OMG, Omicron has been loosed upon the world, whatever can we do? Only one fall back position is left to us, when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

How much longer can this go on? When will even the most avid (or clueless) Kool Aid imbiber have to finally admit that they are being lied to and accept that the agenda being pursued by those in charge of this pandemic has not been designed to improve the lives of the American citizens nor to increase our ability to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Hard to believe I know, but I am not a scientist, physician or even an overrated, overpaid government virologist. I am nothing more than an ordinary superannuated citizen with decades of life experience and a modicum of common sense. And the most frightening thing for those who are perpetuating this virus scare is the citizen willing to say slow down, let’s apply common sense to what we know and freely admit the truth of what we don’t know.

To begin at the beginning, we know that Covid-19 is a designer virus. When sequenced by credible, capable virologists it was discovered to be a combination of the SARS virus and another, unrelated virus known to suppress the human immune system. And then this Frankenstein killer disease was was loosed upon the world population. How and why will be debated for many years to come but the undeniable fact is it was released upon an unsuspecting planet and needed to be swiftly dealt with and that’s where all semblance of agreement ceases.

Absent a viable vaccine the sensible approach would have been to begin with existing therapeutics and immediately test their effectiveness on this virus. Early on there was a map circulating online. It showed all the continents in black with the location and density of occurrence of the virus shown in white. All developed nations had large concentrations of white, most third world nations had smaller diseased areas which tracked local population density. The only noticeable outlier was Sub Saharan Africa. That part of the map was totally black until you reached Zimbabwe and South. An explanatory note with the map held that the anomaly was due to that area containing a population routinely treated for malaria who seemed to have some natural immunity to the virus. The commonly used anti-malarial was Hydroxychloroquine and that map seems to have disappeared.

We are told to wear masks even though the holes that allow air flow through the masks are on average three times larger than the virus. My dog is about one foot wide and I’m pretty sure that a three foot wide opening the fence would not impede his movement.

A fact about viruses from a common sense standpoint. You probably learned in biology class that the first law of nature for all life is self preservation. All life forms have natural instinct for survival. This applies to viruses as well. Viruses are parasitic, they depend on a host for their survival and it is therefore in their interest to not kill their host. Viruses have the ability to mutate in order to achieve symbiosis with the host. This means that through the process of mutation they become less deadly as they increase their ability to spread among the host population. Read the stats on Omicron and you will see that it follows that mutation pattern exactly. But our government and the health authorities would have us believe the opposite to be true without regard to what the facts indicate. They want us to be scared, confused and then act appropriately. To do otherwise would be unpatriotic. The question is why? What is the motivation for keeping us in the dark, fearful and reliant on vaccines that are now shown to be ineffective against the emerging variants?

I had two jabs, suffered frightening reactions to the second dose and those same reactions recurred spontaneously four months later. My doctor said he could not give a reason for this because there was no data to base it on but that I needed to take the booster anyway. How very scientific, Doc.

We are told that we must follow the dictates of the government and our health officials for the good of the country. To resist would be unpatriotic. If we question edicts being issued that on the surface seem to be running contrary to common sense we are accused of all sorts of crimes against humanity. Show reluctance to having a chemical cocktail, with no track record to support its use, injected into our five year old children and we become “domestic terrorists” subject to scrutiny by the Justice Department. It has become a borderline crime in some parts of America to refuse to endanger the futures of our children, a group statistically at no risk of being harmed by the virus, by putting something into their bodies that might alter their normal growth and no one can offer data to alleviate that fear.

In the Viet Nam War era there was a saying, “war is good for business, invest your kids.” A modern version of that might be, “Vaccines are the greatest cash cows ever for Big Pharma and for those in government supported by Big Pharma. Whether effective or not it’s your patriotic duty to get the jab of the month.”

Fear is the biggest hammer in their toolbox and our government is investing an extremely large amount of time, effort and tax payer revenue into this effort to frighten all of us into ovine like compliance with their decrees, dictates and mandates. The bottom line is that, given the extreme pressure being brought to bear in this unprecedented fear mongering campaign, using your common sense is a big no-no.

Simply stated, if you ain’t scared, you ain’t patriotic.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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  1. VA Frazier says:

    I agree with you, that the information being put out is smooth as scrambled eggs, and confusion is the word du jour.

  2. As I mentioned in an earlier post, “If You Can’t Lie No Better,” the most annoying aspect to me is that they don’t even bother to craft plausible misinformation. It’s like, “tell the fools anything, they’ll believe it.” And they do.

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