There is so much pure crap going on in today’s world that it is hard for even the most dedicated observer to keep up. War and rumors of war, inflation, shifts in the balance of power, deliberate action by political figures and their ruling classes to destroy their own systems of government, and these are just the highlights, a complete listing would easily fill this page.

Tune in to any news source, read any newspaper or current events magazine and you will be treated to journalists, pundits and ‘expert’ commentators explaining how complicated our world has become. They are wrong but they are paid to be the only ones to understand the reasons behind all the debacles, even when the complicated reasons do not actually exist. Simply put, they earn a living by overthinking in order to appear to have exclusive knowledge or expertise.

We would be better served if we were given the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of events rather than the embellished versions. The truth is that we are effectively a country without a Commander in Chief or Vice President, a situation that in ordinary times would be deemed a crisis. And in the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, many diverse forces are attempting to further their agendas while the crisis lasts, all acting separately but at the same time. Any attempt to follow the threads by assigning some common denominator linking them all is doomed to failure. The only thing held in common is the sense of urgency to get their agendas fulfilled while this vacuum in leadership lasts. They all recognize the upcoming mid term elections and the 2024 presidential election as hard deadlines.

The fault does not lie with the individuals occupying this nation’s highest two offices. The titular President is not physically or mentally capable of governing and the Vice President is very far out of her depth. They are both useful idiots, chosen by their handlers specifically for their weaknesses. As far as skill levels are concerned the guy who fills the mouse costume at Disney World and any one of the ticket booth operators would have served as well.

The election of Donald J. Trump presented a unique challenge to the establishment. A patriotic pragmatist President who owed no allegiance to The Swamp as occupant of the Oval Office and therefore not controllable by any ‘normal’ corrupt means was a threat to the status quo as well as to the proponents of the New World order. During the four years of his presidency we witnessed the greatest show of bipartisan unity ever marshaled for a single goal, that of removing a duly elected president from office.

With Donald Trump out of the way the forces of corruption have run rampant, often stepping on each others toes whenever their agendas were at cross purposes. The last year has had all the decorum of a frat house food fight and now Vladimir Putin, emboldened by a rudderless America, up to its neck with domestic challenges, has begun his attempt to fulfill his fever dream of recreating the defunct Soviet Union by invading The Ukraine.

While Ukrainians, subject to the most despicable war crimes, fight valiantly to stop the invaders the rest of the world, lacking the leadership of a strong America, wrings its collective hands and offers what amounts to not more than lip service to those intrepid heroes of The Ukraine.

As for stopping Putin, don’t look to Biden for help. He is merely a tool and those manipulating him have, on one hand no desire to see Ukraine remain free of Russian dominance and on the other hand, as would any craftsman, they wish to protect their ‘tool’ from being damaged. It has been widely reported that the Biden Crime family has had many corrupt deals with Russian and with China. It would be beyond belief to think that their meetings and discussions were not fully documented in great detail.

Were it to their advantage Putin, and to a lesser degree Xi of China, would relish the the thought of exposing Biden if only to illustrate to the world the extent of corruption in America’s government and to serve as a warning to the many others that they have recorded during their clandestine dealings.

So let us not overthink the elements of our problem. The simple overview is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not in charge of the Administrative Branch of our government. Those who are behind the scenes, pulling their strings, are not in charge of The Swamp and The Swamp is not in charge of the Green New Deal zealots. No one in government is controlling Big Tech or Big Pharma and the laundry list of billionaire oligarchs are all ‘one eyed jacks,’ wild cards, both unpredictable and unaccountable.

There are now so many competing agendas and given the complete lack of unity within both major political parties, the entire farce known as government resembles the cluster copulation of a Garter Snake Mating Ball. The plus side is that as a whole the entire debacle in D.C. seems to be reaching critical mass and is destined to implode from the sheer unmanageability of its overreach.

The survival of the entire corrupt system was keyed to ‘Mordida,’ the little bite. Ironically the greed that fueled the system and is now accelerated by the approaching elections might prove to be its undoing.

Meanwhile, pray for the survival of The Ukraine

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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