Vladimir Putin is at best, and at worst, a deluded would-be Imperialistic Tsar. He fancies himself to be in charge of a great and powerful nation engaged in an epic quest to restore its proper order of stolen glory. In reality he is nothing more than a tool in the hands of those producing and directing an epic drama titled, The Great Reset. Putin’s role is to assist in creating chaos in his corner of the stage to serve as misdirection for the sleight of hand occurring on center stage.

America’s role in this global improvisational audience participation farce is to design and commit as many forms of national suicide as possible. In this Barnum and Bailey world the old concept of a three ring circus has been replaced by an unlimited number of acts being simultaneously performed on an incalculable number of stages.

Let us begin with the oil industry. Under the previous administration America had obtained energy independence. Among the first acts of the current administration was the cancellation of all the effort that had given us that independence, making us dependent on foreign oil suppliers once again. Russia became one of our main oil suppliers but when they invaded the Ukraine they fell out of favor with America. We retaliated by ceasing all oil purchases from Russia but also decided to ignore the fact that we are sitting on the richest oil reserves on the planet and instead sought to purchase oil from nations that are no more friendly to us than is Russia.

By way of explanation (read that as spin) President Biden is told to say that the fault lies with the oil producers in as much as they have 9000 approved leases in hand and don’t need any more until they use those already approved. In this he is stating a fact. The oil producers counter with facts of their own. Not all leases are on land that will actually produce oil and quite a bit of effort has to go into determining which will be productive. Also it is necessary to gear up for production, incurring infrastructure costs and wages for what is basically a gamble. The oil companies are publicly traded businesses and must take the interests of their shareholders into account before making investments in exploration and production. Because of these facts the producers want assurances from the government that their investments will be protected from any future government action that will make it impossible to recoup their outlay. The government has so far refused to make such assurances and the entire debate becomes just another shell game (no pun intended).

That the Green New Deal is another massive scam is provable by pointing out one simple fact, the United States, the cleanest of all developed nations, is being asked to totally destroy its industrial base while the planet’s two biggest polluters, China and India, are given a 20 year moratorium and allowed to not only continue but to increase their amount of pollution. If clean air was truly the agenda then no serious person would consider this arrangement for a second. The American model would become the worldwide standard and both India and China would be forced to clean up their acts. It’s like having infant triplets, two have soiled their diapers and the third is clean and so you change the clean diaper and leave the other two full of (political promises). Yeah, John Kerry, this makes one helluva lot of sense.

Election integrity, nothing to see here. While more and more swing states admit finding evidence of massive fraud this administration still insists that election fraud in America is a myth. Yeah, right.

Lady Justice takes another kick in the gut. All charges against Prince Andrew are dropped and Virginia Giuffre will not get her day in court, proving once again that some folks are just too important to ever have to face an accuser even when the evidence dictates that the case be heard. Justice, for whom?

Everyone who uses electricity should be worried about the integrity of our power grids. Apparently the government isn’t, nor are those who operate the grids. Putting aside the chance occurrence of a massive solar flare, the grid remains vulnerable to the actions of any entity possessing the technology to create and deploy an Electronic Pulse Weapon. While life without electricity would be inconceivable, the possibility of having to adapt to such in the future is all too real. The irony is that preventing such an occurrence would be relatively simple. The technology and knowhow does exist. The problem is that those who can address the problem won’t address the problem. It comes down to cost. The grid operators say that grid safety is a national security consideration therefore the cost should be borne by the government while the government maintains that the grids are private businesses and so their owners should pay. C’mon guys, either flip a coin or simply split the costs.

America is showing signs of a great awakening but America cannot operate alone on the world stage. We must not only throw the rascals out in this country, it has to also be done in every industrialized nation. We had our revolution a little over 200 years ago and it produced positive, albeit temporary results. For a time we had a magnificent nation but allowed the rot of corruption to steal it from us.

Wherever nations are led by evil they must be marginalized and ostracized. Turning a blind eye to corruption for the sake of doing business as usual cannot be tolerated. As trite as it may sound, morality must be restored to government, there are no degrees of evil, it is an all or nothing proposition.

The bottom line is that positive change starts with the individual, with you and me. Get up and go to your nearest mirror, look at the person looking back at you and ask this question.”What amount of evil, fraud or corruption are you willing to accept as normal and/or necessary?”

Apathy and complacency are tantamount to acceptance.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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