Today’s date is March 22, 2021. The headline in the Houston Chronicle reads, “Another migrant surge building at the border.” Four months ago the Southern border was closed, migrants seeking asylum were forced to remain in Mexico while their claims were being investigated and the drug cartels south of the border were being controlled to an unprecedented extent. Now those drug cartels are in control of the border. Not my words but those of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico. By his own admission he can no longer control the cartels. What a difference four months can make.

In just the past few days China has openly insulted our diplomats during a meeting in Alaska and Iran has threatened harm to the Army’s vice chief of staff and has discussed plans to blow up Ft. McNair in Washington D.C.. In a rapid turn of events America has come to be perceived as weak and is the laughing stock of the world. Four months, and a Presidential election has made quite a difference in our nation.

The humor is gone, the comedians have all exited stage left and the haters have replaced them. The late night shows and that god-father of comedy, Saturday Night Live, no longer offer up the deep belly laughs they were famous for. Dark political “comedy routines” have replaced the writing of those comic geniuses whose work used to hold sway on the evening TV tubes.

I realize that those who engage with WordPress prefer a lighter fare. This is a site better known for pleasant anecdotes, poetry and floral images. I too would prefer to consume from that dish but the times have changed. We have serious problems, life changing problems, and each of us must decide whether we keep our heads in the sand and merely hope that things will improve or do we seriously discuss how to make a difference.

The unpleasant truth is that the oligarchs have taken over the federal government. We can blame the Democrats, we can blame the Republicans but neither approach goes to the root cause of the problem. Deep State, The Establishment, Big Tech, The Oligarchy, Socialists, Communists, RINO’s Tree Huggers, whatever label you like, it’s all rhetoric.

The problem is that there exists a loose affiliation of disparate interests who have as their only point in common a desire to see the American system of governance fail. There is no need for a conspiracy, each branch of the Destroy America Tree will follow the same path out of self interest. That path is to control the narrative by controlling the media. Jeff Bezos didn’t buy the Washington Post because he liked the smell of printer’s ink.

Another truth is that we had the closest thing possible to an effective President in Donald J. Trump. Just compare the events of today with those of four months ago. The media as a monolithic structure was told to destroy him and they succeeded in creating a hydra-headed monster of misinformation. It should be obvious by now that no amount of hating Trump is going to put this country back on a path to prosperity. That will require an honest government free from outside interference by those interested in shredding the Constitution.

You can’t hate away the pandemic but you can claim that the simple act of calling covid “The China Virus” is powerful enough to gin up hatred for all Asians. You can say that uttering the words, “peacefully assemble to make our voices heard,” is sufficient to start an insurrection but you can’t hate the man enough to cause the current administration to pull down the razor wire surrounding the Capitol and send the National Guard home.

It may be that we have already burned the final bridge, that it is too late to wrest the reins of government from the hands of the special interests. Money talks and politicians generally listen. All one needs to do is examine the revolving door between government and the K Street lobbying industry to understand how deeply in the pocket of the special interests all of government has volunteered itself to be.

I realize that I am a voice crying in the wilderness. My greatest hope is that perhaps my words will inspire one person, that individual who has an idea of how to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire and mold it closer to the ideal of the America we used to have and that he or she will step up to the podium and become another voice crying in the wilderness and that this might be repeated until we make a noise that cannot be ignored.

And then I would like to go back to posting excerpts from my poetry books.

If you got this far, thank you for reading and please consider adding your voice to the search for viable answers. America needs you.

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The term “slavery” has been coopted by the left and their captive news media to refer solely to persons of African descent who were held in captivity and under conditions of forced labor from the early 1600’s until 1865. The Civil War gave freedom to 3,900,000 such individuals and the 13th and 14th amendments sought to codify the rights of those given freedom and to prevent anyone from ever being so abused in the United States into the future. It must be noted that it took another 100 years to force the Democratic Party to allow for the passage of civil rights laws to insure the rights granted at the close of the Civil War.

Today persons held in captivity or in involuntary servitude are no longer called slaves, the term having been replaced by “Human Trafficking,” a distinction without a difference.

According to the best information available there are some 25-30 million people held around the world in conditions called slavery or human trafficking, your choice. The United States has an estimated 400,000 people meeting this description.

The media’s response to the tragic events in Georgia concerning the vicious murders in three massage parlors was the impetus for this post. Although the perpetrator stated that his motive was to eliminate the temptation that led him to participate in activities that, while contrary to his desire to be a good Christian, fed his self-diagnosed sexual addiction. He blamed the workers at the massage parlors for his sick thought patterns.

Despite hearing what the killer stated as his motivation, the media immediately described the murders as hate crimes against Asians, caused by ex President Donald Trump’s insistence on calling Covid-19 “The China Virus.” The pathology of Trump-phobia aside, this incident has opened an opportunity for a national discussion on the tragic circumstances of human trafficking. Such a discussion is even more timely now that the Southern border has been opened and tens of thousands of people are flooding in, among them a great many who are victims of human trafficking and who will eventually end up in involuntary servitude and sex slavery.

While the victims number in the hundreds of thousands, prosecutions and convictions are only in the high hundreds to low one thousands. This is an intolerable situation. The reason for so little law enforcement is variously given as cloudy jurisdiction and a mish-mash of conflicting laws, local and federal. I would add the interference of highly placed special interests who greatly profit from the status quo.

Most of us have, at one time or another, read or heard a report of a local crime that took place in a “known crack house,” or “a known brothel.” The question is never asked, if the location was so known, why was it allowed to operate?

That massage parlors offer sexual services or that a great many people are engaged in forced labor in sweat shops comes as no surprise. What should be surprising is why the majority of citizens in this great country do not care?

There are many organizations, easily found by a web search, which are dedicated to addressing the problem of human trafficking but they do not have the benefit of law. Several Federal agencies claim jurisdiction and pontificate about their efforts but those efforts seem to be confined to issuing self-aggrandizing reports. Local law enforcement seems to be equally impotent.

Human trafficking, slavery, whatever the term, the conversation is long overdue and we need to demand effective laws and effective law enforcement. The time is long past for slavery under any name to be eradicated from the planet.

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President Barrack Obama’s wing man, Rahm Emmanuel, is credited with coining the phrase, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Actually the first usage of those words goes back to sixteenth century writer Niccolo Machiavelli who said, “Never waste the opportunity of a good crisis.” British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was also quoted expressing that same political advice during the Second World War.

We are now witnessing the unusual confluence of a crisis riding a crisis. The current administration wasted no time in undoing all the good work done at the Southern border by the previous administration and once again we have massive caravans of illegal immigrants swarming across into our country.

As has been widely reported, a number of these new arrivals have been taken into custody, tested for Covid-19, found to be positive and then released into the country. Given all the effort put into containing and defeating the virus, such a catch and release policy would seem to be counter productive. But if your goal is to perpetuate the crisis it makes perfect sense. The new arrivals will become super spreaders and the crisis will be maintained.

The pandemic was used to great effect by the Democrat party in winning the previous election but many Democrats and their supporters in the establishment are quite worried about retaining their power through the 2022 elections. Covid served them well in the past and they would expect it to be as effective in the future. Unfortunately for their goals medical science is lessening the incidence of covid and removing it as a valid reason to completely relax all controls on elections.

It isn’t surprising that the Democrats and the establishment would perpetuate the covid crisis but the unanswered question is where is Dr. Fauci? Our virologist in chief is strangely and eerily silent on the subject of those covid positive immigrants, amongst a sea of untested brethren, surging into the country. He has nothing to say, not even a warning to America to keep a distance from anyone who might be one of the new arrivals from across the Southern border. Is there a profit motive for him or simply a reluctance to see the spotlights turned off as he is told to exit stage left?

The open border crisis has provided a way to perpetuate the Covid-19 crisis and the left is taking full advantage of this gift from the administration. The big loser is the American way of life and all of those patriotic citizens who have who have labored, fought and sacrificed to make this the greatest nation on earth. May God bless America, she needs it now more than ever.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will be at peace”
Bob Marley

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The conversation about reparations to the descendants of African slaves in America is one that most people who desire unity would rather avoid. The subject cannot be parsed in any way that will avoid division. But it also seems that given the current power structure in the federal government it is a conversation that will be had.

It has been said that when you open a can of worms it will always require a much larger can to get them contained again. That will be true in the subject of reparations. As to who gets, the easy answer is anyone who descended from someone who was held as a slave in the United States. Who gives would be anyone whose non slave ancestors were living in the United States prior to 1865. Simple, right?

But what of the descendants of William Ellison, Jr., one of some 171 black slave owners in South Carolina at the time? He was born a slave and as a young man apprenticed to a cotton gin maker. He made improvements on the design of the cotton gin and was paid for his work. Eventually he saved enough to buy his freedom and went on to become quite wealthy and then bought the freedom of his wife and children. Mr. Ellison became a plantation owner and operated it with slave labor, placing himself on both sides of the reparations debate. Do his descendants get or do they give?

Kamala Harris, our current Vice President and perhaps the most successful anchor baby in the history of the fourteenth amendment, is herself a descendant of a slave owner. In her direct line of ancestry is one Hamilton Brown, a Jamaican and the founder of Brown’s Town. He was also the largest slave owner of his time. If reparations are voted on in the Senate and the vote is tied will she have to recuse herself?

The original attempt at paying reparations was made by General William T. Sherman. He issued Field Order 15 which set aside 400,000 acres of land that had been confiscated from Southern land owners to be given to freed slaves in 40 acre parcels. The former slaves were also to receive one government surplus mule per parcel of land for as long as the supply of animals lasted. Given that at the end of the Civil War there were an estimated 3.9 million freed slaves, this attempt at reparations was woefully inadequate. An equal distribution would have required 3.9 million mules and 156 million acres or 243,750 square miles, a land mass nearly equal to the size of the State of Texas.

The entire exercise became moot with the assassination of President Lincoln. Field Order 15 was rescinded and the land returned to its original owners.

Returning to the here and now, who gets, who gives? Obviously anyone whose family was not in the United States at the end of the Civil War cannot be involved. That would also seem to eliminate using money from general tax revenues to pay reparations. Those later arrivals would not share in the liability of the slave holders and so their taxes should be exempt. And If one’s ancestors included both slaves and slave owners would that not constitute conditions that cancelled each other?

Perhaps we should just abandon the entire reparations argument and simply admit that the best form or reparations has already been given to us. It’s called “Opportunity Zones.” The Federal program that will bring investment, new businesses and jobs into the nation’s underserved communities, without regard to ethnicity or any other characteristic that seeks to divide us as a people, would best serve anyone who feels that he or she has been held back as a result of having descended from African slaves while at the same time improving conditions for all Americans.

Opportunity zones are not only color blind and unifying but also go a long way to fulfilling the dream promised but not delivered by Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

Solution, expand on Opportunity Zones and call them “Reparations Plus.”

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There is indeed a civil war raging in our country. The opposing forces are good and evil, love pitted against hate.

Make no mistake, we are engaged in an existential battle for the soul of America and the forces of hate have the upper hand. The opposing sides are classically described as Democrat and Republican but that is merely an over simplification. In truth each side is completely bipartisan, drawing members from both sides of the political aisles. The prize, mutually sought, is power, pure and simple.

Elections won, without regard to the methods employed in the winning, have consequences. As it currently stands a befuddled Commander in Chief can, with the stroke of a pen, remove the barriers that have prevented a flood of illegal border crossings but his signature alone will not place the horde of immigrants at the border. To move such a mass, an overwhelming tide of humanity, requires funding and logistics and you may rest assured that those planning the routes and footing the bills are not doing so out of love for either the country or for those people they are abetting. They are fueled by a hatred of everything America stands for.

Those who are members of the caravans are not to be hated, they are victims deluded into thinking that merely crossing an imaginary line will magically transport them into a life of comfort and wealth. They are innocent pawns being used in an attempt to achieve political dominance into perpetuity. They are to be pitied because their innocence will soon be stripped away, replaced by the pain of harsh reality.

The Reverend Martin Luther King, dreamed of an America in which people would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. His message was one of love. Those who speak of an America ruled by systemic racism are coming from a place of hatred. Systemic racism, were it to exist, would not allow a twice elected black President, a black female Vice President, a Stacey Abrams. an Oprah Winfrey and a virtual galaxy of other black super stars in all walks of life. If America is trying to be systemically racist it has failed miserably at doing so.

But the narrative of systemic racism is vital to the haters in charge. It is a tool to control those they wish to keep “in their place” by convincing them that someone with less melanin is controlling their lives and no, they who are controlling are not coming from a place of love.

Consider the things that have been done or are being attempted in the first short months of the new administration and ask yourself how many benefit America or her people. Among them we have the green new deal, a war on Christians and Jews, biological men competing in women’s sports, postpartum abortions, open borders, masses of unvetted aliens being promised a path to citizenship, the end of energy independence, support for domestic terrorists, the neutering of our court system, defunding the police, an attempt to cancel both the first and second amendments, a cancel culture dedicated to erasing American history, the removal of all meaningful controls on elections and the destruction of the American middle class.

We could go on detailing the entrenched hatred for all things American embodied in the actions of the current administration and those in the so-called elite who are pulling their strings but it isn’t necessary. The truth will be evident when the results of their programs are compared to that which actually would’ve been good for the American people as a whole.

For those at the top of the pyramid hatred itself is a tool. Their motivating force is greed, greed for power and wealth and the American ideal stands in their way. They don’t hate America per se, they hate that playing by the rules set up under our Constitution is a road block to their ambition and so that very Constitution, those ideals that define America, must be destroyed.

Edmund Burke, in a letter to Thomas Mercer wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The letter, which was decrying political apathy, ended with, “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

When choosing to adopt love or hate as a tactic hate is the easier of the two. Love requires effort, empathy, understanding and a desire to place the mutual good foremost. Hate merely needs an ability to communicate to others that all their woes are the fault of someone else and that the responsibility for solving life’s problems belongs to those others.

Followers naturally gravitate toward those showing them love. Haters must propagandize, recruit from the ranks of the disenchanted and promote a general victim mentality in order to swell their ranks. The more self-identified victims created the greater the power of the haters.

If we all refuse to accept the stigma of victimhood love will triumph.

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From the time Joe Biden received the nomination to run for President there has been a wall built around him. The leaders of his party believed, or at least hoped, that they could shield him from the public to the extent that his obvious mental decline would not be noticed, would just be considered “Joe being Joe, gaffe prone as always.”

While America becomes the laughing stock of the world one reporter, Cory Bernardi in Australia, has dared to speak of the unspeakable and by calling out Biden’s dementia has provided the first chink in the wall. You can be certain that others will soon follow suit.

The rumblings are already here. A newly elected President typically calls the leaders of some 80 nations. Apparently Biden’s handlers do not trust him to talk one on one with other world leaders and so the task of making those calls has been delegated to the Vice President. And now there is open talk of taking the nuclear codes away from our Commander in Chief.

Much damage has already been done in the Democrat party’s headlong rush, not to legislate but to consolidate its power before they are forced to take decisive action to replace President Biden.

The marathon executive orders and the intimidation of the Supreme Court will have lasting effects on this country. In the case of the SCOTUS, the precedent set by them channeling their collective Blanche Dubois (A Streetcar Named Desire), saying “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” is mind boggling. When knuckling under to the threats of the Democrats to pack the court, they are ignoring the fact that while they, the Court, are supposed to be the arbiters of the law, the Democrats are strangers to the law and will not hesitate to bend it to their will.

By choosing an obviously impaired candidate the Democrats have placed themselves squarely between a rock and a hard place. They realize that soon they will have to make a move to permanently sideline the president and there are two avenues to accomplish the task, impeachment and the 25th amendment. While either of these would be easy to implement, both have their drawbacks.

Hunter Biden has supplied ample evidence, now in the possession of the FBI and Justice Department, to present a case for high crimes and misdemeanors but to take this route will necessarily create collateral damage within the deep state. Whatever crimes were allegedly committed by the Biden’s did not take place in a political vacuum.

The 25th amendment remedy would keep the entire procedure within the walls and involve only insiders. The downside in taking this route is that dementia is not like a stroke or heart attack, it doesn’t happen suddenly. No one would be able to make the argument that Joe Biden was perfectly competent when signing all those executive orders but overnight he succumbed to cognitive decline. The lawsuits to overturn everything he has done would clog the courts.

The toothpaste is out of the tube, how the establishment acts to put it back in will be discussed in political science classes far into the future. Fasten your seatbelts folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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You have probably heard it said many times before, “How do you know they’re lying? Their lips are moving.

If you watched the latest congressional fantasy show, “Impeaching a President, The Sequel,” you saw that doggerel in action. From gavel to gavel, each time a piece of impeachment evidence was debunked the accusers moved on as if having presented false evidence really didn’t matter. It is yet to be discovered why Mrs. Pelosi, et al, ignored the intelligence they received several days before the Capitol riot and prohibited the presence of added police or the national guard. Their lips were moving throughout the entire proceeding but very little of the truth sprang forth.

When the charade ended Mitch McConnell, the on again, off again chief swamp dweller said in a threatening manner, “it isn’t over for Trump yet.” Probably the truest statement to be heard.

Over a week ago it was reported that some 80 national leaders were still waiting for an expected call from our new President. Today we learn that Vice President Harris has started making those calls. Could it be that President Biden is too tired out from the marathon executive orders signing or was ex President Barrack Obama revealing a truth during an interview after leaving office.

When asked if he wished that he could be elected for a third term he said, “no, what I would like is to be able to have some guy, someone that I could control, elected and have a speaker in his ear so that I could tell him what to say and do.” That would answer a lot of questions, from the make up of the cabinet to the rush to overturn everything done by Trump. Fearing that a scheme like that would eventually be discovered, time would be of the essence.

Impeachments and possible election fraud aside, the biggest story of the century is the pandemic. You would think that here would be a subject where only the truth would be told to the public. Enter Dr. Fauci, a career swamp dweller, 40 years on the job. Somewhere along the way he discovered that being a virologist for the U.S. government would be a heck of a lot more lucrative and less labor intensive than laboring away in some obscure university laboratory. From all published sources, that decision has worked out very well for him but that doesn’t alter the fact that he hasn’t been able to pick a line of reasoning and explanation of what exactly is going on with this pandemic and then stick to it. He has been on all sides of the issue, both pro and con, since it began. But, then, he works for the government so there is no requirement to find the truth and hang with it.

Riots are peaceful protests. Looting is a form of free speech. Police departments are universally racist and need to be defunded. When an administration changes to the other party all criminal investigations begun by the previous administration are spurious and should be consigned to an Orwellian memory hole. Mainstream media is the watchdog of truth and social media the fairest arbiter of free speech. Gender has no connection to biology therefore biological men, identifying as female, have every right to compete in women’s sports. Marijuana shops and liquor stores are essential businesses, churches are not. Railroad tanker cars, barreling across the landscape, are a safer way to move oil than is a buried pipeline and no, the fact that the trains are owned by political donors never entered into the equation.

In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” we learned that words mean whatever we say they mean, no more, no less. Nowhere has this lesson be more universally applied than in the Washington Swamp.

We could go on, and on, and on until the eyes glazed but a more interesting exercise might be to explore those times when we are certain that we were being told the truth…

No, I can’t think of any either. And that’s a wrap.

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That title is a simple question but one that would make sense only in our modern era. In the past, from the time news was carried primarily by the print media, and into the age of radio, the news was a serious business, meant to convey information that would inform the opinions of its recipients, or spur them to action. This changed with the development of television.

An excellent book on this subject, “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” written by Neil Postman and published in 1985, provides an in depth history of the development of the news industry from colonial times until the mid nineteen-eighties. This work was done long before the digital age took over as the main source for what today passes as news.

The consumers of digitally presented material are notoriously short on patience and generally lack the attention span to foster any in deep dive into the exploration of current news topics. As a result facts no longer matter. We as a nation are now too willing to accept whatever we are told, wring it dry of any amusement value and then move on to the next hot topic.

Allow me to present few examples. During the recent “insurrection” at the Capitol a young lady was tragically killed. The scene was captured in its entirety by surveillance cameras, from several angles. The footage shows her being coaxed to illegally climb through a window while a different angle presents the shooter, weapon drawn and aimed. She enters the room through the window, empty handed and is shot at point blank with no warning shout from the shooter. He is later portrayed as a police officer but following the incident there was no mention of the standard officer involved shooing protocols having been followed. The news cycle played out and the attention span of the public merely shifted to the subject of the next cycle.

We have just completed a peaceful transition of Presidential power following an election which is held to be fraudulent by fully half of the country. Perhaps we will never know the truth but certain aspects are indisputable. That no resolution of the dispute is likely merely emphasizes my statement that facts no longer matter. For instance, the 133 million registered voters somehow cast 159 million votes. Fact checkers have attempted to conflate the issue by juxtaposing the votes cast with the number of eligible voters, overlooking the inconvenient fact that not all eligible voters are registered.

Putting all that aside, the best proof for there having been a massive fraud perpetrated is the simple fact that the current administration, having a vested interest in gaining the trust of the American people in order to pursue its stated goal restoring unity, would naturally want to prove its legitimacy. Given that several hundred people, eye witnesses to what they claimed were irregularities, have issued sworn statements under penalty of perjury, it would seem a simple matter for the administration to bring these people to court and test the accuracy, or lack thereof, of their statements. A few convictions would probably convince any others having issued false statements to recant. That the administration seems to have no interest in demonstrating its legitimacy is both curious and telling.

Another news subject of major but fleeting interest is the story of the discovery of a very large international ring of pedophiles. The ring leader apparently organized the entire operation as a means of providing people with the opportunity to engage in sex with minors and then recording them engaged in the illegal sexual activity for the purpose of blackmailing them. It was reported that he became fabulously wealthy in this endeavor before being arrested and incarcerated. At the time of his arrest federal law enforcement managed to seize the evidence that he had amassed during his career and this evidence was taken into custody. The ring leader subsequently died under mysterious circumstances while in custody and those charged with keeping and protecting him while awaiting trial dismissed the incident with, “nothing to see here.” The unanswered question is where are the investigations of the people shown on the video evidence that was confiscated during the arrest of the ring leader? That evidence is factual but facts no longer matter. The amusement value ran its course and we moved on to the next thing.

We could easily explore hundreds of such examples but that would serve only to belabor the point. The news presented in this current era, while fact based, no longer provides the depth required to spur people to action. Five minute sound bites of some remote tragedy read by a smiling commentator and followed by commercial images of happy people doing happy things is what now passes for news coverage.

We are no longer given anything to take seriously, it’s all theater, smoke and mirrors, while the invisible hands behind the curtain manipulate the world for their own purposes.

The question should be will we collectively wake up and realize that facts do matter, that the world of engineered entertainment is akin to Nero’s bread and circuses, meant to keep us amused to the point that we won’t care what “they” are doing to consolidate power and strip us of liberty?

The future belongs to those who will engage in shaping it and all others have no right to complain when they realize that the final uncontested shove has taken them over and into the abyss.

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America has gambling in its DNA. We will bet on just about anything, legal and otherwise. Racing horses, with or without sulkies, dogs chasing mechanical rabbits, dogs fighting other dogs, battling chickens, battling humans, cars going very fast while making all left turns, ad infinitum. A comprehensive list of every activity that will attract oddsmakers and folks willing to risk money in hope of increasing their fortunes would fill many volumes.

Recently I did a search for the odds being offered on the chances of our current president being reelected in 2024, thinking that there would not be much interest in the subject. I was surprised to see how much information presented itself.

Long story short, the smart money is heavily against JoeBiden facing impeachment and the odds against his reelection at the time I visited those sites was somewhere around 1000 to 1 but surprisingly, the odds were also heavily against the president finishing his first term.

The bookies are betting against impeachment but in favor of a truncated term. This is interesting but doesn’t offer any indication of their thinking as to why Mr. Biden would not finish his term, given that impeachment is being ruled out.

The most obvious alternative to impeachment would be application of the 25th amendment. And in many ways that makes sense. Impeachment would be extremely messy, involving a great many other players from the establishment and airing a lot of dirty laundry. The 25th amendment, by comparison, would be quick and clean. That difference would be attractive to oddsmakers.

There are many variables to consider before placing your bets. Removing the President by any means would give us President Kamala Harris and whispers have it that Biden’s handlers are having buyer’s remorse for having selected her as Vice. That might mean the odds would shift toward allowing Biden to continue his Mortimer Snerd impression so long as he cooperates with his Edgar Bergen (Okay, an ancient reference but worth looking up).

We must also consider the danger in allowing the gaffe prone President to meet one on one with other world leaders. No teleprompter, no ear buds, no control over what might come out during a “senior moment.” This must give pause to his handlers and really throw a bunch of incontrollable factors into handicapping the odds.

Still, when the odds settle down I might be tempted to risk a buck or two just for the heck of it.

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Those were the words uttered by Hillary Clinton when asked about details of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Lybia in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed. That entire fiasco is now a closed case even though many aspects are still shrouded in mystery.

There was even a short-lived conspiracy theory floating which held that the raid was actually a pre-staged attack with the purpose of the ambassador being taken hostage and later traded for the release of Omar Abdul Rahman, the Blind Sheikh. Such was the reason, as the story goes, that rescuers were told to stand down but the plot went south when the two CIA assets disobeyed the stand down orders.

My aim here is not to rehash the Benghazi incident but, rather, to go to a greater truth, the existence or non existence of truth itself.

It is well known that a person taking a polygraph test will pass if he or she believes what they are saying is true, regardless of the factual value of what they are saying. The takeaway here is that truth can be relative depending on one’s belief system.

But does it go deeper than that? Joseph Goebbels famously said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, people will eventually believe it.”

Usually omitted is the rest of his statement, “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by the extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

It is irrefutable that we have entered into an era in which relaxed accuracy standards are the new norm. Nothing can be taken on face value and fact checking is a growth industry. The Kennedy assassination is still debated as if more information awaits discovery. 9-11 has its “Truthers,” and we now have a country evenly divided over a presidential election.

Lies and politics are conjoined twins, sharing one brain and one nervous system and in a two party system such as ours the challenge is to convince enough people on the other side that our lies hold more value for the country than theirs, giving them a reason to switch sides.

Unfortunately we have abandoned most, if not all, of the elements that guarantee an expectation of truth, such things as ethics, morals, a sense of fair play, devotion to duty and any commitment to actually keeping the promises implied by an oath of office.

What is missing but sorely needed is an Absolute Truth, one not based on the perceptions of one side or the other but one accepted as immutable by all sides.

There are 535 members in the combined houses of Congress, 9 Supreme Court justices, 1 President, 1 Vice President and thousands of people in appointed offices. I challenge you to name ten that you would trust with the safety and well being of your family.

The burning question is have we traveled so far down the pathway of mendacity that we have passed the point of no return? Can we ever again live in a nation guided by concepts other than the supreme authority of man having replaced the founders belief in a nation guided by the moral codes of a Supreme Being.

The United States of America is a sick land. We are a place where gender is decided not by biology but by whim. Where abortion, including postpartum abortion, is legal. Where pedophilia is being normalized. We allow criminals to profit from their crimes depending on their status. The governance of the country has devolved to a game of who can steal, cheat and lie the most effectively and the players are not limited to any one political party, it is an equal opportunity game.

If we collectively don’t get “woke” from being “woke” the sickness will become a terminal illness, an incurable virus of the soul.

We must turn back to Praying for America and away from Preying on America.

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