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Dear Reader, This will not be another commercial for my books.  The following applies to every author you have read or will read in the future.  It is most especially geared toward those indie authors who have found enough favor … Continue reading

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I have just initiated my second Goodreads Book giveaway.  For those unfamiliar with he program it is quite simple.  Authors list books to be given away, readers post their names and after a predetermined amount of time to allow for … Continue reading

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The Learning Place….

Originally posted on a cooking pot and twisted tales:
An institution of learning for children must have the basic learning instructions of reading, writing and arithmetic’s. I wonder where I  would be,  if I hadn’t learnt to read? That would…

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Many of our fellow bloggers write fiction as well.  I will mention my latest book, but at the end so that you can easily skip that part if you wish.  My main purpose is to point out once again the … Continue reading

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