This will not be a scholastic approach to the subject of socialism. There will be no charts, economic data points or political histories. What I intend is a quick glimpse into the structure of American Socialism, based on observance and common sense.

Contrary to propaganda from those political elites who espouse the adoption of socialism as the panacea for all of America’s supposed woes, socialism is not a groundswell movement driven by the masses. American Socialism is a movement of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. The average American would never vote for such a debacle and would certainly not want to live under its dictates.

The folks who would replace our Democratic Republic with a socialist form of government often use some form of the motto first used during the in the French Revolution, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.” A success on the part of our socialists would eliminate the liberte and fraternite but would insure egalite for the greater part of our population, equality of misery and poverty.

Look not to the Soviet Union, but to Tsarist Russia for a more accurate predictor of what American Socialism would look like. Prior to 1917 Russia had only two classes of people, the Tsar and his elites, and everyone else. The upper classes ruled with an iron fist, the general population had no rights under the law and in fact, rather than being citizens were more akin to being chattel, property of the Tsar.

In a Democratic Republic the bulk of the power is concentrated in the middle class. The wealthy acquire and maintain their wealth by efficiently servicing the wants and needs of that middle class. The smaller lower class, those of lesser means through circumstances beyond their control, have their needs met either by government assistance or by the intervention of private support organizations. Liberty and Fraternity for all is based on Equality of opportunity.

Our American Socialists view democracy as an obstacle to their dream of a two class society dominated by the elite(themselves) and supported by the labor of everyone else (us). To accomplish their ideal Utopia the first objective is to render elections meaningless. Can’t have the rabble deciding who should be running the country.

Another speed bump on the road to control by our would be socialists are those pesky borders. In their view commerce and labor supply should flow freely around the globe with the elite puppet masters able to decide how, when and where to achieve their goals without government interference.

Our current system of governance has a long and deeply rooted history and will be difficult to completely uproot. Since government will remain a necessary evil for the elite, the solution is to control elections so that they remove the public from the equation and make filling “elective” offices a boardroom decision. If you can’t eliminate the process then control the outcome. Different route, same destination.

Admittedly what I am describing is not classic socialism. But our American Socialists are not classic socialists. They have usurped the term to lend familiarity to what they are attempting to do and to facilitate the acceptance of their propaganda. Given the reality of definition creep, I am sure their usage of “socialism” will be widely accepted.

Spoiler alert for the American Socialist Movement, the 220 pound bully, prepared to kick sand in your face, is the Chinese Communist Party. You may have success on this continent but if you don’t adapt your game plan to include China as the Boss Hog and play by their rules, they will pick up all the marbles, theirs and yours, and go home.

The irony is that all you so-called American Socialists, Elite Intelligentsia and Tech Wizards earned your fortunes, and your self-proclaimed right to control the planet, by working within a system that was built with controlled borders and an acknowledgement of American Exceptionalism protected by our system of laws and by that Constitution that you now disdain. You want to scrap that which allowed you to succeed and replace it with a system that, although modified, has been doomed to failure everywhere it has been tried

If this is the example of your superior intelligence, advantage ignorance.

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Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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