After Thanksgiving dinner my daughter-in-law handed me a book and said, “you need to read this.” The book was HARBINGER II by Jonathan Cahn and she was right, I did need to read it. No spoiler alert needed, Mr. Cahn spins a compelling narrative comparing modern day America and its all too apparent rush toward dystopia to the fall from grace of ancient Judea. The author cites an amazing series of events from the present time that parallel occurrences recorded in the Bible and then ties them all to biblical prophecy.

While Mr. Cahn’s work is based entirely on the Judeo-Christian perspective I could not help being reminded of something said by Swami Vivekanada (circa 1898) during a lecture series given in London, England, “The nation that abandons morality will not survive.”

The bedrock of our nation is in Judeo-Christian morality and reverence for a benevolent Supreme Being whose guiding principles steered the newly founded ship of state. The first Europeans, those who established the initial foothold of what was to become our nation, came here primarily to escape religious persecution. This is indisputable fact, without regard to what revisionist historians would have you believe.

Time has marched on since Mr. Cahn penned his Harbinger series but the events that have occurred in the interim serve only to emphasize the points he made. America’s lurch toward the dark side was not organic, not a natural consequence of our cultural development, it was a purposeful, orchestrated shift away from morality, engineered to normalize deviance. It doesn’t take deep thought to discern the reasons why our elders, the political elite, and those who command the course of America’s economic sphere would prefer immorality. As I observed in previous postings, evil people do not look into a mirror and see evil people staring back at them. What they see are persons, thought to be more clever than most, who are goal driven and guided solely by expedience. For them morals are not only abstract, but also impediments to achieving their goals. These so-called leaders learned long ago that those who believe in nothing will fall for anything.

Remove morals and ethics from a society and you effectively neutralize any consideration of Divine Retribution and any code of conduct based on the dictates of a higher power. You create a populace guided by narrow self interest with a credo of, “if it feels good, do it.”

Laws, whether spiritual or secular, exist for the law abiding and to serve as a means to check the activities of those not obedient to the restrictions imposed by those statutes. If morality and ethics do not exist in concrete form to underpin law then the law becomes merely a body of suggestions, to be ignored if and when they interfere with the pursuit of someone’s desired goals. And this is exactly what we see being played out in the halls of government, the corporate boards of industry and in a more violent fashion, on the streets of our cities.

Whether or not it’s possible to reinstate morality into our nation’s ethos is debatable, what is not is that if we continue along this current path America as a nation will cease to exist.

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The long awaited trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has begun. The prosecution and the defense have both amassed impressive teams of extremely accomplished attorneys and both sides are expected to be aggressive and very effective in their respective roles. A jury of peers has been paneled and, given the nature of the charges, the public is anxiously anticipating daily salacious updates on the progress of events from within those hallowed halls of justice.

But this trial is not really about Ghislaine Maxwell nor is it about the late Jeffery Epstein. The true defendant is the American system of justice. Mr. Epstein did not survive pretrial incarceration, Ms. Maxwell did although most folks did not believe she would. And so the trial has begun.

No one can accurately predict how twelve honest citizens will view the evidence presented or what verdict they will reach based on their interpretation of that evidence. But, as a pseudo jury of one, I am convinced that whatever they decide it will be based not on the totality of evidence available but on a narrow, carefully selected portion of that which the government possesses concerning the criminal careers of Maxwell and Epstein.

Based on prior reporting and logical deduction a reasonable person would conclude that Epstein amassed his considerable fortune by providing underage girls as sex partners to a number of wealthy, highly placed individuals and recording them in the act. According to the same reports, Maxwell was his partner and chief facilitator.

When Epstein’s criminal enterprise crumbled the FBI conducted a series of raids on his properties and seized what was described as his complete collection of video evidence showing his clients engaged in sexual misconduct with the aforementioned underage girls. This being the same video evidence that he allegedly used to coerce those clients into sharing their large fortunes with him.

Under a truly just, moral and ethical system that trove of evidence would have long since been brought to light, investigations completed and repercussions brought to bear. That is what would have occurred under a truly just, moral and ethical system but not under a system in which Lady Justice no longer wears a blindfold.

The trial will run its course, the media will give daily play by play reports and eventually those twelve of Maxwell’s peers will render a verdict. I predict she will be convicted and sentenced to something less than the maximum allowable term. The Epstein saga will draw to a close with all legal cases closed, as if the entire entire scheme had been solely to satisfy the deviant sexual desires of Jeffrey Epstein. No one captured on the videos will ever be exposed.

The FBI will retain custody of the videos and the futures of all the individuals who starred in them will belong to the government into perpetuity, subject to whatever term is used to describe official blackmail and Lady Justice will weep once more.

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I look to Lewis Carroll as the guiding spirit of our current events. Nothing could be more “Alice in Wonderland” bizarre than the whole Covid-19 pandemic narrative. Could anyone possibly draft a concise through story, from inception to the present date, for this virus, its true origins and the fight to stop it? I have followed its progress diligently and have been thoroughly confused listening to the same voices giving contradictory information while insisting that each version of their “facts” was to be believed at the time of telling even though they directly negated that which had been told before as fact and in the next telling would be resurrected as fact one more. And this from the smartest people in the room.

I am not anti-vax, just anti-mendacity. As a heart attack survivor I consulted my cardiologist before getting the shots. At his urging I made the appointments and was fully vaccinated, two jabs, before they moved the goal posts. The first shot was uneventful, the second left me with a scary, multi-symptom reaction that lasted 27 hours. One of the symptoms, the most frightening one, returned spontaneously a few months later and was so intense that I called 911. My cardiologist admitted that he had no way of even guessing why I had the reaction but insisted that I should still take the booster shot. Uh, no thanks.

When it came to the disease, the vaccines and the reactions, my expert simply did not know. And that seems to be the biggest problem, no one really knows but “expert” advice is everywhere, with each stated fact from one source being contradicted by an equally weighted fact from a different source.

It is not necessary to delve into nefarious conspiracy theories concerning genocide and depopulation schemes, what we do know is disconcerting enough. A casual observer viewing the dynamics of the origins of the disease and the battle to stop it would probably conclude that this entire three steps forward, two steps back approach is being shaped by people working to achieve several conflicting agendas simultaneously.

There is no disputing that the virus was manmade, created in a lab in China, partially funded by the U.S. government. What is in question is why was it done and on that subject there is no consensus.

Understanding this virus and the response to it is similar to working a jigsaw puzzle in which two or more puzzles have been mixed together and in trying to assemble the puzzle we find that the pieces will never fit together to form any one image.

The FDA, CDC and NIH are three agencies tasked with protecting the health of our nation. The casual observer, viewing actions taken by these agencies, would note certain patterns. While these agencies are domestic entities their influence is worldwide and their preferred response to the pandemic is almost 100% reliant on newly minted vaccines. Meanwhile Big Pharma is raking in billions due in large part to the aforementioned agencies efforts to discourage and often prevent known treatments from being prescribed. The same treatments that are, coincidently, not patent protected by Big Pharma.

The revolving door between government and those industries it regulates and legislates on is well known. Whenever an elected or appointed official leaves office to take a position in some company doing business with the government or being regulated by it you can be certain the position had been discussed for some time prior to that person leaving government employ. Is it a coincidence that the last three directors of the FDA moved to Pfizer? Do you suppose that any of them, anticipating their future employment, would ever oppose anything Pfizer wanted to have happen?

It’s my opinion that the recent shifting of attention toward treatment and away from vaccine has triggered the “need” for booster shots, vaccine passport requirements and lowering the age for vaccine candidates. Children are at no risk, statistically it’s 0% and their bodies are still developing in many critical ways. No one can point to a shred of data showing what effects the vaccines will have on five year olds as they mature and the results will not become apparent for a decade or more.

I have six grandchildren in the newly authorized vaccine eligible group. I would be extremely reluctant to see them being used as lab rats just to increase the coffers of Big Pharma or to insure the ability of government officials to parlay their time in office into cushy private industry positions.

Again, not anti-vax, just anti-mendacity.

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AGENDA: A list of things to be done; a set of goals or plans that guide one’s actions.

We all have agendas. They are an integral part of our lives. Each time we set out to accomplish a planned task we are following an agenda. We are also affected by the agendas of others, ones that we cannot control. Laws, rules and regulations are three examples of how the results of other people’s agendas shape our activities.

Whenever we are subject to the outcome of another’s agenda it is useful to know whether or not the person’s stated agenda is their actual agenda. This is tested in politics when we compare the promises a person made while they were running for office, or seeking confirmation to an appointed post, to the actions they take once in power.

A very simple, nearly always accurate “agenda check” is based on the philosophy of Occam’s Razor, that whenever there is a problem to be solved the simplest solution available is most often the best solution. Generally speaking there are no complicated answers, only complicated reasons to not use the simple solutions at hand.

The caveat is that as members of a civilized society we must take into account morality, ethics and the rights of our fellow citizens when we set out to solve a problem.

If a person pursuing an agenda is observed to be following any path other than the simplest legal and ethical one available then you can be certain that their stated agenda is not their true agenda. What they are doing is similar to a stage magician employing misdirection, getting you to watch the right hand while the left hand is creating the magic.

A few examples can be ripped from the pages of current events. Among the problems facing our nation we find the surge in illegal border crossings, the rise in illegal drug trafficking, election fraud, rising energy costs, out of control inflation, politicization of law enforcement, the pandemic responses, passage of reckless spending bills, weaponization of domestic terrorists, destruction of the military and a complete loss of national influence and stature on the world stage.

Each of these problems needs to be solved and recent history informs us that each has the same simple solution, that of merely reinstating all the policies that were in place one year ago. However implementing the simple solutions becomes complicated when you factor in that each pathway toward having a successful country runs counter to the true agendas being pushed by the current administration.

And so the simple solutions will continue to be ignored and the lies, obfuscation and downright lawlessness will continue until those in power are either booted from office or they have succeeded in totally destroying this great nation only to resurrect it from the ashes as a dystopian third world banana republic. Which of the above would you prefer be done?

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Simply put, filters are devices, mechanisms or organisms designed to remove something from a moving stream. Our bodies have two major filters, the liver and the kidneys and their proper functioning is vital to our well being. Filters come in many shapes, sizes and technologies and can be found throughout our daily lives. Modern living would not be possible without them.

There are also filters that are not included in the description above. These are the filters that allow us to live peacefully and productively in a civil society.

Civil and criminal laws are designed to filter antisocial activity from the stream of human interaction. They function by creating the ability for society to impose unpleasant consequences, such as adult timeout, on those who would engage in unwanted behavior.

Apart from laws and statutes, human behavior can also be filtered by codes of morality and ethics. Historically these were codified by our religious affiliations and/or a desire to live in a system controlled by the mutual desire to receive fair play. Don’t cheat me and I won’t cheat you.

Honor systems, morality and codes of ethics work well to maintain peace, tranquility and equitable treatment for all as long as no more than a small minority are willing to operate outside its bounds, few enough that they can be easily identified and dealt with.

These filters are essential to maintaining a balanced, well functioning society because they guide the activities in directions that promote the general good of all. It falls apart when the aforementioned few, those motivated by greed and self interest, begin to multiply. There was a time when a million dollar deal could be sealed with a handshake. The sacred honor of those involved in the transaction was sufficient to insure the bargain. That time is long past. At some juncture a tipping point was reached when people who had no regard for morality or integrity, who placed no value the promises they made or the oaths they swore, came into power.

Those now wielding the true power in America are dedicated to the destruction of everything that made this nation the greatest on earth. The battle lines have been drawn and the weapons being used against the forces of good are many and varied. Among the poisons being introduced to overwhelm and neutralize our filters you find the cancel culture, Critical Race Theory, pornography being introduced into public school curriculum, Covid mandates, open borders, postpartum “abortions”, gender fluidity, increased availability of dangerous illegal drugs, inflation, sky rocketing energy prices and shortages, orchestrated civil unrest, rioting and looting at the slightest provocation and the list could go on but were this the total it would be dreadful enough.

Ideally we will put nostalgia aside and address the reality of where we are today. Criminality is rife within our government and law enforcement has been weaponized to punish those who oppose the power structure while at the same time hiding the misdeeds of its supporters, all the while being abetted by the judicial system writ large. We, the people, are commanded to ignore everything we’ve seen and believe only what they tell us. Oh, those lying’ eyes, they’ll mislead us every time.

This full frontal attack on the filters of society; morality, ethics, religion, patriotism, truth and justice, began as an attack on the adult population in an effort to control opinion and votes but now they are coming for our children. If you dare to stand up in opposition and be heard you will be branded a domestic terrorist by those who would remove the last vestiges of a once functioning system of societal filters. It is their goal to inject their poison into the American way of life and allow it to destroy all remaining barriers to their nefarious schemes.

We are all on the battlefield and win or lose, we will all feel the effects of this conflict. There is no middle ground, no compromise to be negotiated with those who would destroy all we stand for. Make no mistake, there are only two sides in this war and we must choose one and fight or sit on the sidelines and become collateral damage.

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Those who say that nonsense words have no place in serious conversation might get an argument from my birthing person. The following is something that zie might have read to me when zie held me on zir lap to chestfeed me.

“Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves and the mome raths outgrabe.”

“Jabberwocky,” the poem from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice through the looking glass,” and a wonderful bit of nonsense, would not sound so strange were it to be presented by the current administration’s press secretary. The main stream media would immediately extol its virtue as an example of wise governance and determination to take the fight to the enemy. Nonsense is the order of the day in our nation’s Capitol and Humpty Dumpty is their arbiter of word usage.

By “Humpty Dumpty” I am not referring to Brian Stetler, the CNN correspondent so dubbed by Fox’s Sean Hannity. I mean the character Alice encountered after traveling through the looking glass. When
Alice questioned Humpty Dumpty’s use of the word “glory” the narrative went: “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a scornful tone, “it means what I chose it to mean, neither more nor less.
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean different things, that’s all.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be the master, that’s all.”

This is not to diminish the creativity of that other Humpty Dumpty, CNN’s Stetler. We cannot forget his reporting on the “mostly peaceful” Kenosha riots while over his shoulder were seen blazing arson fires.

George Orwell introduced us to “doublethink,” the ability to hold opposing views on a subject while firmly believing each to be true. Such mental gymnastics have been elevated to an art form in D.C.. There is no better example of doublethink than Mitch McConnell’s defense of the 13 Republican Senators who crossed the aisle to vote for Biden’s (20% infrastructure, 80% pork, “let’s bankrupt the country), legislation. Those stalwart GOP legislators, all sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, should be forgiven, says China Mitch, for turning their backs on the notion of saving this country from the disasters being visited by the current administration because they needed to protect their ability to become lobbyists when they leave the Senate, as if profiteering from one’s political position is ever a good thing.

McConnell said the quiet part out loud when he admitted that those 13 “honorable” men and women, far from casting their votes based on ideology, party loyalty or duty to the voters who placed them in office, followed their own narrow interests and cast their lot with the swamp.

Problems caused by confusing fantasy with dreams are not exclusively American. Vladimir Putin dreams of recreating the Soviet Union and “restoring” it to a level of power and glory that never actually existed in historical reality. Xi Jinping dreams of an earth inhabited entirely by the Chinese. His vision can only be accomplished by eliminating everyone who isn’t Chinese and to do so without destroying the planet would require a dedicated effort spread over centuries. The time factor is not a deterrent for a civilization that has already spanned millennia. The European Union dreamt of becoming a second USA minus the federalism and all those pesky states rights. Their dream, relatively new, is already fracturing. It just doesn’t work without federalism. And as a final example, the Taliban, de facto government of Afghanistan, dreams of a worldwide theocracy with their version of Islam the only religion, a world rooted in 5th century law, ethics and morality but blessed with all modern conveniences for the male population to enjoy.

In America greed is the primary motivator of politics, greed for power and wealth. Our ruling class envisions a world divided into private fiefdoms, unburdened by borders and international law, held together solely by the pursuit of mutual interests. And while all the different dreams are being pursued around the globe, millions of uneducated, unskilled people are dreaming of coming to America where they fully expect to be given their rightful share of the American Dream.

The problem with all these dreams is that they are not really dreams, they are mutually exclusive fantasies. Success for any one of them would make it impossible for the others to be realized and that would inevitably lead to armed conflict. We have twice proven that world wars solve nothing, but when have we ever learned anything from history?

So far the only governing model that has been proven to lift populations out of ignorance and poverty is a free market capitalism based on the premise of providing useful goods and services. Everything of value to a civilization can be accomplished under that philosophy but while it is a worthwhile reality, it requires a degree of mutual altruism and degrades into the realm of fantasy rather quickly when greed is introduced into the equation.

Somebody tell Mitch McConnell.

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We are supposed be a representative republic. That means that the will of the people, all of the people, should be considered and at least debated, if not acted upon, when any deliberative body discusses a course of official action.

There are 535 legislators representing the will of 330 millionAmericans, 435 in the House of Representatives and 100 Senators. The controlling party has a majority of 9 seats (out of the 435) in the House while the Senate is evenly split 50-50 and claims the majority by virtue of having the tie vote in the person of the Vice President, a member of their party. In effect a majority of one.

Yes, elections do have consequences and the party winning the majority gets to call the shots but common sense dictates that the will of half of the citizens of the country must not be ignored.

The framers of our Constitution acted in the belief that those we elect to our governing bodies and those appointed by them would adhere to the concept of a party in power negotiating with their loyal opposition in order to maintain a balance of ideas and public trust.

Elections have consequences but so does the abandonment of any consideration for the political sentiment of fully half of the electorate.

The current administration is running roughshod over those who should be providing them with the mitigating influence of a loyal opposition and if the latest polls are to be believed, they are also alienating many members of their own party. Not only are they crossing bridges too far, they are burning those bridges behind them.

Conventional wisdom says that when your adversary is destroying himself the best tactic is to leave him to it. In normal times that would be my advice and my final word on the subject but these are not normal times. The damage being done to our country by the feckless overreach of those currently in power will last far into the future without regard to which party takes the reins in future elections and I fear that the possibility of ever again having a respected, cooperative loyal opposition has been eliminated forever.

The reckless disregard for traditional political protocols by this administration and by all those “influencers” outside of government who, following narrow self interests, have joined with those seeking to fundamentally change America, has rewritten the rules.

As an unintended consequence they have created a breach in their own ranks and the time is ripe for clear thinking patriots to step forward and defend this republic.

For those who think that as ordinary citizens they have no course of action, just imagine the effect that 70 million daily phone calls, text messages and emails would have on the 535 legislators. My initial thought was to send a very simple message, “do your job.” But upon further reflection it occurred to me that, judging by the quality of their work output, most of those in the Houses of Congress have no idea what their job description actually is. And so my revised message is, “Do your job, which is to defend the Constitution and insure the safety and well being of the American Citizens”

A constant barrage of this message might get their attention and it might even serve to disempower that “Majority of One” in the Senate. Just saying.

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Despite all the controversy surrounding Covid-19 and the pandemic that was unleashed upon the world one thing is accepted as rock solid truth, those with underlying health issues have the greatest risk of dying from the disease. They are the vulnerable and must be protected. Beyond that nothing about the disease can be considered settled science. The major takeaway is that when it comes to our health, co-morbidities are life threatening and should be avoided where possible, treated when not. Not exactly an earth shaking revelation.

Also not an earth shaking revelation, our body politic can succumb to political co-morbidities, both organic and those manmade. Examples of organic co-morbidity in politics might be the unintended consequences of poorly crafted laws. For instance, in the early days of railroading several states enacted laws that said when two trains meet at a crossing they both must stop and neither shall proceed until the other had passed. Had such laws been enforced as written the abandoned trains would have soon clogged systems all across the nation. Legislative bodies do not always employ common sense when crafting the rules that control our lives and this can result in political co-morbidities that endanger the health of the nation.

As we enter into the 11th month of the current administration the co-morbidities, whether organic or contrived, are piling up at a rapid pace and now threaten to destroy the system of governance that has made America the envy of the world for over two hundred years.

Some say the laundry list of political, military and judicial debacles currently inflicting us result from stupidity and/or malfeasance in office, others that they are the fruit of well crafted and carefully considered plans to “fundamentally change America.” No matter which viewpoint is true, the bottom line is that if we continue on the current trajectory the country will be fundamentally changed and the results of that change, as so far evidenced, are not encouraging.

Take any aspect of life today and compare it with the same thing just a short 18 months ago. Barring the unrest that was purposely fomented by factions opposed to the Trump administration, the country was doing pretty darned good. Full employment, energy independence, controlled immigration and the America First agenda all seemed to be working out well.

The only malcontents were the “Hate America” crowd and now they hold the reins of power and will do anything, literally anything, to keep that power. In his poem, “Second Coming,” W. B. Yeats has the line, “The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.” These words sum up the juxtaposition of the Conservatives versus the Progressives. Lacking all conviction we endure, and hope “someone” will come along to fix things for us.

We allowed the enemies of democracy and of the free market system to come to power and aided by turncoats in the conservative ranks, they created the political co-morbidities that are, like a cancer, eating away at the fabric of our nation and our way of life. Folks, this isn’t a spectator sport. We cannot just sit idly by and continue to abide this new system of government, based on mushroom farming, wherein they keep us in the dark, covered with bull manure.

The ball is in our court. Either we return the serve or we forfeit the game.

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(conspiracy theory de jour, slightly tongue in cheek)

The enemy is large and in charge and time is running out. Each day we hear talk about the attempt of an out of control government to take over the country and turn it into some sort of socialist dystopia. The reason for this effort is usually given as some form of an insidious plot by a cabal of the elite to gain complete control of America and run the nation for their own exclusive benefit.

As with most conspiracy theories, this one misses the mark but like most conspiracy theories it does have a golden thread of truth running though it. The ubiquitous “they” actually is attempting to take control of the nation and yes, they are doing so in the name of socialism, communism, American Marxism or some permutation of those isms. And that is where the accuracy of the charges ends. Their true end game is totally different, infinitely more insidious and has been, is and will remain well hidden until it becomes a fait accompli.

The cold, hard truth is that a term to adequately describe the ideology threatening this republic has yet to be coined. It is a hydra-headed monster, consisting of several often opposing viewpoints, all bent on devouring a different portion of our democratic republic while one head of the monster has no idea what another head is noshing on.

We are facing a veritable panoply of crises, all occurring at the same time and each requiring a different level and type of counter action, effectively diluting any organized pushback. We have been treated to a blitzkrieg of orchestrated political malfeasance and it would be bad enough if the motive for releasing this horror actually was a desire to convert the country into a Marxist hellhole. But such is not true and acceptance of that rational is only to penetrate a few layers deep while the core remains much deeper, and being unidentified cannot be confronted.

During the course of the last 10 months we have all heard the same question concerning the several debacles that have been constructed and mandated by this government and its minions. That simple question is,”why?” The answers have been wide ranging and varied; Control, power, wealth, equity, gender neutrality, no restrictions on sexual activity, no moral authorities, and so forth.

None of the answers are sufficient when taken singly and many are mutually exclusive. The one underlying truth is that if this current exercise in governance is taken to its logical conclusion the only predictable ending will be a planned anarchy. Reasonable people would counter this statement with, “but no one, no group, would want anarchy, would they?” After all the concept of controlled anarchy is itself a contradiction in terms.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, that is the only logical conclusion for what the end game actually is. We seem to be engaged in some sort of mad Malthusian fantasy in which the population of the planet must be reduced to a manageable number and then brought under one world government, without borders. Seven and a half billion people is a population too large to manage and those surplus people need to be eliminated. Unrestricted anarchy appears to be the method chosen to accomplish the culling process.

The United States, being the most powerful nation, is the obvious starting point. Destroy America and the rest of the planet will fall like dominos.

In order for the plot to succeed it is necessary to control the thought processes that inform the perceptions of the people, given that our perception is our reality. Those pulling the strings are not concerned with winning the hearts of the people, only their minds. Soviet style reeducation camps are not option due to the logistics involved, so the course chosen years ago, and ongoing since, involved taking control of education, beginning with the universities, then the media and the developing social media platforms. An incessant cacophony of misinformation and propaganda has gone a long way toward shaping the thinking of Americans so that they have become increasingly ignorant of what their government was doing. With a sufficient number of minds controlled the time became ripe to launch and all out attack on the countries’ institutions, which is what we see all around us today.

You may reject this thought with screams of “hyperbole” but have you ridden a NYC subway lately, taken a stroll through San Francisco or L.A., toured the burned out sections of Minneapolis or booked a two-day, three night weekend in Portland, in the shadow of Mt. Hood?

The migrant caravans did not result from organic growth nor did the airlift of tens of thousand “refugees” from Afghanistan, unvetted and without medical screening, to a city near you. Billions in private funding went to facilitate these and the other atrocities being visited upon our land, many with government collusion. Does anyone care to ask why?

Defund the police and other first responders, decriminalize so called petty crimes, call Chicagoland gang shootouts “mutual armed conflict” and not a police matter, refuse to prosecute rioters and looters, shut down as many small businesses as possible and financially reward people for not working. Is there anything being done by our government that does not promote anarchy?

For me the mystery is why there are so many intelligent, successful people on board with this program. Can they really believe that they will survive intact and be able to pick up the pieces and mold things back into a workable society? If our societal infrastructure and the system of free market capitalism are destroyed there will be no base from which to rebuild.

As just one example of fuzzy thinking by an intelligent person, Mazie Hirono, Senator from Hawaii, supported the elimination of fossil fuels. It’s Hawaii. Airplanes don’t fly on electricity and three thousand miles is a long way to paddle a dugout canoe.

America has already embarked on the pathway toward anarchy. If it isn’t stopped then the economic model of the entire planet will soon collapse. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be standing in the unemployment line. People fighting in the streets will not be operating power plants, or collecting garbage, unless it’s to eat. If cooler heads don’t prevail and somehow reverse this situation the deconstructionists will win. And then what?

Okay, this might all be just a tad over the top but I challenge anyone to construct a different theory, one that will clearly and logically explain the mess we are in.

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Too many of the good guys have surrendered the field to those who would, in their own words, “fundamentally change America.” If you were not disturbed when you heard those words from ex president Barack Obama following his first election to our highest office, if you welcomed the idea that America needed to be, or even could be, fundamentally changed, what changes did you think were needed and what did you do to help facilitate a positive change for your nation?

Or were you part of that vast majority who were sitting on their sofas in front of their TVs and hearing those words reacted by nodding like a bobblehead doll on the dash of a Jeep, racing down a rocky road?

Seriously, when the newly elected President offered Americans the proposition that his mandate was to fundamentally change the country what image flashed through your mind? If you were tasked with guessing at the changes referred to by Obama what would your list have included?

If pressed for an answer I suppose that most Americans would admit that they considered that talk to be some degree of hyperbole. Most of us thought this country was too rock solid for one election cycle to make much of a permanent change and that in the emotional rush of such a historic victory the new President should be allowed a bit of rhetorical overreach.

Considering all that unfolded during the eight years of Obama and now in a mere ten months into the reign of his puppet in chief, Joe Biden, it is readily apparent that Obama’s words were not hyperbolic and if anything, were understated. We are living that “fundamental change” and as bad as it might seem, folks, it’s just getting started.

Within that book upon which most, if not all, government officials placed a hand and swore their sacred oath to uphold and defend this country there are these words, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; nor can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits shall ye know them.” (Matt. 7:15-20) Has any good fruit been brought forth by this administration?

In a recent post I wrote that there are no sidelines anymore. Nor are there safe havens, That truth cannot be over emphasized. The destruction of our way of life, yours and mine, is part and parcel of their “fundamental change,” it is the end goal to everything they do.

We are engaged in an existential war for the soul of America. It is no longer a battle between the Right and the Left or Free Market Capitalism against Socialism, those are ideologies. Those are subjects that can be debated and compromised on in order to find common ground. The battleground of diplomacy has been abandoned and we are thrust into a war of Good versus Evil where there can be no common ground. That apple that you are prepared to bite into cannot be mostly good, with just a minor amount of rot, it is either all good or all rotten.

Never in the history of this planet has an evil ruler looked into a mirror and saw an evil person looking back. Every atrocity ever visited upon the human race was done by people thinking they were acting for the betterment of mankind. Our current leaders are no different but they are seriously deluded and their delusions inform their evil deeds. They have poisoned the trees of Liberty and Freedom yet fully expect that something good will grow from those shriveled stumps.

Without regard to how we have arrived at this point, you and I are on the battlefield. Tens of thousands of our fellows are already stepping into the fray, fighting back against the forces of “fundamental change,” because they realize that cowardice in the face of an enemy is not an option. More importantly they recognize that the enemy, these agents of fundamental change, are hellbent on destroying every good thing that has been fought for, sacrificed for and died for in the 245 year history of this nation.

When the forest fire is sweeping down the canyon toward your home you have the option to forsake everything you have in that location and flee to a safe haven from which to rebuild. In our metaphorical forest fire the entire planet is in flames, there is no place to run, no place to hide. You have only one of two choices, you can be part of the army for good or you can be complicit in the evil. There are no other options and ignoring the pipers calling us to action is tantamount to surrender.

For the sake of your nation, your children and yourselves, choose a course of action and act on your choice.

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