President Richard Nixon thought it would be a neat idea to bring China into the mainstream of world commerce. He initiated ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’ and what we have today is a linear acceleration of that awakening of the Dragon.

Here in the USA the political battles are styled as Republican versus Democrat with each side engaged in a tug-o-war for the support of Independents. This is a useful fantasy for marshaling support along ideolgical lines and for obfuscating the reality driving world events.

Being a useful fantasy makes it none the less a fantasy. The battle lines are not drawn along the lines of party politics, they are actually defined by The Swamp versus The Non-Swamp.

The Swamp owes no allegiance to anything other than The Swamp itself. Assigning national interests, political affiliations, religious fervor or secular zeal or any other identifying characteristic as a driving force within The Swamp merely muddies the water and helps The Swamp to remain effective in reaching its goals.

The impetus behind The Swamp is a mutable force, changing its power bases the political fortunes of the planet’s various nations wax and wane. At present The Swamp is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party. Thanks to those initial ambitions of President Nixon, Chairman Mao’s fever dreams have lurched closer to becoming a reality.

Beijing may be calling the shots but its power base is not in mainland China, its in Washington D.C.. In fact, if an announcement were to be made by the White House that Xi Jinping would be occupying an office in the West Wing the news would probably only command one or two news cycles. I can hear Jen Psaki spinning the report, “Due to the extremely dangerous events now taking place the administration felt it necessary have immediate contact with the leader of the world’s only other super power. President Xi will receive complete Secret Service protection while in America. And the White House chef is gaining expertise in Chinese cuisine.”

Administrations come and go, pestilence, wars and famines are created and unleashed as needed to create wealth and shift power but through it all The Swamp endures.

I have made the statement that The Swamp is actually the observable results of temporary alliances between factions with mutually supportive agendas but have never provided an example. Here is one:

The Chinese Communist Party wanted to create and beta-test a new method in biological warfare. This agenda formed the matrix for bringing together several groups with mutually supportive agendas.

China coopted individuals in several US agencies who had similar interests. The agenda for these folks was to gain the ability to offshore research that would have been frowned upon in America. An added benefit to the CCP was that the Americans would provide proprietary knowledge and funding.

Big Pharma, always on the lookout for new income streams, came on board with their agenda, that of massive new sales opportunities while having all necessary research funded by the Federal Government.

Pharma also was able to leverage their complete control of all health related agencies, control gained by their lavish disbursement of lobbying money and campaign donations as well as the long established revolving door between health agency personnel and employment in Big Pharma.

The operation needed a spokesmodel and so a career political hack with credentials in virology was trotted out. Dr. Political saw this as his last chance to gain international recognition before advancing age closed his options. That, and the chance to score a huge chunk of the financial pie

Main Stream media recognized it as ratings gold and certain local politicians, governors and mayors, seized the opportunity to validate their own misguided sense of relevance. Other minor players with personal agendas were positioned to move in an out of the major scenario. And that is the anatomy of a Swamp operation.

The beta testing was rolled out across the planet and deemed a great success by the CCP. China pulled out and the operation began to collapse in spite of the efforts by many players to keep their agendas in motion. China moved on to its next project, that of creating international coalitions to diminish the power and prestige of America, a goal that actually has a lot of support in Washington D.C..

Just as the true nature of The Swamp is that it consists of a number of mutually supportive agendas forming temporary alliances, the only way to defeat it would be for legislative bodies in the world’s developed nations to pass laws to neutralize The Swamp’s power. Laws mutually supportive across national boundaries.

In America that would start with regaining control of Washington, cutting all ties with China, reigning in Big Tech, Social media, Big Pharma, eliminating the ability of government officials to profit from their office, closing the revolving door between government officials and those whom they regulate and outlawing the entire lobbying industry. And this would only be for starters.

Draining The Swamp would be like the Manhattan Project on steroids. It would take the concerted effort of every developed nation on the planet. Are there any coalition builders out there willing to raise a hand?

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Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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