This title was borrowed from a song by American singer-songwriter Delbert McClinton. The lyric completed is, “if you can’t lie no better than that you might as well tell the truth.”

Folks, we are being lied to on a daily basis. An example is the government’s talking point that the inflation currently picking our pockets results from pent up demand caused by covid lockdowns, the same excuse being bandied about to explain the massive armada of container ships lying offshore, unable to dock and be unloaded.

We are told that the that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a carefully planned, well executed exodus that brought honorable closure to America’s longest lasting war. No matter that the enemy we invested so much blood and treasure in fighting gained complete control of the country through our surrender as well as a fortune in arms and munitions while we cavalierly abandoned a number of our citizens and allies to the Taliban’s tender mercies. According to the administration and its four-star political hacks anyone doubting the success of the 20 year exercise in futility and its supposedly triumphant ending just doesn’t understand military logistics.

Homeland security assures us that our Southern border is sealed, no one is getting through, while also telling us that massive numbers of those they claim are not getting through are being deported. A reality check for those charged with sharing administration talking points with the general public, flying people from Texas to Westchester County, NY, is not exactly the same as deportation.

Anyone seeing the heavily armed cartel members in armored vehicles patrolling our Southern border with impunity might conclude that we have a control problem in that region. However, if you attempt to make that case you are told that you are either witnessing a mirage or are caught up in a conservative fever dream.

Does anyone else wonder about the financial genius displayed by so many of our elected officials. As a case in point, how did Joe Biden, as a young senator, manage to purchase the DuPont mansion? Or, for that matter, how was Biden able to enrich his entire family, a group of folks who had only their family ties from which to generate profit. Many in government dismiss such matters with, “it’s only politics, everybody does it.”

Dare we ask why “evil doers” are only to be found on the conservative side of the aisle? It seems that highly placed, well connected individuals who support the progressive agenda are allowed to transgress the law with no fear of consequences.

We are being lied to and, were that not bad enough, the liars are not really putting any effort into concealing the fact that they are not being truthful. We are not being given well crafted narratives, carefully worded to convince the world that cooler heads are in control and doing every positive thing possible to govern America for the benefit of her citizens and for the general wellbeing of the planet. The lies are so transparent that the truth is totally visible behind them. The attitude of the fabulists spinning these untruths is, “we’re in charge and there isn’t one damned thing you can do about it.”

Speaking only for myself, I would prefer they stop the inane lies and simply state their obvious truth. This country is in the clutches of those who hate America and who are dedicated to her destruction. And they are fully aware that we, the people in opposition to their plans are powerless to stop them, fettered as we are by an almost universal reluctance to get involved in the fray.

Somehow we have reached an Orwellian point in our nation’s history where truth and lies have become indistinguishable from each other. There once was a time when the planet was flat, and a time when our solar system revolved around the earth. Science will correctly tell us that no such era actually existed although for all practical purposes it did. The belief in a flat earth and terra centric solar system were all that people knew and there was no frame of reference by which to dispute common knowledge. Thus usable truth will always be limited by knowledge.

Nicholas Copernicus was the first to to propose a heliocentric system. He and later Galileo Galilei both published books describing the heliocentric nature of the solar system. Copernicus was censured, but not during his lifetime however Galileo was tried by the Inquisition and convicted of heresy. An example of power controlling truth.

In describing the malleability of truth, the late, great John C. Lilly, physician, philosopher and pyschonaut, wrote, “that which we believe to be true either is true or it becomes true.” We are witnessing the veracity of that statement on a daily basis as official lies smother the truth, cancelling fact with talking points and propaganda.

On a positive note, cracks are beginning to appear in the fortress walls of the progressives. Parents objecting to bigoted and salacious material being shoveled into the minds of their kids are starting to push back against teacher’s unions and school boards. On the health front, as more and more damning evidence about the true origins and management of the pandemic emerges there is a growing resistance to the politicalization and monetizing of Covid-19. Can an actual application of equal justice be far behind?

In my opinion the progressives grossly overplayed their hand. Far too much, far too soon. The sheer enormity of their audacious overreach is causing more and more Americans, of all political stripes, to question whether there is any wisdom or truth extant in those who currently govern the country.

Or could it be that I am merely succumbing to the seductive lure of hope over experience?

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Reading the work of a fellow blogger, one of the several WordPress top thinkers, and after enjoying his thoughts I read the comments. In one such the writer made some very good points but interjected the thought that she avoided touching on politics and covid. My silent response was, “yeah, you’d like to think so.”

Politics is ever present, a necessary component of any organized society and as such cannot be avoided any more than a humpback whale can avoid contact with salt. Everything in life is touched by politics down to the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. I would challenge anyone to name a single aspect of human life on this planet that is completely divorced from politics. Its pervasiveness leaves us with only two options, proactive participation or acquiescence.

Acquiescence has us existing in a world totally controlled by others while proactive participation offers at least a chance that we might have some influence on the quality of our lives. When the schoolyard bully starts pushing you around you can either stand there and take the blows or you can fight back and who knows, maybe even win the day.

As for Covid-19, you couldn’t ask for a better example of politics without rebuttal. From its inception as a manufactured virus in a biological warfare lab in the heart of an enemy homeland until this day it has been politicized and weaponized by several factions, foreign and domestic. This virus has been used to influence elections, control populations and create wealth and, having been introduced into an animal population, will now be impossible to eradicate.

Apart from the political there is no logical continuum of control methods in dealing with the virus. Everything being done has its contradictions and counter-contradictions. For the longest time vaccines were the holy grail. Vaccines are still being touted as the cure of choice, vastly preferable to treatment, even though they must now be followed with an undetermined number of booster shots. Has no one realized that the primary difference between treatment and vaccines is that the treatments are mostly done with drugs that are in public domain while the vaccines are all patent protected?

Pfizer earned 32 billion in profits before the trend toward treatment began. Treatment threatens future profits by limiting the number of people who will opt for the vaccine over being treated, should they contract the disease, with a drug that has been proven over many years. Solution, revisit those who have already consented to getting the jab and convince that they all need booster shots. Voila, another 32 billion to be shared with lobbyists and well connected politicians.

The up side is that America seems to be waking up to the politics that have been driving the pandemic, an awareness aided by the optics of a government releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and Afghan refugees into the country, many carrying the disease, while wringing its collective hands over the deadliness of the disease.

Following the last presidential election I had a conversation with a friend, a high school science teacher, in which I stated my belief that we needed to return civics to the classroom, with age appropriate material, at every grade level. His first response was, “but civics is so boring, it would be impossible to keep their attention.”

The alternative to teaching how politics actually works and how it affects our day to day lives is to continue being governed by the results of having an uninformed electorate. As you watch the current stagflation grow daily, the spiraling energy costs, food shortages, surges in illegal border crossings and having criminal cartels now in de facto control of both sides of our Southern border and then factor in the new mask mandates and the number of jobs being lost because people are reluctant to have substances injected into their bodies that have not been time tested, ask yourself how avoiding the boring subject of politics is really working out for you, and for your nation.

And if you still opt to stay out of the fray at least send up a word of thanks for those who are in the battle on your behalf. And pray they can win without your help.

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If politics is a game then wealth and power is how you keep score. Ideally politics should not be a game, it should be all about the art of compromise aimed at melding the best aspects of differing viewpoints to bring into being the best possible governing bodies and statutes in order to best serve the interests of the majority of a population.

Politics as it is being played in today’s America is about amassing power in order to control social engineering with the goal being to create a borderless society consisting of only two classes, a small ruling elite and everyone else. Most reading these words will not find a place among the elite, leaving as the only alternative a place among the subservient majority.

This dystopia is the dream of a great many politicians, both in and out of elected office, oligarchs, tech giants, industrial leaders, media mavens and top military brass who have graduated from having military mind-sets to being politicians with chests full of fruit salad. In toto we have a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires who have abandoned the old dictum of “might makes right” in favor of the new concept, “wealth makes right.” For them money is no longer primarily a means of exchange, it is a tool for exercising power and gaining a stranglehold on the population of the nation.

It takes deep pockets to organize and move millions of indigent people across Central America, Mexico, the U.S. Southern border, and then disperse then across the entire country. A complaint administration can only do so much. Beyond opening the border and then facilitating transportation once the horde is past the gates, the bulk of the heavy lifting has to be done by folks outside of government. And those so engaged are not doing so out of love for America.

While none of the woes heaped upon our country in the past 10 months have been accidental or unintentional, they would not have progressed as far as they have without a complacent majority of ordinary citizens who honestly believe they have no dog in the fight. Those ordinary citizens are you and me, the folks across the street and around the corner and down the block. It’s we, the people who are allowing the devastation to occur.

We sit on what we suppose are the sidelines, wring our hands and say, “golly, this isn’t good, I don’t like what’s happening, why doesn’t someone do something?” Spoiler alert, there aren’t any sidelines anymore, the whole bloody place is a war zone.

We are engaged in a civil war to determine which governing philosophy will control this nation into the future and the battles are being waged on Elm Street, Main Street, Every Street. You always have a choice. You can choose to be a part of the solution or opt to be part of the problem. And complacency when faced with a common enemy is definitely a problem.

The powers that be have created a straw dog, a surrogate to be the focus of our righteous, albeit impotent, anger. I say enough of that. If you can’t accurately identify the enemy you sure as heck will never defeat that enemy. Stop blaming Joe Biden. He is not the problem. If anything he is more worthy of your pity.

Does anyone remember the blonde joke craze? There was one about a ventriloquist, on stage with his dummy on his knee. He tells a string of lame blonde jokes until a lady in the third row, a blonde, stands up and shouts, “enough with the blonde jokes, you aren’t funny or even clever, insulting a class of people just for a cheap laugh.” The ventriloquist breaks character and begins to apologize, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend…” The blonde interrupts him with, “shut up, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to that little smart-ass sonuvabitch sitting on your lap.”

Cut Biden some slack and direct your anger toward whomsoever owns the knee he’s sitting on. And while you’re at it toss a little blame toward Dr. Jill. She’s married to Joe, lives with him and she had to know what his mental condition was all along. Did her ambition outweigh her familial duty? What kind of person would knowingly subject someone they cared about to public humiliation and the shame of having to display before the world the tragedy of senility and mental decline?

Bottom line; It’s time for all of us to revisit that famous scene from the 1976 movie, “Network.” It’s time to open the window, lean out and shout, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

It’s time to get involved in any way you can. Given my personal circumstances and stage of life this blog and keeping in constant contact with the few elected officials still fighting the good fight is pretty much all I can do. Voices crying the wilderness remain largely unheard but on occasion the spark falls on the right tinder.

It’s your country, what’s left of it, and it is worth fighting for. There are no sidelines, no safe haven in which to hide. Whether you like it or not you are on the battlefield and you can either join the resistance or you can just lay there and let them roll over you. When the enemy is on the horizon and safety is not in sight you have to conclude that it’s too far to run and too late to hide. The only thing left is to stand and fight.

God bless you, and God bless America.

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One of many definitions for the word “abstract” is, “existing in thought or as an idea but not having physical or concrete existence.” Other words used in this context are “conceptual,” “theoretical” and “idealistic.”

Justice as defined by Miriam Webster is: “The maintenance or administration of what is just, especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.”

Justice was never meant to be an abstraction, in fact “abstract justice” is a contradiction in terms. And Justice cannot exist in instances where the individuals involved are weighted by status, wealth, political or other social positions or anything other than the facts as they pertain to applicable laws or statutes. In theory no one is above the law.

The bedrock for jurisprudence in America is the idea that everyone is treated equally under the law. For that reason Lady Justice is portrayed as wearing a blindfold. Show of hands, who believes that justice is truly blind? No one? Okay, moving on.

I think it can be stipulated that justice is not blind, that there are a great many people and institutions in this once great nation who are far above the application of the law and that crime does pay, quite handsomely in fact. The question is how did we get so far from the concept of equal justice and what must we do to move the pointer back toward the center?

We could cite examples of those individuals who seem to always be above the law, the so-called “crime families” in government who have used their elected or appointed positions to garner power and amass great fortunes while in the guise of serving the public. Pointing them out would be a non partisan exercise as they come from all spectrums of the body politic.

A moment to reflect, which branch of the government can you realistically say has never been tainted with corruption? Which department has not been weaponized by elected officials, used to increase either their own wealth or power? Seriously, this is your government, think about the question to see if you can point to a single government entity that has always operated strictly within the law and the bounds of that Constitution which each individual involved has sworn an oath to uphold and defend.

We could reach blindly into a bag of transgressions and pull out handfuls of examples of unequal application of justice or, perhaps more egregious, a total lack of interest in even investigating allegations of wrongdoing.

Where is the justice for the Epstein victims? Protecting Jeffrey Epstein’s “clients” seems to be of greater importance than seeking justice. Consider then the saga of Hunter Biden. He provided the Justice Department with more than enough evidence to sink his entire family. DoJ’s response, ho-hum, nothing to see here. Move along.

Was the 2020 election actually stolen or are the complaints just a massive vat of sour grapes? A concerted effort to keep the facts out of the courts or even submit them to investigation seems to indicate that the interest is in protecting the integrity of the outcome rather than probing for the truth. That’s not much justice for the millions who thought they were casting their votes in the most secure system on the planet but now have legitimate doubts.

January 6th. An insurrection inspired by the then President or a Pelosi plot to derail any attempt to delay certification of the election? There are many unanswered questions surrounding the events that took place in the Capitol on that day, questions that could be answered by releasing the 14000 hours of surveillance tape. And so far no plausible reason for not releasing the tapes

We are not a country that jails its own citizens as political prisoners. No, wait a minute. Yeah I suppose we really are. It took 245 years but we finally got around to it. Arsonists, looters, rioters and those who assaulted officers of the law are all turned loose with no repercussions but people possibly guilty of trespass are locked up in solitary confinement for months on end. And the on-camera murder of Ashli Babbitt speaks for itself.

When asked about the lack of follow through on criminal referrals the Attorney General under the previous administration said that his department only pursues cases they were sure to win. And here’s me thinking that deciding the merits of a case were what the courts were for.

19th century philosopher Joseph deMaistre said, “every nation gets the government it deserves.”

If deMaistre’s words are true then what we are witnessing in the halls of justice is a terrible indictment against the soul of America. Are we not a better people than that? Are we truly helpless in the face of the massive and overt corruption that has usurped the positions of power and turned every institution of government, our courts, corporate leadership and mass media into something that resembles Lewis Carroll’s “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?”

Who are “We, the People” that we no longer have a say in how this country is to be run? What happened to government “Of the People, For the People and By the People?

For God’s sake and for the sake of this nation, stand up and let your voices be heard. If you want your country back you need first to understand that no one is going to grab it for you, gift wrap it and hand it to you. This is not a battle to be won by force of arms, it is a war of ideas. By remaining silently on the sidelines you only give aid and comfort to the enemy

Keep the faith and by all means, spread the word.

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Seriously, who needs an enemy when you have the Biden administration? How convenient it must be for our foreign enemies to be able to sit on the sidelines and watch the U.S. Government actually do all those things that they who hate us could only dream of accomplishing.

A famous line from out of the Viet Nam war was, “we had to destroy the village in order to save it.” That line, adopted by the American Socialists and their fellow travelers, has been edited far beyond the scope of a village to now encompass an entire nation. It more accurately reads, “in order to fundamentally change America we found it necessary to burn it to the ground and salt the earth so that nothing good could ever grow there again.”

This will not be a “Trash Biden” piece. Our current president is as much a victim as every other citizen of the country. The man is obviously impaired and not capable of making it through the day unaided. The true villains are those who recognized his condition early on and then decided to use him and his name recognition to take control of the government.

Whoever the architects of the silent coup are, they are no lovers of America. The most frightening aspect of it all is that some 70 million Americans bought into their propaganda and cast votes for a candidate who was not mentally capable of even mounting a campaign.

And now, after eight months of failure, of stagflation, rising crime rates, a return to energy dependence on the Middle East, the first war time surrender in the history of the nation, becoming the laughing stock of the world, purposefully spreading Covid-19 throughout the country via a no-borders policy and receiving a constant stream of lies at press conferences and every public appearance by administration flacks, there are still folks who believe that this government has their best interests at heart.

Once these United States were regarded as being the number one nation on the planet. America was the most envied country in the history of the world, the go-to destination for millions wanting to build better lives. We are now engaged in a campaign to destroy all vestiges of what America was and to convert this noble experiment in democracy into a third world socialist banana republic. Prominent members of our own government are working to covert America into socialist nation despite historical evidence that socialism has failed every time it has been tried. Under such a system of governance only those in the ruling class will ever prosper. I am reminded of many of those so-called prosperity ministers who dominate the religious airwaves. One such pastor was questioned about having added a third Rolls Royce to his fleet. A reporter asked how many in his flock also drove Rolls Royce’s. His response was, “currently none but if any have sufficient faith they too could manifest the car as I did.”

Perhaps it’s already too late. Perhaps the oligarchs have managed to tip the scales beyond the point of possible return. I hope not but I don’t know.

In his poem, “Second Coming,” poet W.B. Yeats had a line, “The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.” Reading those words I thought of how they could describe the juxtaposition of the Conservative Right and the Socialist left. The Right operates from a belief that all will work out in the end so long as we follow the rules, color within the lines and hang onto the moral high ground. The Left is willing to abandon all rules, morality and ethics and to pursue victory, no matter how corrupt and tainted, as long as they end up with all the power.

If you still believe in America you must get involved. Just for fun and games take a few minutes to email your U.S. Senator and ask what he or she intends to do to help save this country. Be prepared to hear platitudes, obfuscation and the obligatory plea for campaign donations.

As for me, I’m going to take a knee and pray for America.

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The Swamp AKA The Deep State. The Swamp is many things to many people. For the Main Stream Media it is a fictitious construct by the conservative movement, created to cover up for political shortcomings and the inability to admit that “Orange Man Bad” and accept that Joe Biden’s election was completely honest and aboveboard. For the Progressive Left The Swamp is a source of funding, support and a tool for bringing about their leadership’s goal to “fundamentally change America.”

Far too many among the Conservative Right view The Swamp as a unified, organized entity with shared goals, acting as a single body to end our current political system of government by, for and of the people, a government defined and constrained by the Constitution. The description of their end game is accurate but the make up of The Swamp is something totally different.

The Swamp is not partisan, it is made up of people from both major parties and many others who are apolitical. It would be more accurate to compare The Swamp to the Taliban, a group made up of separate tribes, often at war with each other, come together to achieve a single goal albeit for different reasons. The Taliban are engaged in a holy war, The Swamp is all about concentrating power in the hands of the elite, eliminating the middle class and controlling all others. In either case the quest defines the movement.

The Swamp, in one form or another, has been with us since the inception of this nation. It started when certain individuals, acting out of greed and a lust for power, began to seize upon opportunities presented by the inexperience of the newly formed government to accrue wealth and power for themselves. In the early days such actions tended to be small and localized, easy to conceal during the growth spurts of a nation. Over the decades these activities grew larger, more organized and have now metastasized far beyond the halls of government. Today’s Swamp has a presence in every aspect of life. You see its tentacles in education, news reporting, entertainment, the social media, religion, national intelligence, the military, law enforcement, the judicial, ad infinitum. The truth is that we would be hard pressed to name any area of life not influenced by The Swamp. They are no longer the tail occasionally wagging the dog, they have become the dog itself.

In the eight months of the Biden administration this country has undergone massive negative changes. We went from energy independence to a renewed reliance on the Middle East and from having controlled borders with orderly immigration to allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants, many carrying deadly diseases, to illegally surge into the country. We ended America’s longest war by surrendering to the enemy while arming them with billions of dollars worth of sophisticated military equipment. We stranded thousands of our citizens behind enemy lines at great peril to their lives and are now discussing rewarding that enemy with foreign aid.

In true Swampy fashion we aided the Chinese Communist Party in creating a deadly virus which was then spread across the globe, resulting in millions of deaths. And then, just as the tide was turning on containing the disease we chose to allow tens of thousands of Covid infected illegal border crossers to fan out across the country in order to facilitate the spread of the virus.

The list could go on and on but the point to be taken is that the people who are controlling this explosion of woeful events are not stupid. They are experienced government officials, both elected and appointed, they are high ranking military officers, scientists, diplomats, engineers, seasoned news reporters. The only logical take away is that if the debacles we are witnessing have resulted from the actions of such a highly experienced and intelligent gathering of minds then what we so cavalierly call mistakes and poor judgment have actually been purposefully created. As our 44th President said during the days leading up to his inauguration, “We are just six days away from fundamentally changing America.”

Ask yourself, do you want to live in a country that has only two economic classes, the very wealthy and the very poor? Would you actually prefer to be governed by an unelected elite that controls every aspect of your life? That is the goal of The Swamp and we are only one election cycle away from that horror becoming our reality.

When asked what the founders had given us Ben Franklin replied, “a republic, if you can keep it.” Never has our ability to keep this republic been more in doubt.

Just as the U.S. Army surrendered in Afghanistan we can surrender to The Swamp. We need only accept the proposition that we are helpless and then do nothing. For the time being America still has the semblance of a government of, by and for the people. If we do not collectively step up to the plate and use the power of the people it will soon be taken from us forever.

America needs her patriots, America needs you.

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America’s longest war is over. The United States of America, the most powerful nation on the planet, possessed of the most fearsome military might of all the nations, surrendered to a rag tag bunch of tribal terrorists. And the impetus for this shameful debacle can be summed up in just three words, “Orange Man Bad.”

The war is over. After twenty years of conflict Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, claims another victim. The difference this time is that the latest to fall did so voluntarily. The Taliban did not win the victory, it was awarded to them. The terrorist organization, now masquerading as a government, could not have finished in a better position had they negotiated to buy the country from Hunter Biden.

We not only ceded the land, we also equipped their forces with 85 billion dollars worth of some of the most sophisticated fighting gear known to man. And in the spirit of good sportsmanship we neutralized our ability to control the night by providing them with night vision equipment to enable them to see us coming should we ever have to attack them by night.

The Taliban now has an air force larger than that of some small countries and lack only the ability to operate it. That minor inconvenience will soon be off-set by some of their friendly neighbor countries insuring that our investment in giving them air superiority will not be in vain.

America is in disgrace and our fall is being widely cheered both at home and abroad. There are many among our so-called elite who, having used the American way of life to amass fortunes now wish to deny that opportunity to others. To them being in the club is an exclusive right and membership should be limited to only a select few. American Socialism is their way of barring the path to financial success, open borders the key to an ever growing subservient lower class.

And the military, that once highly respected group of finely honed warriors, that august assemblage of brave young men and women who have dedicated themselves to the protection and safety of their fellow citizens, what of them? They have been sold down the river, every one. The current leadership of our armed forces, both the civilians and those four star politicians in the Pentagon, have traded readiness for “Wokism.”

Critical Race Theory and Gender Politics have no place in the United States Armed Forces. No, President Biden, we need not concern ourselves with maternity flight suits for fighter jet pilots. The military has but one task, to protect and defend the citizens of this once great nation. All the rest of that social engineering garbage should be left to the limp wrist set in the halls of liberal academia.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy has a name and we need to start using it. It’s called “Treason.”

A final thought, just a very few months ago America was riding a crest. We had the lowest unemployment rate, across all demographics, in our history. For the first time ever we had achieved energy independence and cut oil’s umbilical cord to the Middle East. We had secure borders and controlled immigration. Despite constant bickering among the Professional Politicos and an obsessive hatred for the man in charge resulting in obstruction rather than cooperation, America was on the move in a positive direction and we were respected by our allies.

Fast forward to the present, a cognitively impaired President and no one in the line of succession prepared or even capable of stepping in to take his place. Inflation is out of control and because spending is also out of control more money will be printed causing inflation to continue to grow. The list of problems facing America is far too long to include here but they are sufficient to affect every man, woman and child in this country and will extend far beyond our borders.

The American Socialists are cheering this as progress while many others of us lament the loss of our beloved country. Please will someone step up and show us the way back through the looking glass to a world ruled by sanity and common sense?

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This will not be a scholastic approach to the subject of socialism. There will be no charts, economic data points or political histories. What I intend is a quick glimpse into the structure of American Socialism, based on observance and common sense.

Contrary to propaganda from those political elites who espouse the adoption of socialism as the panacea for all of America’s supposed woes, socialism is not a groundswell movement driven by the masses. American Socialism is a movement of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. The average American would never vote for such a debacle and would certainly not want to live under its dictates.

The folks who would replace our Democratic Republic with a socialist form of government often use some form of the motto first used during the in the French Revolution, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.” A success on the part of our socialists would eliminate the liberte and fraternite but would insure egalite for the greater part of our population, equality of misery and poverty.

Look not to the Soviet Union, but to Tsarist Russia for a more accurate predictor of what American Socialism would look like. Prior to 1917 Russia had only two classes of people, the Tsar and his elites, and everyone else. The upper classes ruled with an iron fist, the general population had no rights under the law and in fact, rather than being citizens were more akin to being chattel, property of the Tsar.

In a Democratic Republic the bulk of the power is concentrated in the middle class. The wealthy acquire and maintain their wealth by efficiently servicing the wants and needs of that middle class. The smaller lower class, those of lesser means through circumstances beyond their control, have their needs met either by government assistance or by the intervention of private support organizations. Liberty and Fraternity for all is based on Equality of opportunity.

Our American Socialists view democracy as an obstacle to their dream of a two class society dominated by the elite(themselves) and supported by the labor of everyone else (us). To accomplish their ideal Utopia the first objective is to render elections meaningless. Can’t have the rabble deciding who should be running the country.

Another speed bump on the road to control by our would be socialists are those pesky borders. In their view commerce and labor supply should flow freely around the globe with the elite puppet masters able to decide how, when and where to achieve their goals without government interference.

Our current system of governance has a long and deeply rooted history and will be difficult to completely uproot. Since government will remain a necessary evil for the elite, the solution is to control elections so that they remove the public from the equation and make filling “elective” offices a boardroom decision. If you can’t eliminate the process then control the outcome. Different route, same destination.

Admittedly what I am describing is not classic socialism. But our American Socialists are not classic socialists. They have usurped the term to lend familiarity to what they are attempting to do and to facilitate the acceptance of their propaganda. Given the reality of definition creep, I am sure their usage of “socialism” will be widely accepted.

Spoiler alert for the American Socialist Movement, the 220 pound bully, prepared to kick sand in your face, is the Chinese Communist Party. You may have success on this continent but if you don’t adapt your game plan to include China as the Boss Hog and play by their rules, they will pick up all the marbles, theirs and yours, and go home.

The irony is that all you so-called American Socialists, Elite Intelligentsia and Tech Wizards earned your fortunes, and your self-proclaimed right to control the planet, by working within a system that was built with controlled borders and an acknowledgement of American Exceptionalism protected by our system of laws and by that Constitution that you now disdain. You want to scrap that which allowed you to succeed and replace it with a system that, although modified, has been doomed to failure everywhere it has been tried

If this is the example of your superior intelligence, advantage ignorance.

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Anyone else having trouble keeping up with current events? Living today, especially in the USA, is like riding a runaway roller coaster. Up, down, sideways and often inverted.

Is the virus a medical problem or a political problem? Should it be Dr. Fauci or Dr. Falsie?

Was the 2020 election truly stolen or just a collection of inexplicable anomalies that taken together give the impression of impropriety?

A person being interviewed during a BLM/Antifa unpleasantness was quoted as saying, “looting is just a form of reparations.” Can that be true?

Does anyone still think that Joe Biden in the White House is good for America or that Kamala Harris is actually qualified to be President?

How long will our Justice Department and the intelligence Agencies continue to sit on evidence of major crimes committed by the so-called elite and refuse to take action?

Has anyone else noticed the number of billionaire oligarchs who are buying citizenship in New Zealand? Maybe it’s just a new status symbol purchase or perhaps it has something to do with the difficulty in obtaining extradition to prosecute money or tax related crimes.

The Supreme Court seems to now exist for the sole purpose of remaining the Supreme Court and to do so they must scrupulously avoid controversy. Not unlike the Kardashians and the Obamas, they seem content to be famous simply for being famous.

The latest big thing is Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy. This unlikely patriot is either the largest personification of Don Quixote or he is actually cut in the mold of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and all the rest of those who risked it all to create this country. Mr. Lindell has put it all on the line in an attempt to singlehandedly drain the DC swamp and end the American corruptocracy. I can think of no-one in modern history who has risked more with no thought, or even possibility of personal gain.

I watched his 72 hour symposium. The presentation was compelling and convincing and if true, the effort put into the election steal would rival the WWII Manhattan project.

Spoiler alert for Mr. Lindell, the so-called Deep State came to life with the founding of our nation and has had nearly 250 years to metastasize into the soul-sucking cancer that it is today. Our elected and appointed officials, both political parties, the tech oligarchs, and many foreign governments have more interest in maintaining the swamp than in draining the swamp.

As one who believes in the spirit of our Constitution and in American Exceptionalism, I truly hope Mike Lindell wins this fight. I do not want to see this great country take a place on the ash heap of history.

In Irish poet W.B. Yeats’ poem, “Second Coming,” written in 1919, there is a line that describes the political make up of today’s America. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

America has problems but it seems the attempted solutions are often worse than those problems. It would be good to visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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For all practical purposes we are alone, we the 7.7 billion passengers aboard Starship Earth, as we ride this solar system through the cosmos. We have encountered no other travelers on the journey nor have any made their presence known to us. It is a daunting task, being the only self-conscious race in this fathomless universe.

From the perspective of human time it has been a long journey while in the context of universal time a mere blink of the eye. Without regard to the temporal disparity, we can only examine our interaction with eternity from the human viewpoint. From that aspect the most enduring characteristic of the human animal is impermanence.

Everyone born onto this planet, from the beginning of humankind until approximately 120 years ago have one thing in common, they have all died. And everyone currently scurrying about the surface of this big blue rock will eventually join them.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that while we are here we have choices. We can choose to be a force for good or we can choose evil. We can choose love or espouse hate. We can be happy and at peace or constantly quarreling and at war, one with the other.

Most who are reading these words are residents of the United States of America, a deeply divided nation. While we can only exert control over a tiny sliver of the events that will shape the history of this country we must never lose sight of the fact that we are all heirs to the collective choices made by our ancestors over many millennia and that the choices we make today will similarly shape the lives of those we leave behind.

A cursory examination of the history of mankind would indicate that at no time has our species ever been universally at peace. One might conclude that it just isn’t in our “nature” to get along with each other. I choose not to believe that to be true.

I do believe that there are no complicated answer to any of life’s problems, only complicated reasons to avoid the simple answers that are available. I believe in the truth of Occam’s Razor, that the simplest solution is usually the best solution.

I believe that it is way past time for us to teach our children that hate is not a family value, greed is not good, accusation is not guilt and that we are our brother’s keeper. An old Native American adage reminds us that everyone lives downstream from someone. While we cannot always control what our upstream neighbor does to us, we can control what we do to those living downstream. This is true both in space and in time.

We choose to live in an organized society. For such a society to function politics becomes a necessary evil. All political systems are composed of leaders and followers. In our system we have the opportunity to choose our leaders. While that is admirable it is also where the system seems to break down most often.

In order to have a better political system we must elect better people to office. In order to select better candidates we must first become better voters, that is to say, more informed voters. Apathetic or low information voters will destroy any democratic society.

While we cannot control where this journey aboard Starship Earth will take us, we can control the environment in which we choose to live during the trip and we can control the character and effectiveness of those we choose to give the power to steer the events that shape our individual lives.

Since we cannot jump ship we had darn well better make certain that only the best, brightest, most honest and most ethical ever gain and hold the awesome power that is entrusted to our leaders. 2022 will soon be here, be prepared.

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