This title was borrowed from a song by American singer-songwriter Delbert McClinton. The lyric completed is, “if you can’t lie no better than that you might as well tell the truth.”

Folks, we are being lied to on a daily basis. An example is the government’s talking point that the inflation currently picking our pockets results from pent up demand caused by covid lockdowns, the same excuse being bandied about to explain the massive armada of container ships lying offshore, unable to dock and be unloaded.

We are told that the that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a carefully planned, well executed exodus that brought honorable closure to America’s longest lasting war. No matter that the enemy we invested so much blood and treasure in fighting gained complete control of the country through our surrender as well as a fortune in arms and munitions while we cavalierly abandoned a number of our citizens and allies to the Taliban’s tender mercies. According to the administration and its four-star political hacks anyone doubting the success of the 20 year exercise in futility and its supposedly triumphant ending just doesn’t understand military logistics.

Homeland security assures us that our Southern border is sealed, no one is getting through, while also telling us that massive numbers of those they claim are not getting through are being deported. A reality check for those charged with sharing administration talking points with the general public, flying people from Texas to Westchester County, NY, is not exactly the same as deportation.

Anyone seeing the heavily armed cartel members in armored vehicles patrolling our Southern border with impunity might conclude that we have a control problem in that region. However, if you attempt to make that case you are told that you are either witnessing a mirage or are caught up in a conservative fever dream.

Does anyone else wonder about the financial genius displayed by so many of our elected officials. As a case in point, how did Joe Biden, as a young senator, manage to purchase the DuPont mansion? Or, for that matter, how was Biden able to enrich his entire family, a group of folks who had only their family ties from which to generate profit. Many in government dismiss such matters with, “it’s only politics, everybody does it.”

Dare we ask why “evil doers” are only to be found on the conservative side of the aisle? It seems that highly placed, well connected individuals who support the progressive agenda are allowed to transgress the law with no fear of consequences.

We are being lied to and, were that not bad enough, the liars are not really putting any effort into concealing the fact that they are not being truthful. We are not being given well crafted narratives, carefully worded to convince the world that cooler heads are in control and doing every positive thing possible to govern America for the benefit of her citizens and for the general wellbeing of the planet. The lies are so transparent that the truth is totally visible behind them. The attitude of the fabulists spinning these untruths is, “we’re in charge and there isn’t one damned thing you can do about it.”

Speaking only for myself, I would prefer they stop the inane lies and simply state their obvious truth. This country is in the clutches of those who hate America and who are dedicated to her destruction. And they are fully aware that we, the people in opposition to their plans are powerless to stop them, fettered as we are by an almost universal reluctance to get involved in the fray.

Somehow we have reached an Orwellian point in our nation’s history where truth and lies have become indistinguishable from each other. There once was a time when the planet was flat, and a time when our solar system revolved around the earth. Science will correctly tell us that no such era actually existed although for all practical purposes it did. The belief in a flat earth and terra centric solar system were all that people knew and there was no frame of reference by which to dispute common knowledge. Thus usable truth will always be limited by knowledge.

Nicholas Copernicus was the first to to propose a heliocentric system. He and later Galileo Galilei both published books describing the heliocentric nature of the solar system. Copernicus was censured, but not during his lifetime however Galileo was tried by the Inquisition and convicted of heresy. An example of power controlling truth.

In describing the malleability of truth, the late, great John C. Lilly, physician, philosopher and pyschonaut, wrote, “that which we believe to be true either is true or it becomes true.” We are witnessing the veracity of that statement on a daily basis as official lies smother the truth, cancelling fact with talking points and propaganda.

On a positive note, cracks are beginning to appear in the fortress walls of the progressives. Parents objecting to bigoted and salacious material being shoveled into the minds of their kids are starting to push back against teacher’s unions and school boards. On the health front, as more and more damning evidence about the true origins and management of the pandemic emerges there is a growing resistance to the politicalization and monetizing of Covid-19. Can an actual application of equal justice be far behind?

In my opinion the progressives grossly overplayed their hand. Far too much, far too soon. The sheer enormity of their audacious overreach is causing more and more Americans, of all political stripes, to question whether there is any wisdom or truth extant in those who currently govern the country.

Or could it be that I am merely succumbing to the seductive lure of hope over experience?

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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