We often hear that elections have consequences. This is a true statement, elections most certainly do have consequences but so does unequal enforcement of law. Vast fortunes have been amassed due to the unequal law enforcement. We see many references to various ‘crime families’ within the government who have used their positions in office to increase their personal wealth and that of their family and friends.

There are countless reports of so-called oligarchs, millionaires and billionaires, financing rampant law breaking throughout the world in order to advance their agendas. And they are apparently above the law as are the clients of Jeffrey Epstein, that large, well connected group of pedophiles captured on his famous but so far completely restricted blackmail tapes.

The FBI, CIA and NSA, the backbone of our Federal law enforcement and intelligence communities have all been accused of improper, if not illegal activities. Who enforces law when the accused are the enforcers of the law? Can anyone name the last entirely honest, completely above suspicion, Attorney General of the United States?

To cite just a single example, many serious crimes were committed during a government program known as Iran-Contra. The entire operation was conducted either in the open or under a thin cloak of secrecy and yet no official, elected or appointed, was ever called to task for having participated in it. In fact, many of those who were a part of Iran-Contra went on to have successful careers and some are still active in government or as expert advisors.

Should we not ask why no one was ever prosecuted for these and many other crimes committed? If the laws are on the books should they not be enforced? And shouldn’t we be curious to know just who it is that has the power and authority to decide which laws are enforced, which ignored?

The open border policy of this administration constitutes a criminal enterprise in and of itself. Our government is complicit in a laundry list of crimes against not only the citizens of this nation that they have sworn to defend and protect but also a surprisingly large number of of illegal border crossers seeking nothing more than an opportunity for a better life. These are equally victims of our government.

One would think that such crimes as child trafficking, slave labor, forced prostitution and drug smuggling would be aggressively opposed by any American administration, not encouraged and abetted. But that isn’t the case, in fact the criminal activity seems to be their goal. The open border and all the crime resulting from it is not only permitted but any pushback by honest politicians or even private citizens is challenged in Federal court by our Attorney General while drug cartels are ceded control of our border.

We read many essays on corrupt practices and unequal law enforcement, most presenting possible solutions, some that might even make inroads toward solving the problems. In this writer’s opinion a simple to understand though difficult to implement solution would be to put the blindfold back on Lady Justice and begin to enforce all laws against all law breakers without regard to their positions or spheres of influence. This means everyone, from the subway stile jumper to the President of the United States, if need be. The only thing to consider in making a decision to prosecute should be whether there is credible evidence that the accused committed the crime. Yes to credible evidence, yes to prosecution.

The way it stands now the Justice Department has sold its soul to the Devil and when you cut a deal with the Devil, the Devil will always write the rules.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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  1. Truthseeket says:

    People on the Left are working tirelessly to make the world worse every day, all day long. They have names and addresses but not one of them has ever been visited except maybe by Project Veritas sticking a camera in their face for ten seconds. And then they just run back in their house and nothing ever happens.

    They are NOT AFRAID of anyone. We, on the Right, are not a threat to them. That’s why everything they do is “allowed.” Because nobody will bring them to justice or even so much as throw a pie in their face.

    Anything you do short of violence, whether it be voting or protesting or “exposing” them, none of that matters, it’s all irrelevant. Nancy Pelosi isn’t scared of you voting against her or protesting against her or exposing her crimes, her crimes are already exposed, it only emboldens her that everybody knows she’s a crook but she still gets away with it because nobody is there to hold her accountable. NO ONE.

    Solution? Violent revolution is the only power that may change things in this God forsaken country.

  2. rixlibris says:

    I would rather it not be so but fear that you are right. A recent headline in the Houston Chronicle quotes Putin as blaming the Ukrainians for the war because they resisted his invasion. Had they simply surrendered there would be no conflict and so they are responsible for the consequences. The world has abandoned the plausible in plausible deniability. Uprisings, violent or otherwise, require leadership and organization. Quislings do not lead revolutions.

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