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Originally posted on little Daisy life:
a torn crimson piece of flesh bleeding massively but soft still and you continuously try mending it for years without knowing that every stitch makes a new hole

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The Day They Remembered

Originally posted on My Good Time Stories:
Photo Credit: I love when I find stories that touch your heart and, more importantly, teach us lessons in ways that we can sometimes…never imagine. Today’s story is an example of a…

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Black and Blue and Grey Valentine’s Day

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The MMR Vaccination Debate – a Parental Perspective

As the mother of an Autistic child, I can’t help but put my two cents worth in on the recent uprising of controversy surrounding the outbreak of measles and the risk of administering the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination. I…

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Words mean things.  Or, at the very least, they should. By definition creep I refer to the process by which the meaning of a given word will change over time. As an example, in a recent response to a fellow blogger … Continue reading

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