It happens to everyone at some point in life.  We are attempting to convey information or impart what we consider to be an important lesson and then realize that the person we are addressing the effort to has absolutely no interest in what we are saying.

For such times I have hung the enclosed drawing on the wall above the computer to serve as a reality check.  There are probably many more reasons than the two listed but those will always top any list.

You’re welcome.


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During a recent conversation a friend asked how certain politicians and government officials can get away with deeds that would have ordinary citizens checking into the crossbar hotel for a new career as consumers of corrective services.

Normally I would regard such a question as rhetorical but this time I paused to give it some thought.  Why indeed do some people appear to be above the law?  And then the answer, so simple as to be a real “duh” moment.

Alfred Noyes wrote, “The Highwayman.”  In this poem which is the sympathetic character, the robber or those seeking to bring him to justice.

Robin Hood, thief, bandit leader or champion for equality and sharing the wealth?

What about Bonnie and Clyde?  Al (Scarface) Capone?  John Gotti, The Teflon Don?

Further back in our history, Billy The Kid, The James Brothers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Think of all the famous pirates who roamed the seas plundering as they went.

And in fiction we have The Sopranos, The Godfather and thousands of other cinematic anti-heroes.  The list could go on ad infinitum but I believe these will serve to illustrate the point that we truly love our bad folks.

Given that we tend to mythologize our criminal class and reduce their heinous crimes and misdemeanors to mere entertainment, overlooking the loss of life, the human misery and financial costs that ensued from their actions, is it any wonder that we so easily treat our politicians and appointed officials in the same fashion?

We need to wake up.  The people making the headlines today are not the lovable Duke Boys from The Dukes of Hazard or the Ham Burglar filching french fries from your plate.  The actions of rogue politicians have real consequences which can have serious detrimental effects on all our lives, our children and our grandchildren.

So when you read in the papers or hear on the news about the latest shady event coming from Washington don’t just chuckle and say, “there they go again.”  Stand up and let your voice be heard.  Just as when an acquaintance tells an off color joke or makes a comment that truly offends you, let it be known that you don’t approve.

It’s your government, these politicians and their minions have no right to treat it like it’s just another episode of “Breaking Bad” or “The Sons of Anarchy.”

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I steadied the ladder and watched you climb,
Rung by rung toward lofty heights.

I cheered, others jeered, your leaving the “woman’s place”
To shatter glass ceilings along the way.

I was dad when dad was needed, mom when he was not.
We made the hearth a safe haven for you.

New alliances formed as the distance between us grew
And ambition must follow its needs.

Your world opened to include airports and hotels,
Mine shrank to housework and the PTA.

“Networking,” you explained, both day and night.
I became a full time dad with a part time wife.

And now you are gone, a new dream takes my place
And I am left, your footprints on my shoulders.


An excerpt from “A Mixed Bag” by Rick Fontes
Available at and other fine booksellers.

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As we close in on November 8th, that line from September song comes to mind, “the days dwindle down to a precious few…,” and I am of the opinion that Barrack Obama’s pre election  statement will soon be fulfilled.  We are about to see America fundamentally changed forever.

We are in the closing days of the strangest, most contentious election campaign in the history of our republic and, no matter which candidate prevails, we are in for a rocky road ahead.

On the one hand we have a “broke-ass billionaire,” a tycoon by his own admission so heavily leveraged that he has little in liquid assets.  Not that I wouldn’t swap portfolios with him in a New York minute, but it’s a fact that buildings are hard to spend at the local 7-11.

This is a man with a large ego and little control over his emotions yet he has managed to defeat the best and brightest that the Republican party could marshal against him and continues to hold his own against opposition from a coalition of the mainstream press, the Democrat party and an imposing number of detractors from his own party.  That he has managed to survive the process this long is in and of itself an amazing feat.

His opponent for the world’s most powerful office is, by all lights, the most corrupt person to ever run for president.  Any other person with a tenth of the crimes and alleged misdeeds on their rap sheet would be doing life and a half in some supermax prison.  John Gotti has been bested and the title of “Teflon Don” duly passed.

But on November 9th one or the other will be the president-elect of These United States.

When we go to the polls on November 8th we have a choice although it is one that has been obscured by so much smoke and mirrors that making a rational decision is all but impossible.

At the most basic level it comes down to the Globalists versus the Nationalists and so what we are really voting for is the difference between free trade in the style of the European Union, but on a global scale, or making an attempt to force American manufacturers to make their products in the USA or face harsh penalties designed to wipe out any financial advantage in manufacturing overseas.

There are a great many other issues at stake but solving this economic conundrum is key to finding a solution for many of the others.

I confess to having mixed emotions on the subject of Globalism.  I see the many pluses but also understand that the path we are on will continue the process of leveling the playing field for the entire planet, albeit a centuries long exercise.

At the risk of sounding xenophobic, there is no advantage in Globalism and having a planet without borders for top tier nations.  Simply put, if you are below the mean you will rise to average, if you are above you will sink.  America is above but we are demonstrably sinking in most demographics.

A vote for a one world open market will insure that we will continue to slide toward the world average.  A vote against might slow the tide, but there are no guarantees.  After all the only one who seems to be espousing that outcome is a loud mouthed, trash talking, bombastic billionaire.

Whatever your choice.  Vote your conscience.  But vote.

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They are everywhere.  Trolls.  Flaming your comments section with the crass, the banal and the downright insulting.  But now there is a deterrent.  My crafty (arts &) niece, toiling in the frozen tracts of the Great American Midwest, created a solution for my troll problem and I am sharing it here with you.  It is the “Guard Troll,” an ever vigilant sentry to stand by your computer and block those evil trolls who would enter and create mayhem.  And he’s kinda cute.guard-troll

Look for him and his siblings at

Seriously, check it out, you’ll find a smile or two waiting there.

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In front of the small cafe
He sits at a curbside table
Overlooking Victoria Harbour.

He stares into the cup before him
As a scryer seeking answers
In the inky black coffee

It was an opportunity so rare,
Too good to let pass,
Now thirty years into history.

Growing, nay grown old
So far from his Ohio home
Now as foreign as this place once was.

Trapped by success,
Dreading the shortening of time,
With future neither here nor there.


An excerpt from “A Mixed Bag” by Rick Fontes.
Available at Amazon.Com and other fine booksellers

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When words fail it sometimes becomes necessary to coin new ones.  In discussing our government we have begun to use Plutocracy, Globalism and Oligarchy as descriptive terms for the system currently in play.  In my opinion they fall short and so I am submitting Corruptocracy.

NOUN:  A system of government based primarily on crony capitalism, practiced by elected officials both current and former and facilitated by underlings holding appointive offices.

A corruptocracy is best identified by the ease with which office holders can parlay “pay for play” politics and influence peddling into personal income streams with little or no consequences for doing so.

Once established, a corruptocracy is maintained and grows by gaining control over adjacent branches of government, notably those involved in interpreting and/or enforcing the law.  This has the benefit of blocking investigations and prosecutions for corrupt practices and is also handy for stifling dissent.  Such control most often results from employing outside donors who are seeking access to government officials or by establishing pseudo charitable foundations to act as money conduits.

When bribery and cronyism fail to produce desired results those operating a corruptocracy will often resort to violence, both threatened and actual.

Once in place, a corruptocracy is extremely difficult to uproot due to the massive amounts of cash and influence it can bring to bear.  People elected as reformers soon become frustrated at the seemingly insurmountable task of rooting out corruption and begin to “go along to get along” with an eye always on reelection.

A corruptocracy can only be defeated by an informed electorate which is why so much effort is expended by those in the corruptocracy to prevent such an electorate from gaining plurality.  Under the guise of seeking full and equal suffrage they will concentrate most of their new voter outreach in those demographics proven to be the least informed in civics and the most prone to believing political promises that cannot be fulfilled.

The corruptocracy, once found almost exclusively in third world countries, has made its way into the top tier nations. This movement has been both gradual and insidious, analogous to the camel having its nose in the tent, and it is not a self correcting problem.  Only an informed and involved citizenry can be effective in rooting out the corruption at its core.


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