In a recent interview by Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump was roundly (and deservedly) booed when he announced that he had taken the vaccine booster shot and advised others to do the same.

“45” attempted to dismiss the crowd’s reaction as “just a very few people.” No, Mr. President, it isn’t “just a very few people,” it is in fact a very large segment of your constituency. If you wish to have any political future, whether as a candidate or as a “king maker,” you had better get out in front of this one.

Even though your intentions were the best you were conned by Big Pharma, and under the guidance of Anthony Fauci, also by the CDC, NIH and FDA. Operation Warp Speed was a Trojan Horse and your so-called advisors were working in concert to get exactly what we have today, an America and a world locked by fear into fulfilling their quest for power and for profit. Do not be like a leader in ancient Troy, watching the Greeks sack the city as you try to save face by insisting that the big wooden horse was actually a benevolent gift.

For proof you need look no further than the reaction to the Omicron variant. This mutation of the original China virus is a good thing. Following nature’s rules for viruses it has mutated to a more rapidly spreading but virtually harmless variant. As a virus it is perfectly happy to have changed into a form that will allow it to inhabit a large number of hosts but not endanger its own survival by killing its hosts. Disregarding the temporary discomfort felt by those who contract Omicron, symptoms easily controlled by therapeutics, it’s a win-win for all who wish for the pandemic to end.

But it is a losing proposition for those who are profiting from the original Covid-19 virus, Big Pharma, Big Government, and all those who have the right connections to know when and where to invest. The only win for them would be a continuation of the “virus panic” into perpetuity, which is why we have such intensive push back against old proven therapies and the near manic level of misinformation about the vaccines and the true level of concern we should have for Omicron.

Mr. Trump, with all due respect, you are in danger of being stripped of your savvy New York born and bred businessman persona. In your career you have dealt with city, state and federal officials, contractors, union bosses, Mafia capos and in more recent years the worst of all, Hollywood movers and shakers. Yet none of your experience prepared you to deal with the evil denizens of the Washington Swamp. Your all too genuine zeal to defeat the China virus proved to be an Achilles Heel. With the skill born of their combined centuries of devious dealings they managed to dupe you into thinking that they were not only on your side but also had the answer to killing the monster.

But they have inadvertently handed you the victory. The Biden administration has laid claim to the responsibility to control the virus as well as taking credit for the vaccines. Both of these elements are rapidly falling apart as the truth leaks out. Your enemy is sowing seeds of its own destruction, leave them to it. Take the high ground, rely on the science, the virus has mutated to a less deadly form and can be controlled by therapeutics. Those are the facts. For all practical purposes its over and all the rest is political theater. Embrace the truth. To our liberal friends the truth is like water was to the Wicked Witch of the West in the Land of Oz, pour it on them and they melt away.

For you, Mr. Trump, this is your “mea culpa” moment. Stand up and admit that you’ve been had. Not one of us is innocent of that mistake, of having been victimized in some way, baited by a promise of help in solving some dilemma that was especially vexing. Americans are not only understanding, we are also very forgiving. All we want at this point is for the bleeding to stop. Fulfilling that goal is entirely in your lane but you need to own your mistake and then tell us what you will do, given the chance, to fix the situation.

Any military strategist will tell you that there are hills worth dying on but this vaccine fiasco is not one of them.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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