No modern day discussion of greed would be complete without a reference to Gordon Gekko. the character played by actor Michael Douglas in the movie ‘Wall Street.’ There are quite a few Gekko pull quotes from the movie available online but perhaps the one most used is that in which Gekko concludes, “Greed is good.”

No Mr. Gekko, greed is not good, in fact it is the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins. In the film Gordon Gekko conflates greed with certain positive attributes of the investment world in which he operates, ambition, intelligence, focus, knowledge of processes and so forth.

Greed is not just an unprincipled quest for money. Properly viewed it is a lust for control, control over people, places, events and things, control that is made possible through the possession of wealth. Therefore the steps taken to amass great wealth is often driven by a desire to gain the tools necessary to exercise control.

In the world of mechanical tools one doesn’t buy a drill because he wants a drill, he buys a drill because he wants a hole. Similarly in the world of finances one acquires vast amounts of money, not for the sake of money but in order to gain power.

It has been said that here in the United States we have the best government that money can buy. The obscene amounts of money ‘earned’ by so many of our elected and appointed officials during their terms as ‘servants’ of the public demonstrates all too well the truth in that statement.

The founders of this nation envisioned citizen legislators, folks who would set aside their businesses for a short time and perform a patriotic duty by serving to craft our laws and steer the Ship of State. They never dreamed that someone would actually spend a lifetime in government nor would they have believed that anyone could become fabulously wealthy while filling a government position.

Recently a proposed bill to prevent members of Congress from participating in stock trading while in office was bandied about. Of the combined Houses of Congress, 535 strong, only two voices were raised to support the idea. ‘Puhlease, don’t ask us to gore our own oxen.’

We should never try to control what the oligarchs do with their own money. As long as the purchase is legal it would not only be impossible to curtail, it would also be un-American. If any use of money is legal but also a detriment to our national interest then it is a matter for the legislators to correct. As for those office holders who profit from their official positions, if we can’t control the buyer then we certainly must control the seller, in this case the influence peddlers in office.

One simple solution would be term limits on all government positions, elected and appointed and a strict prohibition on any activity that would increase a public servant’s wealth beyond that provided by their salary while in office. This coupled with an enforced body of law to insure compliance and you would soon have the citizen public servant envisioned by the founders. National politics would attract patriots rather than those who seek office for the opportunity to increase their wealth.

But where will we ever find 535 legislators willing to put the love of country and the desire to serve foremost in their ambitions and leave greed to the private sector? Maybe Chuck, Mitch and Nancy can give us a bipartisan answer.

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Can you think of a more pathetic sight than this? The party is over but the host doesn’t want it to end. Streamers are hanging from the ceiling, mistletoe above the door, and the table is littered with used dishes and empty cups. The guests have gone and the host, still wearing the cone shaped paper hat and blowing plaintively on the party horn, has tears steaming down his face because he is not ready to accept that the celebration had to end.

The pandemic is over. Nature has tamed the killer virus through the process of natural mutation and in a sane world this would be cause for celebration and a rush to return to normal life.

But our times are out of joint, normalcy is but a distant memory and the powers that be are determined that the party will go on.

Their challenge is, that in the face of so much evidence that the virus is no longer a killer, that it has assumed a form more akin to several other seasonal endemic viruses, those that we routinely endure each year, how can the fear factor be maintained?

An artificially elevated level of fear and panic has been the sustaining force for controlling the populace during the pandemic and the motive for creating the fear was greed, pure and simple. Covid-19 has generated billions of dollars for many corporations, especially Big Pharma, and it has generated millions for certain individuals. It has also been used to control elections and to create winners and losers throughout the business world.

Make no mistake, those who have profited from this virus have no desire to watch it dwindle off into the dustbin of history. The disease was immediately recognized as an exploitable crisis, too good to ignore, and exploit it they did. The successful harnessing of the pandemic had a narcotic effect on all those involved in the stream of enhanced power and profit and they have no intention of going cold turkey.

Back at the party scene the host is wandering aimlessly through the ballroom, hoping to convince someone that the party is still going on while realizing that it is definitely over.

Now it is up to all of us to do the logical thing and that is to ignore the propaganda and as Dr. Fauci facetiously advised, follow the science. Anyone paying attention would know that science turned against the fear mongers some time ago. A big clue was when it became necessary to change the dictionary definition of ‘vaccine’ to fit gene therapy which we were being told was in fact a vaccine.

Another important telling point was when the media stopped tracking Covid deaths and concentrated on the number of cases without mentioning their outcomes. As viruses mutate they become more transmissible and less deadly. This is what actually happened but because it is a good thing it had to be ignored.

The deadly virus narrative is quickly falling apart. Now it is up to us to shout, “stop, it’s over,” and refuse to be manipulated any further. They, the ubiquitous they, do not have our best interest at heart.
It has never been about public safety, any amount of that commodity derived was merely a side effect of what was actually a massive scheme for control and power. They’ve had their moment in the sun and now it’s time for us to reclaim our freedoms..

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Paraphrasing George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to illustrate a simple concept my mother drummed into my head from as far back as I can remember, ‘Words mean things.’

In his other memorable offering, ‘1984,’ Orwell used a construct called “Newspeak” as a means for his dystopian government to control thought. It did so by limiting the number of words available with which to articulate thought. I suppose elimination of words was to the author a simpler method to use in fiction when compared to that which has been employed in fact by those who seek to control our thoughts and our acceptance of their agendas.

The current pathway to achieving Orwell’s objective in what we like to think of as ‘the real world’ is to keep the words but change their meaning. There can be no more glaring example than Merriam Webster’s treatment of the word ‘vaccine.’ One day the word referred to a substance administered to an individual in order to convey immunity and to stop the spread of a disease. Overnight it was expanded to include Gene Therapy.

Consider the difference this small addition makes. The pushback against ‘vaccine’ is growing in scope and strength, fueled primarily by the revelation that it is not a vaccine but in fact is gene therapy. Now, with the stroke of a pen, it is also a vaccine. For the propagandists this neutralizes all argument based on whether or not the government is being truthful in its vaccine regulations, mandates and other pronouncements. Now that gene therapy is a vaccine it is no longer a lie. Advantage Orwell.

Consider VAERS, that trove of information on the negative aspects of vaccines. This is a useful compilation of information but also illustrates our government’s approach to the entire subject. When reports are helpful to the official narrative they are akin to gospel but when they provide data that runs counter to the narrative they are false information. My reaction to the government’s self-serving position on VAERS is like that of Enid Strict, SNL’s Church lady, “Well, isn’t that special?”

But what does all this have to do with States? The word “state” can be used to demonstrate how valuable definition fluidity is to those who wish to usurp power. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Declaration of Independence. Here we find what was at the time of its writing a simple, straight forward proposition, “That these United Colonies are, and by right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved.” A great stretch of logic is required in order to assign separate meanings to the same word when used twice in the same sentence.

To use ‘State,’ when referring to the Colonies, as meaning a political subdivision of a larger country would imply that Great Britain is also such a subdivision. The meaning applied to one must apply to both. Simple logic but inconvenient for those on the Federal level who feel their ability to control is too restricted by that pesky 10th amendment. So, if you can’t change the constitution, change the definition.

This is probably the earliest example of applying Newspeak to the unique American Experiment in Freedom. Further examples are to be found throughout our 245 year history, slowly converting our dream of a Federalist Republic into the near tyrannical government by overreach we have and accept as status quo today. The Framers of the Constitution gave us Article 1, Section 8, The Enumerated Powers Clause. Basically, if it isn’t to be found there, the Feds have no right to do it. But if you parse the words and change the definitions you can create all sorts of rights never intended by the Founding Fathers.

Perhaps we should have a law mandating that all Constitutional debates be settled using dictionaries published shortly before our revolution. Eliminate definition creep, whether it occurred by popular usage or was contrived, and return to using words as they were understood by those who wrote our founding documents and you completely alter the political landscape. After all, changing the definition of words over time does not change the intent of those who used those words long before they were changed. And isn’t intent the metric by which we interpret the Constitution?

Words are the tools of discourse and Momma was right, words do mean things. The American Bison has endured centuries of being called a Buffalo and yet remains a Bison

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In the bottom of the ninth, despite home field advantage, the home team finds itself down by one run and a man on first when the team’s weakest batter, with a two and two count, manages to put the ball through a hole and into short center field. The crowd is on its feet as the man on first heads for second base and the batter beats the throw to first. The play by play announcer is nearly screaming, “the runner is rounding third and headed for home.”

One thought is shared by the thousands in the stands, “we’re going to pull this thing out, the tying run is about to score and we have a runner on first with our power hitter on deck. We are going to win this thing.”

Then the inexplicable. Let’s listen to the announcer describe the action. “The runner has rounded third and is headed to home plate. The first baseman rifles the ball towards home. The runner stops, reverses course and heads back to third. The catcher throws to third but the runner beats the throw and tags the bag. OMG, he didn’t stop, he’s headed to second. Third baseman shoots the ball to second. The runner attempts to slide in. He’s a foot short of the bag when the second baseman tags him out. (sigh) It’s over folks. What just happened is beyond crazy. I don’t know how Monday morning quarterbacks will describe it but I do know we won’t be going to the Series this year.”

It’s been said that politics is just a game, a game played with our money, our emotions and sometimes our blood. And as in the baseball bit above, it can be just as illogical, inexplicable and boneheaded. Regardless of how you score the political events of November, 2020, the only thing that matters is that when the dust settled Joe Biden was the for real, one and only President of these United States. To borrow from the Persian poet Omar Khayyam, “The moving finger writes and having writ moves on. Nor all your piety and wit can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.”

There were a lot of tears when the fickle finger of fate finished recording the election of 2020 but those tears served only to dampen the cheeks of the weepers and the sounds of their sobbing was drowned out by the cheering from the other side.

We are only a quarter of the way into reaping the fruit of their victory but that short span of history has already proven that, whether fair or foul, they might know how to chalk up an election win in their column but they have not a clue as to how to govern. The question we must ask is what can we learn from the experience and (sounds silly, but…) is knowing how to run a country really important or is the whole thing truly about wielding power and amassing personal fortunes? To be perfectly candid, abandoning the rules for the sake of expedience seems to be a winning strategy although I sincerely hope we don’t have to stoop to that level, even for the good of the nation. We’ve never been ‘that guy’.

The US of A is barreling toward a cliff. Do we stand up and fight for the right to stop the runaway wagon or do we succumb to the easy path, grab what we can for ourselves and hope to jump out of the wagon before it goes crashing onto the ash heap of history?

For the past year our conversation has revolved around 2022. Okay, it’s here. If we want to win we had better get serious about the game. Take to heart the words of Tom Hanks in ‘A League of Their Own,’ when he said, “there’s no crying in baseball.” The same should be true in politics. Since 2020 we have wept, moaned, pointed fingers, moralized, pontificated, even wrote books to explain why we own the moral high ground, and through it all we are still the minority party.

We have just a few short months to either convert or neutralize the RINOs and to put together a platform that will benefit and thereby attract the independent voter and the suburban housewives. Platitudes, propaganda, class warfare and ballot manipulation techniques will not win elections for conservatives, those are in the opposition’s wheelhouse. We can never count on the dead voter bloc to bolster our numbers. We have to rely on telling the truth, keeping our promises, solid planning, fact based campaigns, proven results, and perhaps a tad more backbone.

Okay, batter up, and this time let’s swing for the fences.

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We have now added “Mass Formation Psychosis” to the lexicon of useful thought pictures when describing how and why the ubiquitous ‘they’ were ale to seize control of the pandemic and use it to usurp control across a wide spectrum of the world’s day to day activities.

In layman’s terms MFP refers to using psychological techniques to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of a large segment of a population and induce them to surrender freedoms that they would ordinarily be inclined to defend. I am reminded of a cartoon I saw in a magazine many years ago. It depicted a mob running down a street in an old western town, carrying clubs and a rope. One of the members of the mob was asking another, “This rotten, low down SOB we’re fixing to hang, what did he do?”

Mobs are that way and MFP is a major tool used to channel collective anger, mass hysteria or group fear. It may not be moral, it may not be ethical and it may not be pretty but sure is effective. Isn’t that right, Dr. Fauci? Thanks to the fear mongering efforts of a huge cross-discipline consortium of folks seeking to gain power and/or wealth at the expense of the world population at large we now have a pandemic that has billions of people ready to leap lemming like into the abyss without a single thought being given to how much of what ‘they’ are telling us might not be true and in many cases not even be logical.

The headline in today’s Houston Chronicle (Jan 5, 2022) reads, “Texas caught flat-footed as speedy omicron rages.” The accompanying article is fact filled and quite lengthy, chock full of scary statistics but for one glaring omission. There is not one reference to the death toll or for that matter any mention of a single individual having succumbed to the omicron variant. This same newspaper used to print a daily, county by county, death toll in its regular “coronavirus” section and now the deadliness of the disease is no longer newsworthy.

Viruses mutate. That is a plain and simple fact. Nature provides them with the ability to protect themselves by becoming more easily transmissible and far less deadly. This not only protects the host (us) but also allows the virus to survive. Omicron has simply done that which viruses are prone to do and it is time now for us to shift from prevention to therapeutics. Oh snap, can’t do that. There are still billions of dollars to be made with the so-called vaccines. Time for us to do our part for those gentle souls who have invested so much time and effort in getting us to this point in history. Keep the blinders on, get in line for your monthly jab and be sure to invite the kids to come along.

Back to question in the title block above, what to do when the fire starts to fizzle? The answer is simple. Fires need a constant supply of fuel and we all know what is fueling this particular pandemic fire. Dr. Fauci, it’s time for you to step up, play your part once again and throw some more lies on the fire.

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LifeSiteNews. “Bayer CEO admits vaxx marketing meant to deceive the public.”

In an online news article from ‘ Bayer Executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust’ presents some rather disturbing statements by Stefan Oelrich, president of the Bayer Pharmaceutical Division, while speaking at a recent World health Summit.

In his address Oelrich not only said the quiet part out loud, he did so with a great sense of accomplishment. He stated unequivocally that the novel mRNA vaccines are actually “cell and gene therapy” thus confirming what has long been dismissed as just another right wing conspiracy theory.

Oelrich went on to say, “if we had surveyed two years ago in the public, ‘would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate and marketing of the injections as “vaccines” has made them popular with the public.

And there you have it, the guy behind the scenes, the head of the corporate division that directed the development of the so-called vaccines, telling the truth about that substance your government is mandating you jab into your arms. I don’t think that Mr. Oelrich would stake his career future on pushing a conspiracy theory but who knows? I would suggest that you find access to the entire article while it is still available, read it and come to your conclusions.

I believe that Oelrich must have felt some sense of arrogance that those working to develop the gene therapy and then disguise it as a vaccine could so easily dupe a world held in the grip of the morbid fear that everyone would soon die from the manmade virus, and even get the sitting president of the United States of America, the country’s “alpha businessman,” to cut them a blank check.

And what of the complicity of the the scientific and medical communities to conceal what they must have known about the nature of viruses? This is a coverup that continues until today and the sheer number of mutually supportive agendas in play is staggering.

In the article Oelrich links Bayer to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and to the Gates Foundation, entities that are deeply involved in the New World Order movement and the planned lowering of the population density on this planet. Not exactly a pro people agenda being pursued there.

If you are at all concerned about the danger inherent in allowing small groups of individuals with unlimited funds and the ability to dictate what information is available to the public, to also control national governments and therefore the fate of billions of ordinary citizens, then perhaps it’s time to wake up. If, on the other hand, you are content in allowing folks who think they are smarter than you, better than you and more capable of directing how you should lead your life to control your life then all I can say is, “sorry to have disturbed you, go back to sleep.”

And for the latter group I offer a lullaby to help you return to dreamland:

Sleep Babies, sleep
In dreams may you linger
You need not know your government
Has given you the finger.

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“When the gates are all down, and the signal is flashing,
The whistle is screaming in vain,
And you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts,
Well you can’t blame the wreck on the train.
__ Don McLean

Those lyrics came to mind while reading an account of the Red Pill, Blue Pill controversy currently occupying space in the ongoing left versus right face off. The reference is from the movie “Matrix” where the character Neo, questioning, well, the truth of everything, is given the option of taking one or the other of two pills, one blue and one red. The character, Morpheus, explains that the blue pill will allow the taker to remain in ignorance, accepting whatever life brings and believing whatever he is told. Taking the red pill will bring complete knowledge of how everything actually works. For you movie buffs out there, I mean only to simplify a complex plot line, not alter or diminish it.

Rather than discuss the relative merits of choosing the red or the blue, our left-leaning friends on this side of reality are trying to stake some claim to cultural ownership of the concept and insert gender fluidity as the underlying reason the choice is being offered. In effect this would move the conversation from the sublime to the ridiculous. I would opine that the choice offered Neo is more closely akin to that given Eve in the book of Genesis. God has placed two trees of note in Eden, the Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the first being analogous to the blue pill, the latter to the red. Adam and Eve are permitted to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life but not the other. When the tempter comes onto the scene he encourages Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, she does and the rest is history.

What isn’t explored in the short narrative in Genesis is what would have occurred had she chosen otherwise. While it is not spelled out the logical assumption is that nothing would have changed. Status quo would have meant that Adam and Eve, an immortal couple, would have continued to be the only human beings on the planet, living forever in the Garden of Eden. The fall from grace introduced the couple to mortality and they were exiled from Paradise to face a harsh reality that included pain, suffering, the necessity of earning one’s survival by the sweat of the brow and now that death had come into the equation, the need to procreate in order to continue the species. A tough consequence for the first couple but sort of necessary for the rest of us to even be here.

The red pill, blue pill conundrum from the movie directly corresponds to our current political landscape, down to the coincidental color scheme. Those aligned with the red want a sovereign nation with equal justice, enforced borders and an equality of opportunity not outcome. The red side favors free market capitalism, lower taxes and smaller government. Those opting for the blue are either profiting from the destruction of the country or are oblivious to what is happening around them. Ignorance may be blissful for the ignorant but it wreaks havoc on those who recognize the difference between good and evil.

Due to my biblical references above I feel that a disclaimer is in order; I am not an atheist, I have a profound belief in a Supreme Being controlling the universe and all that is in it. I simply do not believe that I am in a position to second guess a Creator who for his own purposes could construct a limitless universe, include this minor planet of 7.7 billion inhabitants, share his word with those individuals and then allow that word to be open to an unlimited number of interpretations and put it into the hearts of some of “His people” to slaughter others of “His people” in defense of their unique interpretation of that word. To my limited intellect Divine Reasoning is inexplicable, as I suspect it is to many who would have us believe they have a hot line to Heaven.

Many decades ago I took a course in comparative religion and finished with more questions than I had when the course began. Now that politics in our beloved country has taken on many of the aspects of conflicting religious beliefs, a claim to inerrancy, rigid dogma, destruction of non believers and that nagging assertion that “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts,” I find myself back in the same box, too many conflicting ideologies on the blue side and too little resolve on the red side.

Meanwhile, as we blithely carry on our tea party in the middle of the railroad crossing, augustly debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the train of destiny is barreling down the track, soon to crash our party.

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In a recent interview by Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump was roundly (and deservedly) booed when he announced that he had taken the vaccine booster shot and advised others to do the same.

“45” attempted to dismiss the crowd’s reaction as “just a very few people.” No, Mr. President, it isn’t “just a very few people,” it is in fact a very large segment of your constituency. If you wish to have any political future, whether as a candidate or as a “king maker,” you had better get out in front of this one.

Even though your intentions were the best you were conned by Big Pharma, and under the guidance of Anthony Fauci, also by the CDC, NIH and FDA. Operation Warp Speed was a Trojan Horse and your so-called advisors were working in concert to get exactly what we have today, an America and a world locked by fear into fulfilling their quest for power and for profit. Do not be like a leader in ancient Troy, watching the Greeks sack the city as you try to save face by insisting that the big wooden horse was actually a benevolent gift.

For proof you need look no further than the reaction to the Omicron variant. This mutation of the original China virus is a good thing. Following nature’s rules for viruses it has mutated to a more rapidly spreading but virtually harmless variant. As a virus it is perfectly happy to have changed into a form that will allow it to inhabit a large number of hosts but not endanger its own survival by killing its hosts. Disregarding the temporary discomfort felt by those who contract Omicron, symptoms easily controlled by therapeutics, it’s a win-win for all who wish for the pandemic to end.

But it is a losing proposition for those who are profiting from the original Covid-19 virus, Big Pharma, Big Government, and all those who have the right connections to know when and where to invest. The only win for them would be a continuation of the “virus panic” into perpetuity, which is why we have such intensive push back against old proven therapies and the near manic level of misinformation about the vaccines and the true level of concern we should have for Omicron.

Mr. Trump, with all due respect, you are in danger of being stripped of your savvy New York born and bred businessman persona. In your career you have dealt with city, state and federal officials, contractors, union bosses, Mafia capos and in more recent years the worst of all, Hollywood movers and shakers. Yet none of your experience prepared you to deal with the evil denizens of the Washington Swamp. Your all too genuine zeal to defeat the China virus proved to be an Achilles Heel. With the skill born of their combined centuries of devious dealings they managed to dupe you into thinking that they were not only on your side but also had the answer to killing the monster.

But they have inadvertently handed you the victory. The Biden administration has laid claim to the responsibility to control the virus as well as taking credit for the vaccines. Both of these elements are rapidly falling apart as the truth leaks out. Your enemy is sowing seeds of its own destruction, leave them to it. Take the high ground, rely on the science, the virus has mutated to a less deadly form and can be controlled by therapeutics. Those are the facts. For all practical purposes its over and all the rest is political theater. Embrace the truth. To our liberal friends the truth is like water was to the Wicked Witch of the West in the Land of Oz, pour it on them and they melt away.

For you, Mr. Trump, this is your “mea culpa” moment. Stand up and admit that you’ve been had. Not one of us is innocent of that mistake, of having been victimized in some way, baited by a promise of help in solving some dilemma that was especially vexing. Americans are not only understanding, we are also very forgiving. All we want at this point is for the bleeding to stop. Fulfilling that goal is entirely in your lane but you need to own your mistake and then tell us what you will do, given the chance, to fix the situation.

Any military strategist will tell you that there are hills worth dying on but this vaccine fiasco is not one of them.

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Baa, Baa.
Fellow American sheep.
They’re stealing our freedom
While we all sleep.

In writing fiction we strive to construct believable plot lines. As authors we realize that we cannot stray too far from a logical progression of events or we will lose the reader. This is true without regard to the genre of fiction being discussed. Would that it were also true when dealing with our government’s propaganda, a class of “fiction” that has abandoned all semblance of logic.

As an avid consumer of reportage on current events I am constantly amazed by the ability of governmental spokespersons to convince a very large portion of the American people that the government’s talking points reflect reality. When it comes to the Covid virus and its latest variant, Omicron, it is obvious that there is not even an attempt to link the disease to existing fact or even to common sense.

Take masks for instance. The information used to justify the continued use of masks has been all over the playing field since day one but apparently being ignored is the easily verifiable fact that masks have to have holes in order to permit airflow and that these holes will have a minimum size below which the mask becomes an impediment to breathing. A quick online search yields the following, the average air passage through a mask is three microns while the virus itself is only one micron. If this flaw in the pro mask argument needs further explanation then there isn’t much more to be said.

The truth about the physical limitations of the mask coupled with equally easily researched information about the nature of and reasons for virus mutation should (and in a sane universe would) end this endemic pandemic.

A virus is a living organism. It is interested in maintaining its own life and in reproducing, two factors shared with all life forms. The virus requires a host and in this instance we are that host. Any virus deadly to its host will not survive, nor will a virus unable to spread into multiple hosts. Therefore nature has given it the ability to mutate to forms more likely to possess those attributes necessary for survival.

The chain of mutation that resulted in Omicron has led to a virus that is highly transmittable and yet has not caused a single reported death. In other words a perfect virus from the standpoint of the virus, but not so hot from the standpoint of the fear mongers who would like to use it to continue controlling the populace with ridiculous, restrictive and unnecessary mandates in order to increase their usurpation of power.

Wake up America. It’s over, at least this round of it. While there is no telling what those true enemies of freedom and the American Dream will concoct next, when it comes to this virus, they got nothing.

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OMG, Omicron has been loosed upon the world, whatever can we do? Only one fall back position is left to us, when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

How much longer can this go on? When will even the most avid (or clueless) Kool Aid imbiber have to finally admit that they are being lied to and accept that the agenda being pursued by those in charge of this pandemic has not been designed to improve the lives of the American citizens nor to increase our ability to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Hard to believe I know, but I am not a scientist, physician or even an overrated, overpaid government virologist. I am nothing more than an ordinary superannuated citizen with decades of life experience and a modicum of common sense. And the most frightening thing for those who are perpetuating this virus scare is the citizen willing to say slow down, let’s apply common sense to what we know and freely admit the truth of what we don’t know.

To begin at the beginning, we know that Covid-19 is a designer virus. When sequenced by credible, capable virologists it was discovered to be a combination of the SARS virus and another, unrelated virus known to suppress the human immune system. And then this Frankenstein killer disease was was loosed upon the world population. How and why will be debated for many years to come but the undeniable fact is it was released upon an unsuspecting planet and needed to be swiftly dealt with and that’s where all semblance of agreement ceases.

Absent a viable vaccine the sensible approach would have been to begin with existing therapeutics and immediately test their effectiveness on this virus. Early on there was a map circulating online. It showed all the continents in black with the location and density of occurrence of the virus shown in white. All developed nations had large concentrations of white, most third world nations had smaller diseased areas which tracked local population density. The only noticeable outlier was Sub Saharan Africa. That part of the map was totally black until you reached Zimbabwe and South. An explanatory note with the map held that the anomaly was due to that area containing a population routinely treated for malaria who seemed to have some natural immunity to the virus. The commonly used anti-malarial was Hydroxychloroquine and that map seems to have disappeared.

We are told to wear masks even though the holes that allow air flow through the masks are on average three times larger than the virus. My dog is about one foot wide and I’m pretty sure that a three foot wide opening the fence would not impede his movement.

A fact about viruses from a common sense standpoint. You probably learned in biology class that the first law of nature for all life is self preservation. All life forms have natural instinct for survival. This applies to viruses as well. Viruses are parasitic, they depend on a host for their survival and it is therefore in their interest to not kill their host. Viruses have the ability to mutate in order to achieve symbiosis with the host. This means that through the process of mutation they become less deadly as they increase their ability to spread among the host population. Read the stats on Omicron and you will see that it follows that mutation pattern exactly. But our government and the health authorities would have us believe the opposite to be true without regard to what the facts indicate. They want us to be scared, confused and then act appropriately. To do otherwise would be unpatriotic. The question is why? What is the motivation for keeping us in the dark, fearful and reliant on vaccines that are now shown to be ineffective against the emerging variants?

I had two jabs, suffered frightening reactions to the second dose and those same reactions recurred spontaneously four months later. My doctor said he could not give a reason for this because there was no data to base it on but that I needed to take the booster anyway. How very scientific, Doc.

We are told that we must follow the dictates of the government and our health officials for the good of the country. To resist would be unpatriotic. If we question edicts being issued that on the surface seem to be running contrary to common sense we are accused of all sorts of crimes against humanity. Show reluctance to having a chemical cocktail, with no track record to support its use, injected into our five year old children and we become “domestic terrorists” subject to scrutiny by the Justice Department. It has become a borderline crime in some parts of America to refuse to endanger the futures of our children, a group statistically at no risk of being harmed by the virus, by putting something into their bodies that might alter their normal growth and no one can offer data to alleviate that fear.

In the Viet Nam War era there was a saying, “war is good for business, invest your kids.” A modern version of that might be, “Vaccines are the greatest cash cows ever for Big Pharma and for those in government supported by Big Pharma. Whether effective or not it’s your patriotic duty to get the jab of the month.”

Fear is the biggest hammer in their toolbox and our government is investing an extremely large amount of time, effort and tax payer revenue into this effort to frighten all of us into ovine like compliance with their decrees, dictates and mandates. The bottom line is that, given the extreme pressure being brought to bear in this unprecedented fear mongering campaign, using your common sense is a big no-no.

Simply stated, if you ain’t scared, you ain’t patriotic.

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