(conspiracy theory de jour, slightly tongue in cheek)

The enemy is large and in charge and time is running out. Each day we hear talk about the attempt of an out of control government to take over the country and turn it into some sort of socialist dystopia. The reason for this effort is usually given as some form of an insidious plot by a cabal of the elite to gain complete control of America and run the nation for their own exclusive benefit.

As with most conspiracy theories, this one misses the mark but like most conspiracy theories it does have a golden thread of truth running though it. The ubiquitous “they” actually is attempting to take control of the nation and yes, they are doing so in the name of socialism, communism, American Marxism or some permutation of those isms. And that is where the accuracy of the charges ends. Their true end game is totally different, infinitely more insidious and has been, is and will remain well hidden until it becomes a fait accompli.

The cold, hard truth is that a term to adequately describe the ideology threatening this republic has yet to be coined. It is a hydra-headed monster, consisting of several often opposing viewpoints, all bent on devouring a different portion of our democratic republic while one head of the monster has no idea what another head is noshing on.

We are facing a veritable panoply of crises, all occurring at the same time and each requiring a different level and type of counter action, effectively diluting any organized pushback. We have been treated to a blitzkrieg of orchestrated political malfeasance and it would be bad enough if the motive for releasing this horror actually was a desire to convert the country into a Marxist hellhole. But such is not true and acceptance of that rational is only to penetrate a few layers deep while the core remains much deeper, and being unidentified cannot be confronted.

During the course of the last 10 months we have all heard the same question concerning the several debacles that have been constructed and mandated by this government and its minions. That simple question is,”why?” The answers have been wide ranging and varied; Control, power, wealth, equity, gender neutrality, no restrictions on sexual activity, no moral authorities, and so forth.

None of the answers are sufficient when taken singly and many are mutually exclusive. The one underlying truth is that if this current exercise in governance is taken to its logical conclusion the only predictable ending will be a planned anarchy. Reasonable people would counter this statement with, “but no one, no group, would want anarchy, would they?” After all the concept of controlled anarchy is itself a contradiction in terms.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, that is the only logical conclusion for what the end game actually is. We seem to be engaged in some sort of mad Malthusian fantasy in which the population of the planet must be reduced to a manageable number and then brought under one world government, without borders. Seven and a half billion people is a population too large to manage and those surplus people need to be eliminated. Unrestricted anarchy appears to be the method chosen to accomplish the culling process.

The United States, being the most powerful nation, is the obvious starting point. Destroy America and the rest of the planet will fall like dominos.

In order for the plot to succeed it is necessary to control the thought processes that inform the perceptions of the people, given that our perception is our reality. Those pulling the strings are not concerned with winning the hearts of the people, only their minds. Soviet style reeducation camps are not option due to the logistics involved, so the course chosen years ago, and ongoing since, involved taking control of education, beginning with the universities, then the media and the developing social media platforms. An incessant cacophony of misinformation and propaganda has gone a long way toward shaping the thinking of Americans so that they have become increasingly ignorant of what their government was doing. With a sufficient number of minds controlled the time became ripe to launch and all out attack on the countries’ institutions, which is what we see all around us today.

You may reject this thought with screams of “hyperbole” but have you ridden a NYC subway lately, taken a stroll through San Francisco or L.A., toured the burned out sections of Minneapolis or booked a two-day, three night weekend in Portland, in the shadow of Mt. Hood?

The migrant caravans did not result from organic growth nor did the airlift of tens of thousand “refugees” from Afghanistan, unvetted and without medical screening, to a city near you. Billions in private funding went to facilitate these and the other atrocities being visited upon our land, many with government collusion. Does anyone care to ask why?

Defund the police and other first responders, decriminalize so called petty crimes, call Chicagoland gang shootouts “mutual armed conflict” and not a police matter, refuse to prosecute rioters and looters, shut down as many small businesses as possible and financially reward people for not working. Is there anything being done by our government that does not promote anarchy?

For me the mystery is why there are so many intelligent, successful people on board with this program. Can they really believe that they will survive intact and be able to pick up the pieces and mold things back into a workable society? If our societal infrastructure and the system of free market capitalism are destroyed there will be no base from which to rebuild.

As just one example of fuzzy thinking by an intelligent person, Mazie Hirono, Senator from Hawaii, supported the elimination of fossil fuels. It’s Hawaii. Airplanes don’t fly on electricity and three thousand miles is a long way to paddle a dugout canoe.

America has already embarked on the pathway toward anarchy. If it isn’t stopped then the economic model of the entire planet will soon collapse. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be standing in the unemployment line. People fighting in the streets will not be operating power plants, or collecting garbage, unless it’s to eat. If cooler heads don’t prevail and somehow reverse this situation the deconstructionists will win. And then what?

Okay, this might all be just a tad over the top but I challenge anyone to construct a different theory, one that will clearly and logically explain the mess we are in.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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