Those were the words uttered by Hillary Clinton when asked about details of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Lybia in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed. That entire fiasco is now a closed case even though many aspects are still shrouded in mystery.

There was even a short-lived conspiracy theory floating which held that the raid was actually a pre-staged attack with the purpose of the ambassador being taken hostage and later traded for the release of Omar Abdul Rahman, the Blind Sheikh. Such was the reason, as the story goes, that rescuers were told to stand down but the plot went south when the two CIA assets disobeyed the stand down orders.

My aim here is not to rehash the Benghazi incident but, rather, to go to a greater truth, the existence or non existence of truth itself.

It is well known that a person taking a polygraph test will pass if he or she believes what they are saying is true, regardless of the factual value of what they are saying. The takeaway here is that truth can be relative depending on one’s belief system.

But does it go deeper than that? Joseph Goebbels famously said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, people will eventually believe it.”

Usually omitted is the rest of his statement, “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by the extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

It is irrefutable that we have entered into an era in which relaxed accuracy standards are the new norm. Nothing can be taken on face value and fact checking is a growth industry. The Kennedy assassination is still debated as if more information awaits discovery. 9-11 has its “Truthers,” and we now have a country evenly divided over a presidential election.

Lies and politics are conjoined twins, sharing one brain and one nervous system and in a two party system such as ours the challenge is to convince enough people on the other side that our lies hold more value for the country than theirs, giving them a reason to switch sides.

Unfortunately we have abandoned most, if not all, of the elements that guarantee an expectation of truth, such things as ethics, morals, a sense of fair play, devotion to duty and any commitment to actually keeping the promises implied by an oath of office.

What is missing but sorely needed is an Absolute Truth, one not based on the perceptions of one side or the other but one accepted as immutable by all sides.

There are 535 members in the combined houses of Congress, 9 Supreme Court justices, 1 President, 1 Vice President and thousands of people in appointed offices. I challenge you to name ten that you would trust with the safety and well being of your family.

The burning question is have we traveled so far down the pathway of mendacity that we have passed the point of no return? Can we ever again live in a nation guided by concepts other than the supreme authority of man having replaced the founders belief in a nation guided by the moral codes of a Supreme Being.

The United States of America is a sick land. We are a place where gender is decided not by biology but by whim. Where abortion, including postpartum abortion, is legal. Where pedophilia is being normalized. We allow criminals to profit from their crimes depending on their status. The governance of the country has devolved to a game of who can steal, cheat and lie the most effectively and the players are not limited to any one political party, it is an equal opportunity game.

If we collectively don’t get “woke” from being “woke” the sickness will become a terminal illness, an incurable virus of the soul.

We must turn back to Praying for America and away from Preying on America.

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Life consists of stages and as we transit each we find that our worldview and the methods used to cope with the relentless march of time changes with each new stage.

Over the past few years the wife and I have been thinking about folks who were once important in our lives, those who have moved away, and using the magic of the digital age we tried to connect with some of them. What we found, with increasing regularity, instead of viable contact information, were obituaries.

One common feature of each of these terminal announcements is that they contain two dates and a dash. It occurred to me that those dates are fairly irrelevant, it’s the dash that matters. The dates convey a time period and the relative brevity or longevity of each individual’s lifespan. Ah, but in that mysterious dash resides all the interesting stuff. The dates will give an indication of what limitations might have been placed on a person’s ability participate in life based on the technology and medical science of their day, as compared to what we think of as modern times. Beyond that they are of little practical use.

I was asked to say a few words at my mother’s funeral a few years ago and I concentrated on speaking about her dash, limiting my remarks to the attention span of her fellow congregates at St. Helen’s Catholic Church. It opened with, “At age 16 she was the prettiest girl in her high school class and just before her 20th birthday she was a divorced mother of two, struggling to find a place for herself and her two little charges in a strange new city.” I went on to describe a lifetime of smashing glass ceilings which culminated for her in a very happy retirement.

The dates, 1917-2012, did nothing to tell her story. That was hidden in the dash. Thus it ever was and thus it will always be.

We each have that first date carved in stone, the second is still shrouded in perhaps, but we are living in the dash. We are the architects of the dash. Today and tomorrow form the matrix upon which we construct our dash. Someday someone will be tasked with writing those obituaries describing the dashes we leave behind. The way that we will be remembered then depends on the choices we are making now.

If your dash were to be set to paper today what would it say? Would you be pleased with it? If not, now is the only time you will ever have for an edit and a rewrite.

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It has been said that every conspiracy theory must have a golden thread of truth running through it in order for the theory to be accepted and believed. That statement has always appeared to be valid until now.

For the last few months I have been trying to discern the golden thread that would underlie this nation’s very real headlong rush toward oblivion. What possible link could there be between a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires, tech oligarchs, the vast majority of media outlets, federal judges, state legislators, federal officials both elected and appointed and several foreign governments.

For the golden thread of truth theory to hold up in a conspiracy to steal a national presidential election there has to be something to link all the above named entities.

The more I pondered this question the deeper I plunged into the rabbit hole. For the millionaires, billionaires and oligarchs pure greed would suffice as an explanation for a common goal. An America acting for its self interests would limit the ability of the international players to further enrich themselves. The media thrives on ratings and viewership or readers to attract advertisers, so again it’s greed.

But what of the courts? Judges with lifetime appointments don’t profit from their rulings. Something other than greed would have to motivate them to violate their oaths of office, if such they did, when refusing to admit evidence of wrong doing in the election. Ideology alone is a thin broth to nourish judicial misconduct.

State legislators would have to have willingly abandoned their constitutional duty to set the rules governing the elections in their states. To allow unauthorized entities to govern the elections is a clear violation of the oaths taken by those legislators. Where is the golden thread to link them to the billionaires or oligarchs?

An untold number of election workers, in many states, would have to have knowingly committed criminal offenses in order to facilitate fraudulent votes counts. Why no widespread fear of detection and criminal prosecution? Could the mere hatred of a sitting president be strong enough to drive such a massive effort to remove him from office?

I can easily understand Nancy Pelosi as the Red Queen, running through the halls of Congress screaming, “off with his head.” Or Schumer and McConnell playing the Walrus and the Carpenter, leading their fat oyster constituents toward the feast.

But, in as much as the oysters become the feast, what could drive half the country to accept a self-destructive stolen election?

And yet, even without a golden thread to unite the conspiracy, a mountain of untried evidence was amassed, dismissed by the courts without any scrutiny, and anyone who questioned the validity of the election was in turn scrutinized as a traitor to the country.

Lacking the golden thread, the only evidence of a conspiracy to steal the election is to be found in the words of President Joe Biden, “we have put together the most massive election fraud in history.”

And rather than a conspiracy perhaps what we have is a confluence of complimentary goals driven by the self interest of many disparate individuals, aided by public rage engendered by a media questing after ratings without regard to journalistic standards and ethics.

In the final analysis I suppose it really doesn’t matter. The winners don’t care how they win, those who abetted them grab their temporary prizes and as for our nation, well history shows that nations come and nations go. Sic semper Terris.

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To paraphrase an old saw, “The beatings will continue until unity occurs.”

Republicans have never been known for any collective sense of bravery under fire. We’ve always been the party that will apply the rule of action based on thick or thin, that is when things start getting thick we tend to thin out.

I will now attempt to shotgun pattern my way through a few examples.

It seems that the Democrats are about to set a trap for themselves. There is talk of charging certain individuals for the crime of contesting the recent election. Never known for subtlety or the ability to recognize when it’s time to let go, they are making noises like they are going to actually charge some folks and also to introduce the subject during the pseudo impeachment trial. Hey dummies, you won because the elections were never contested in a public forum. All so called court victories were on procedural grounds, never on merit. So go ahead, give the objectors the ability to actually present evidence in a venue that will air it before a nationwide audience and see how that works out for you. Can you say constitutional crisis?

While on the subject of the recent election, let’s look at the vote count. The most frequent numbers being bandied about by those protesting the results are 133 million registered voters, 159 million votes cast. Reuters sought to “fact check” and debunk those numbers by stating that there are 239 million eligible voters in the United States.

I don’t doubt that number but would like to point out that it is irrelevant to the question at hand. To be an eligible voter you need only be 18 years old or older, a citizen, not be currently incarcerated and in some jurisdictions not have a felony conviction. To be registered voter you must go a step farther and, well, register to vote. 239 million eligible voters does not equate to 239 million registered voters. Apples and oranges.

President Joe Biden, in his now famous Freudian slip said, “we have put together the most massive election fraud in history.” The game should have been over right then but the Republicans all chuckled and said, “Joe being Joe.”

Our side took the same attitude when the swing state legislatures surrendered their constitution duties and allowed non-authorized entities to dictate election rules. The Republican attitude, “they shouldn’t be allowed to do that.”

Perhaps the most egregious example of cowardice was exhibited by the Supreme Court in its dismissal of the lawsuit filed by Texas and 17 other states. Justices Alito and Thomas agreed that the suit should be heard while the other 7 justices agreed to rule that that Texas and the other states had no standing bring the suit.

It has been reported that the 9 Supremes had a heated argument over whether or not to hear the case. One of them pointed out the precedence set by Bush V.Gore to which Chief Justice Roberts angrily replied, “I don’t give a f..k about Bush V. Gore, we didn’t have riots then.

Think about that, if true, and no one from the court came forward to dispute the reporting, that action can be characterized no other way than as cowardice. The Constitution is clear, only the Supreme Court has jurisdiction in suits between states. To rule that Texas had no standing is say that there exists no possibility for Texas to have its day in court, anywhere in the known universe. That is simply justice denied. And to adopt the stance that the citizens of Texas and of the other 17 states were not injured is to ignore the fact that allowing a theft of votes in any state in a national election affects the votes in each of the other states. The constitutional duty could not be clearer nor can the effect of diluting the vote total of the rest of the country.

Having said the above, the thing that makes the Supreme Court decision truly reprehensible is the reason for taking the stance they did, fear of mob activity. A very important constitutional ruling was sidestepped because the members of the highest court in the land were afraid for their personal safety. Antifa and BLM trumped the constitution of the United States of America.

Let’s briefly visit the Capitol riot. This extremely unpleasant event has led to the second impeachment of President Trump. But the thing that stands out most in my mind is the tragic end of Ms. Ashli Babbit. By all accounts she was egged on to climb through the window and into the path of an already drawn and aimed weapon.

First reports were that she was shot by a peace officer. In memory, every time there is an officer involved shooting the officer is identified, placed on leave and the incident investigated. Who urged her to go through the window and who was the shooter, weapon drawn and aimed, waiting for a victim to enter through that window? There doesn’t seem to be any official curiosity.

Without any attempt to litigate the election in this space, the question comes down to where are the 75 million who voted for President Trump? I believe that massive numbers would turn out for a Trump rally held anywhere in the country. But attending rallies, while a great show of support, are not effective in making change.

Change occurs via legislative action. Legislative action requires the participation of legislators. If we want to stir action in the state houses and the congress should there not be 75 million voices talking to those people we have hired to carry out our will in the halls of government? Should not the people we place in office not be apprised of the fact that if they do not begin taking meaningful steps to reclaim the sanctity of the election process they will be replaced?

Perhaps the words from a song by Don McLean should be addressed to the Republican Party writ large: “When the gates are all down and the signals are flashing, the whistle is screaming in vain and you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts, no, you can’t blame the wreck on the train.”

We have experienced a national train wreck and we seem to have embraced complacency as an appropriate response. Quiet acceptance will not root out the charlatans and quislings, too many of whom call themselves Republicans while actually the title “swamp. dweller” would be a better fit.

If you care about the future of this nation, if you believe that the Constitution still matters, then I implore you, let your voices be heard. In the words of the former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, “all politics is local.” This is a crucial concept. The world of politics stretches from the office of the local dog catcher all the way to the Presidency of the United States.

Each step is important to the overall process and we should not allow any office to be held by a person willing to abandon the oath of office, the duty to the constitution or who will display cowardice, moral or physical, in the face of perceived danger. In this present time one party has weaponized street thuggery in order to intimidate and coerce action from the other side. The sad part is that it is working.

Allowing a bully to win will not improve the character of the bully.

We each have one voice, one vote, one Constitution and one country. Keeping and protecting the latter two depends on our judicious use of the first two.

The battle for the soul of America is ours to win but in order to do so we must engage and in the spirit of Tip O’Neill the battle must start at the local level and work its way to the very top of the political food chain.

We must let our voices be heard and we need all pray that somehow, some meaningful remnant of this great nation will survive the present debacle and be nurtured back to greatness.

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We have a new president. It is no secret that I supported the outgoing administration but it is also true that during the past four years, and through all past administrations I have been vocal about the need for an active loyal opposition. Every administrative and legislative body can benefit from debate and the presentation of opposing views.

I have also been an advocate for respecting the office of the presidency, without regard to who is occupying it at any given time. Although I did not support the current president, I will always respect the office.

The above having been said, I would like to ask my friends, members of my family and those Americans in general who support the policies of the incoming administrative and legislative branches to explain how the ordinary American citizen will benefit from that large stack of executive orders signed by President Biden on day one.

How will the minority communities and all low wage American citizens benefit from open borders and the hordes of caravan members now streaming toward our country and soon to be competing for the dwindling supply of jobs.?

What effect will thousands of potentially covid infected immigrants have on the effort to contain the virus in this country?

How will cancelling the Keystone pipeline aid in improving the environment? Aside from the immediate and egregious loss of 11000 jobs, the fact is that the oil will not disappear. Rather than it being moved in an environmentally safe manner, it will return to being shipped by rail tank car and tanker trucks. The trains and trucks are major polluters and the incidence of accidents when using moving vehicles is increased exponentially. It would seem that the only winners in this scenario are the owners and operators of the surface transportation companies.

Returning to the Paris Accords puts many American industries at a competitive disadvantage while adding nothing to the pollution fight. For many years American companies have been at the forefront of the battle for clean water and clean air. On the other hand China, an “emerging” nation will be able to continue polluting for decades to come.

We could pick apart each of the 17 executive orders and ask of each, how does this benefit the American citizen? As the loyal opposition it would be our duty to enter into dialogue with the administration and discuss those concerns of that half of the country that did not support the current administration. Unfortunately that dialogue will never take place.

The mainstream media, social media outlets, congressional leaders, bureaucrats, lobbyists, the courts, billionaire oligarchs and many others are all united in their determination to silence all conservative thought and expression. How, then, can a loyal opposition form and express its views when its voice is silenced?

In just a very few days it has become obvious that when President Biden says that job one is to unify the country he actually means it is to bring unity to the opposing sides within his own party while totally dismissing the concerns of the other half of the country. That is the definition of a totalitarian regime.

At the present time the loyal opposition is not only toothless, it is leaderless and unwanted by the administration in power. The leaders of the conservative side must get a clue, grow a spine and organize a peaceful pushback against this idea of having a single party government.

There is a lot of work to be done if this nation is to be pulled back from the brink and it won’t be done by those in Washington who are pushing us, lemming like, toward the abyss.

As citizens we must engage with those conservative voices in leadership positions and demand that they tell we, the people, how to be effective in fighting back against this headlong rush to make America a de facto third world nation.

The left may not listen to us when we whisper, they will if we roar.

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We are facing a crisis in these United States of America. It is not a Democrat crisis, it is not a Republican crisis nor is it a crisis of recent origin. We are faced with a crisis in ethics, morality and spirituality and this crisis has been growing in strength and magnitude for well over a century.

During a lecture series delivered in London, England, in 1896, Swami Vivekananda said, “the nation that abandons chastity will not survive.” A simple statement based on his Yoga beliefs. A simple statement but one that carries a profound truth not only for America but for all the developed nations of the world.

The USA as we know it today has traveled very far from the vision of the founding fathers. The original European settlers on this continent were fleeing religious persecution, not religion itself. Spirituality and a firm belief in a Supreme Being were so engrained in their daily lives that they could not imagine a world in which morals and ethics, dictated by God, would be absent.

As to our founding fathers, quoting Benjamin Franklin, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

And John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

If John Adams is correct then the Constitution of the United States is wholly inadequate for governing the 21st century America. This nation has been tossing morals and ethics to the wayside for many decades and seems hell bent on eliminating any official recognition of decency and respect as being necessary for promoting the common good of its citizens or enforcing the notion of equal justice for all.

I have lived long enough to have witnessed a sea-change in the nation’s approach to morality. During the mid nineteen-fifties, in my hometown, a city that had at the time three daily newspapers, there once were banner headlines in each of the newspapers, all with slight variations saying, “Teens Found Dead in Love Nest.” The stories explained that a pair of high school students had somehow “managed to rent an apartment” and were killed accidentally by a gas leak in a space heater. This event, which was discussed for weeks, would probably not rate more than paragraph, buried deep within any of today’s newspapers. Sexually active teenagers has become the norm.

Sex Ed in school back then consisted chiefly of lectures on the mortal dangers of sexually transmitted disease, and for the girls the importance of chastity and for the boys proper respect for girls. Today it’s placing condoms on cucumbers.

There are efforts afoot in America to normalize pedophilia. Until his death while in custody the reigning king of pedophiles was Jeffery Epstein. By all accounts he amassed a sizable fortune enticing fellow pedophiles into sexual relations with underage partners, recording the activities and then blackmailing his clients. The unanswered question though is, given that his records and the evidence he kept in order to facilitate his illicit income stream were all captured by law enforcement quite a few months ago, where are the charges and prosecutions of those who were on those tapes? Further, where is the outcry from an enraged public that their law enforcement communities would turn a blind eye to such heinous crimes. The silence is damning.

Although the 1st amendment to the Constitution was written to guarantee freedom of religion it is now interpreted as freedom from religion.

Currently the African American population stands at 13.4% compared to an estimated 14.1% in 1940. While other minority populations are rising it would seem that the African American is losing ground. Could that present a truth in the popular saying that the most dangerous place for a black baby is in it’s mother’s womb? Margaret Sanger seems to have won that round, even to the extent that we are now discussing the legality of postpartum abortion.

Corruption in our government, all levels, is epidemic and no longer even hidden. For a little light reading on that subject research Iran-Contra. A government that will “smuggle” drugs into it’s own country and distribute them to street gangs for resale cannot be other than corrupt. One name currently in the news, also involved in Iran-Contra, was AG William Barr. A CIA operative at the time, he took the code name
“Robert Johnson.” For those unfamiliar with blues music, Robert Johnson was a guitarist in the 1930’s who claimed to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his musical gifts. Was Mr. Barr signaling his opinion of the deal he made to engage in the spreading of drug poison to his fellow Americans?

I would submit that any person who enters political office, elected or appointed, at an early age, does nothing else for a career, creates no jobs, produces no product, has only a government salary to rely on, yet manages to amass a fortune, has to be suspect.

A comprehensive study of abandoned morals and ethics and the systemic corruption not only in government but also media, entertainment, education and business, would fill several large volumes. But for anyone interested in pursuing the subject the sources are readily available and are searchable with little effort. As stated above, the corruption and lack of ethics is now so widespread that the perpetrators, facing no repercussions, don’t bother to cover up their activities.

Al Capone, the famed gangster, leaving a courthouse where a judge had just ruled against him said, “it used to be that when you bought a judge the son of a bitch stayed bought.” Today Capone would probably be one of judges.

In conclusion I would like to visit another of our founders, Thomas Jefferson. “We in America do not have government by the majority, we have a government by the majority who participate. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

There are absolutes in goodness, kindness, morals and ethics. Our founding fathers referenced those absolutes in all they wrote when crafting the rules for governing the country. Those absolutes are more important today than ever before. We must return to the beliefs that guided us as a young nation struggling toward greatness, abandoned now by so many.

We each must ask ourselves, is this nation currently exhibiting the standard of ethics and morals that we hold for our families and ourselves. If the answer is no then remaining silent is not an option. Choose a venue and join the fight to reclaim the goodness of America.

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The American Whig party was formed in 1834 in opposition to President Andrew Jackson. They took their name from the British anti-monarchist party because they styled Jackson as “King Andrew the First.” The Whigs were a very powerful party during their short history. In contrast to the other party, the Democrats, the Whigs were anti-slavery. Not only were the Democrats pro-slavery, President Jackson owned 161 slaves.

The end for the party came when, in 1852, they nominated a very unpopular candidate, General Winfield Scott, and lost decisively, receiving only 42 electoral votes. The party never recovered and when they fielded their final candidate in 1856, they lost to Federalist Party candidate, James Buchanan.

The Whig party departed the scene of national politics and took their well deserved place in the dust bin of history.

Our highly controversial election in 2020 may well end with the same fate for the Old Guard Republicans. The Democrats and their allies in big tech and the main stream media, financed by billionaire oligarchs both in and out of America, are the authors of the voter fraud controversy and the fear of mob violence and the threat of personal retribution against anyone who might assist in discovering the truth about the election served to deny the Republican side any chance to air its concerns.

The clock ran out and Joe Biden will become President. That being said, the old guard Republicans will likely perish from a self-inflicted wound. The Supreme Court provided the weapon, VP Mike Pence loaded the weapon and pointed it at the collective head of the GOP and the Republican Senate pulled the trigger.

The consequences for failing to seek the truth rests squarely on the shoulders of the GOP. They acted as moral cowards, bowing to the mob rather than seeking to uphold the rule of law. Except for a mere handful of honest, brave men and women, the rest of those “Honorable Public Servants” do not deserve to hold their offices.

Under our system of justice the courts are the proper place to air grievances. By dismissing all cases, even those involving blatant disregard for the constitution, on procedural grounds, without examining a single shred of evidence, the courts, including the SCOTUS, violated their sacred oaths to uphold and defend the constitution and the rule of law.

By sealing the fate of Donald Trump’s attempts to shed light on the apparent theft of the presidency the Republican leadership failed to address the concerns of over 74 million voters, the very same voters that they depend on to remain in power.

Donald Trump started a movement. He is loved by millions of Americans and now the so called “Deep State,” aided by the Republican Party, have made him a martyr for his cause. The next election cycle will be open season on RINOs and the Old Guard Republicans will soon become roommates with the Whigs in that dust bin of history.

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We have a contested election in which fully half the country believes the President is a sore loser, needlessly prolonging the inevitable victory of Joe Biden, while the other half is convinced that the election was stolen by an unimaginably large and complex cast of conspirators.

The President’s defenders have amassed a virtual mountain of evidence consisting of hundreds of sworn witness affidavits, surveillance video showing illegal activity and the demonstrable fact that several state legislators were bypassed, contrary to the U.S. Constitution, in states where the election rules were changed by individuals who lacked the authority to do so.

A great many law suits were filed but not a one resulted in any court allowing the evidence to be presented, instead they were all dismissed on procedural grounds. Even the Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by the State of Texas on the grounds of lack of standing despite the fact that The Supreme Court is the only court in the land that has jurisdiction over suits involving state against state. It has been reported that Chief Justice Roberts declined to hear the case, not based on standing or merit but out of fear that there would be riots if the court actually did it’s duty.

This entire farce has been likened to Orwell’s “1984” or perhaps, “Animal Farm.” I would submit that it is really more akin to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

There is absolutely no defensible logic employed when, in the face of obvious violations of that once sacred document, our Constitution, the Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments because of a fear of riots. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself but I feel that it is tantamount to accepting mob rule. If the election was honest then for Heaven’s sake let it play out in the courts.

Hate Donald Trump, love Donald Trump. I don’t care. I served this country for ten years in the military. At each enlistment renewal I swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I believed in America then and still do today but if this fiasco is allowed to come to an end without any of the evidence ever being heard then that republic described by Franklin will truly be lost.

On the other hand, if the Democratic machine truly won the election why then the reluctance to allow any examination of the evidence? It would seem that both sides would agree that an honest look at the facts, presented in a court of law, would vindicate the winner’s stance no matter which side prevailed.

Instead we get Donald Trump portrayed as the Jabberwock, whiffling through the tulgey wood and Joe Biden as the beamish boy, armed with his vorpal sword.

Please do not read this as an attack of the former VP, rather it is a cry for light to be shone on those on both sides of the political spectrum who have massively profited from corruption while supposedly rendering service to the nation. They, and the vast army of like minded kleptocrats, the main stream media and the big tech oligarchs, all of whom seem to want this nation to contain only two classes, the wealthy ruling class and subservient peasants, grateful for the government handouts that will serve only to maintain them in poverty.

I do not want to live in a third world nation, controlled by an openly corrupt leadership class but if we do not demand that the truth be definitively determined to the satisfaction of both sides of the political division, if this election goes into the history books without a mutually satisfactory resolution, we will never regain honest governance.

The anti-Trump faction may very well slay it’s Jabberwock but the world of Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” will become our permanent reality.

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Following is a brief foray into history and a moral for our times.

In about the third decade of the current era, in the Middle East, the Jewish Nation was being ruled by the Roman Empire. The Jewish people waited longingly for the arrival of their prophesied Messiah, a military leader who would lift the yoke of Roman oppression from their necks. On the other hand, the Jewish leadership, in order to maintain their power, worked closely with the Romans.

At that time there appeared a charismatic rabbi preaching a new form of Judaism and his growing popularity was seen as a threat by the established religious hierarchy. In a relatively short period of time the leader of the new movement came to be seen as the coming of the promised Messiah. In order to counter this rapidly increasing sect the Jewish establishment colluded with Rome’s local governing body to eliminate the leader of the movement.

And so it was that Jesus was crucified, leaving his closest followers, his twelve apostles, to carry on the work. They spread out across the region, teaching the love, the death and the resurrection of Christ. They succeeded to the point that the Roman Empire itself began to feel threatened and launched an official persecution of the group, now identified as “Christians.”

Despite the effort to squelch the movement, Christianity continued to flourish and grow. At last, in the year 313, the emperor Constantine signed the Edict of Milan ending the persecution of Christians. While he did not, as is popularly believed, adopt Christianity as the state religion, his action did allow it to be practiced openly throughout the empire.

Constantine died in 337 and it was the Emperor Theodosius, in 380, who signed the Edict of Thessalonica making Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Fast forward to our time. The upstart religious sect that the Jews and the Romans set out to abolish through the destruction of one man has grown significantly. The mighty Roman Empire has long been in the dust bin of history, the Jewish population on the planet numbers some 14.6 million but the Christians have grown to 2.3 billion followers and are to be found in every corner of the world.

The history is religious, the moral is secular. When you set out to end a popular movement by destroying it’s leader, be very careful to not increase that leader’s appeal by making him a martyr for his cause.

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In the Bible, that book so revered by our founders that they based much of their philosophy upon it, it is written: (Matthew 23:27, RSV) (F)or you are like whitewashed tombs which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanliness, so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

Political thought is not generally well received on this platform but we are at a juncture in our country’s history where it is vital that every avenue of communication be used to shout “danger.” This is not a partisan issue, we are at a definite fork in the road and if we choose to follow the wrong path our journey into the future may well spell disaster for all, without regard to an individual’s political ideology.

For the first time in our history we have a putative president-elect who arrived at that position not through a rigorous campaign but, rather, was chosen by a diverse group consisting of politicians and appointed officials from both parties, the media, big pharma, big tech and oligarchs both domestic and foreign. His selection for the position was not so much an election as an anointing. The former Vice President was not selected for his strengths, he was chosen precisely because of his weaknesses.

Joe Biden and his family, as with the Obamas and the Clintons, have spent most of a lifetime in “public service.” While never creating a product or performing any memorable service, they have all managed to become very wealthy. This is not unique to the forenamed individuals, it is quite common among those in the so-called “Deep State.” The whitewashed tomb is an apt metaphor for Washington, D.C.

While corruption in government, to some degree, has been with us since the inception of the nation it has now reached a scale in which the perpetrators no longer bother to cover it up. Criminal activity, if investigated at all, is never prosecuted. Criminal charges are now reserved for punishing political rivals rather than enforcing justice.

Fully half of the country believe that the latest election was stolen and there is ample evidence to support that belief. Where is the bipartisan outcry to establish the truth?

The current president may or may not have a good case but the same forces that spent his entire term in office in an attempt to thwart his presidency and remove him from office are marshaled against any attempt to present his case or perform any meaningful audit of the suspected fraudulent activity during and after the election.

If there is no longer equal justice, if criminal activity can be carried out openly with no repercussion and if elections can be stolen blatantly, with tacit approval from the courts and from fully half the population of the nation then we, as a republic, are doomed to join the vast array of once great nations on the ash heap of history.

There are many, the members of that diverse group named above, who would welcome such an outcome, who are in fact actively engineering just such a future for America. And if we, the people, do not recognize what is happening, what we stand to lose and if we do not form an alliance of patriots to oppose the oligarchy and the Deep State then America is lost and deservedly so.

This is not a political issue, it is an existential battle for the soul of America, a question of whether or not this nation will be able to defeat and thereby survive the corruptocracy that has it in a stranglehold. There are only two sides to this fight and none of us are apart from the fray. To fight the good fight requires effort, to join in on the side of the corrupt you need only to not resist them.

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