We have now added “Mass Formation Psychosis” to the lexicon of useful thought pictures when describing how and why the ubiquitous ‘they’ were ale to seize control of the pandemic and use it to usurp control across a wide spectrum of the world’s day to day activities.

In layman’s terms MFP refers to using psychological techniques to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of a large segment of a population and induce them to surrender freedoms that they would ordinarily be inclined to defend. I am reminded of a cartoon I saw in a magazine many years ago. It depicted a mob running down a street in an old western town, carrying clubs and a rope. One of the members of the mob was asking another, “This rotten, low down SOB we’re fixing to hang, what did he do?”

Mobs are that way and MFP is a major tool used to channel collective anger, mass hysteria or group fear. It may not be moral, it may not be ethical and it may not be pretty but sure is effective. Isn’t that right, Dr. Fauci? Thanks to the fear mongering efforts of a huge cross-discipline consortium of folks seeking to gain power and/or wealth at the expense of the world population at large we now have a pandemic that has billions of people ready to leap lemming like into the abyss without a single thought being given to how much of what ‘they’ are telling us might not be true and in many cases not even be logical.

The headline in today’s Houston Chronicle (Jan 5, 2022) reads, “Texas caught flat-footed as speedy omicron rages.” The accompanying article is fact filled and quite lengthy, chock full of scary statistics but for one glaring omission. There is not one reference to the death toll or for that matter any mention of a single individual having succumbed to the omicron variant. This same newspaper used to print a daily, county by county, death toll in its regular “coronavirus” section and now the deadliness of the disease is no longer newsworthy.

Viruses mutate. That is a plain and simple fact. Nature provides them with the ability to protect themselves by becoming more easily transmissible and far less deadly. This not only protects the host (us) but also allows the virus to survive. Omicron has simply done that which viruses are prone to do and it is time now for us to shift from prevention to therapeutics. Oh snap, can’t do that. There are still billions of dollars to be made with the so-called vaccines. Time for us to do our part for those gentle souls who have invested so much time and effort in getting us to this point in history. Keep the blinders on, get in line for your monthly jab and be sure to invite the kids to come along.

Back to question in the title block above, what to do when the fire starts to fizzle? The answer is simple. Fires need a constant supply of fuel and we all know what is fueling this particular pandemic fire. Dr. Fauci, it’s time for you to step up, play your part once again and throw some more lies on the fire.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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