Chalker was either prescient to a degree rivaling Nostradamus or someone reading his work saw it not as science fiction but as a blueprint for achieving a political end impossible through the use of any ordinary legal and ethical means.

No matter what your take on the subject, Mr. Chalker’s fantasy is far too close to our current reality for comfort and complacency. The parallels are uncanny.

Perhaps the answer to why we are where we are lies in identifying the true architects of the events that have caused our lives to imitate Chalker’s art and then taking all appropriate action to bring them to justice.

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