The Swamp AKA The Deep State. The Swamp is many things to many people. For the Main Stream Media it is a fictitious construct by the conservative movement, created to cover up for political shortcomings and the inability to admit that “Orange Man Bad” and accept that Joe Biden’s election was completely honest and aboveboard. For the Progressive Left The Swamp is a source of funding, support and a tool for bringing about their leadership’s goal to “fundamentally change America.”

Far too many among the Conservative Right view The Swamp as a unified, organized entity with shared goals, acting as a single body to end our current political system of government by, for and of the people, a government defined and constrained by the Constitution. The description of their end game is accurate but the make up of The Swamp is something totally different.

The Swamp is not partisan, it is made up of people from both major parties and many others who are apolitical. It would be more accurate to compare The Swamp to the Taliban, a group made up of separate tribes, often at war with each other, come together to achieve a single goal albeit for different reasons. The Taliban are engaged in a holy war, The Swamp is all about concentrating power in the hands of the elite, eliminating the middle class and controlling all others. In either case the quest defines the movement.

The Swamp, in one form or another, has been with us since the inception of this nation. It started when certain individuals, acting out of greed and a lust for power, began to seize upon opportunities presented by the inexperience of the newly formed government to accrue wealth and power for themselves. In the early days such actions tended to be small and localized, easy to conceal during the growth spurts of a nation. Over the decades these activities grew larger, more organized and have now metastasized far beyond the halls of government. Today’s Swamp has a presence in every aspect of life. You see its tentacles in education, news reporting, entertainment, the social media, religion, national intelligence, the military, law enforcement, the judicial, ad infinitum. The truth is that we would be hard pressed to name any area of life not influenced by The Swamp. They are no longer the tail occasionally wagging the dog, they have become the dog itself.

In the eight months of the Biden administration this country has undergone massive negative changes. We went from energy independence to a renewed reliance on the Middle East and from having controlled borders with orderly immigration to allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants, many carrying deadly diseases, to illegally surge into the country. We ended America’s longest war by surrendering to the enemy while arming them with billions of dollars worth of sophisticated military equipment. We stranded thousands of our citizens behind enemy lines at great peril to their lives and are now discussing rewarding that enemy with foreign aid.

In true Swampy fashion we aided the Chinese Communist Party in creating a deadly virus which was then spread across the globe, resulting in millions of deaths. And then, just as the tide was turning on containing the disease we chose to allow tens of thousands of Covid infected illegal border crossers to fan out across the country in order to facilitate the spread of the virus.

The list could go on and on but the point to be taken is that the people who are controlling this explosion of woeful events are not stupid. They are experienced government officials, both elected and appointed, they are high ranking military officers, scientists, diplomats, engineers, seasoned news reporters. The only logical take away is that if the debacles we are witnessing have resulted from the actions of such a highly experienced and intelligent gathering of minds then what we so cavalierly call mistakes and poor judgment have actually been purposefully created. As our 44th President said during the days leading up to his inauguration, “We are just six days away from fundamentally changing America.”

Ask yourself, do you want to live in a country that has only two economic classes, the very wealthy and the very poor? Would you actually prefer to be governed by an unelected elite that controls every aspect of your life? That is the goal of The Swamp and we are only one election cycle away from that horror becoming our reality.

When asked what the founders had given us Ben Franklin replied, “a republic, if you can keep it.” Never has our ability to keep this republic been more in doubt.

Just as the U.S. Army surrendered in Afghanistan we can surrender to The Swamp. We need only accept the proposition that we are helpless and then do nothing. For the time being America still has the semblance of a government of, by and for the people. If we do not collectively step up to the plate and use the power of the people it will soon be taken from us forever.

America needs her patriots, America needs you.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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