Simply put, filters are devices, mechanisms or organisms designed to remove something from a moving stream. Our bodies have two major filters, the liver and the kidneys and their proper functioning is vital to our well being. Filters come in many shapes, sizes and technologies and can be found throughout our daily lives. Modern living would not be possible without them.

There are also filters that are not included in the description above. These are the filters that allow us to live peacefully and productively in a civil society.

Civil and criminal laws are designed to filter antisocial activity from the stream of human interaction. They function by creating the ability for society to impose unpleasant consequences, such as adult timeout, on those who would engage in unwanted behavior.

Apart from laws and statutes, human behavior can also be filtered by codes of morality and ethics. Historically these were codified by our religious affiliations and/or a desire to live in a system controlled by the mutual desire to receive fair play. Don’t cheat me and I won’t cheat you.

Honor systems, morality and codes of ethics work well to maintain peace, tranquility and equitable treatment for all as long as no more than a small minority are willing to operate outside its bounds, few enough that they can be easily identified and dealt with.

These filters are essential to maintaining a balanced, well functioning society because they guide the activities in directions that promote the general good of all. It falls apart when the aforementioned few, those motivated by greed and self interest, begin to multiply. There was a time when a million dollar deal could be sealed with a handshake. The sacred honor of those involved in the transaction was sufficient to insure the bargain. That time is long past. At some juncture a tipping point was reached when people who had no regard for morality or integrity, who placed no value the promises they made or the oaths they swore, came into power.

Those now wielding the true power in America are dedicated to the destruction of everything that made this nation the greatest on earth. The battle lines have been drawn and the weapons being used against the forces of good are many and varied. Among the poisons being introduced to overwhelm and neutralize our filters you find the cancel culture, Critical Race Theory, pornography being introduced into public school curriculum, Covid mandates, open borders, postpartum “abortions”, gender fluidity, increased availability of dangerous illegal drugs, inflation, sky rocketing energy prices and shortages, orchestrated civil unrest, rioting and looting at the slightest provocation and the list could go on but were this the total it would be dreadful enough.

Ideally we will put nostalgia aside and address the reality of where we are today. Criminality is rife within our government and law enforcement has been weaponized to punish those who oppose the power structure while at the same time hiding the misdeeds of its supporters, all the while being abetted by the judicial system writ large. We, the people, are commanded to ignore everything we’ve seen and believe only what they tell us. Oh, those lying’ eyes, they’ll mislead us every time.

This full frontal attack on the filters of society; morality, ethics, religion, patriotism, truth and justice, began as an attack on the adult population in an effort to control opinion and votes but now they are coming for our children. If you dare to stand up in opposition and be heard you will be branded a domestic terrorist by those who would remove the last vestiges of a once functioning system of societal filters. It is their goal to inject their poison into the American way of life and allow it to destroy all remaining barriers to their nefarious schemes.

We are all on the battlefield and win or lose, we will all feel the effects of this conflict. There is no middle ground, no compromise to be negotiated with those who would destroy all we stand for. Make no mistake, there are only two sides in this war and we must choose one and fight or sit on the sidelines and become collateral damage.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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