I look to Lewis Carroll as the guiding spirit of our current events. Nothing could be more “Alice in Wonderland” bizarre than the whole Covid-19 pandemic narrative. Could anyone possibly draft a concise through story, from inception to the present date, for this virus, its true origins and the fight to stop it? I have followed its progress diligently and have been thoroughly confused listening to the same voices giving contradictory information while insisting that each version of their “facts” was to be believed at the time of telling even though they directly negated that which had been told before as fact and in the next telling would be resurrected as fact one more. And this from the smartest people in the room.

I am not anti-vax, just anti-mendacity. As a heart attack survivor I consulted my cardiologist before getting the shots. At his urging I made the appointments and was fully vaccinated, two jabs, before they moved the goal posts. The first shot was uneventful, the second left me with a scary, multi-symptom reaction that lasted 27 hours. One of the symptoms, the most frightening one, returned spontaneously a few months later and was so intense that I called 911. My cardiologist admitted that he had no way of even guessing why I had the reaction but insisted that I should still take the booster shot. Uh, no thanks.

When it came to the disease, the vaccines and the reactions, my expert simply did not know. And that seems to be the biggest problem, no one really knows but “expert” advice is everywhere, with each stated fact from one source being contradicted by an equally weighted fact from a different source.

It is not necessary to delve into nefarious conspiracy theories concerning genocide and depopulation schemes, what we do know is disconcerting enough. A casual observer viewing the dynamics of the origins of the disease and the battle to stop it would probably conclude that this entire three steps forward, two steps back approach is being shaped by people working to achieve several conflicting agendas simultaneously.

There is no disputing that the virus was manmade, created in a lab in China, partially funded by the U.S. government. What is in question is why was it done and on that subject there is no consensus.

Understanding this virus and the response to it is similar to working a jigsaw puzzle in which two or more puzzles have been mixed together and in trying to assemble the puzzle we find that the pieces will never fit together to form any one image.

The FDA, CDC and NIH are three agencies tasked with protecting the health of our nation. The casual observer, viewing actions taken by these agencies, would note certain patterns. While these agencies are domestic entities their influence is worldwide and their preferred response to the pandemic is almost 100% reliant on newly minted vaccines. Meanwhile Big Pharma is raking in billions due in large part to the aforementioned agencies efforts to discourage and often prevent known treatments from being prescribed. The same treatments that are, coincidently, not patent protected by Big Pharma.

The revolving door between government and those industries it regulates and legislates on is well known. Whenever an elected or appointed official leaves office to take a position in some company doing business with the government or being regulated by it you can be certain the position had been discussed for some time prior to that person leaving government employ. Is it a coincidence that the last three directors of the FDA moved to Pfizer? Do you suppose that any of them, anticipating their future employment, would ever oppose anything Pfizer wanted to have happen?

It’s my opinion that the recent shifting of attention toward treatment and away from vaccine has triggered the “need” for booster shots, vaccine passport requirements and lowering the age for vaccine candidates. Children are at no risk, statistically it’s 0% and their bodies are still developing in many critical ways. No one can point to a shred of data showing what effects the vaccines will have on five year olds as they mature and the results will not become apparent for a decade or more.

I have six grandchildren in the newly authorized vaccine eligible group. I would be extremely reluctant to see them being used as lab rats just to increase the coffers of Big Pharma or to insure the ability of government officials to parlay their time in office into cushy private industry positions.

Again, not anti-vax, just anti-mendacity.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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