I am not a fan of Michael Moore but he had a title that resonates with many of us today, “Dude Where’s My Country?”

Many of us watching events unfold on the world stage are asking that same question.  So much of what has made America the most powerful nation on the planet is being attacked.  Peaceful discourse to address and solve differences is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  Never in our history have we had so many of our citizens willing to adopt violence as a way to effect change in the government.

That the protests erupting across our land are orchestrated and choreographed is beyond question.  The mystery is to whom does this invisible hand pulling the strings belong?  And adding to that mystery is the apparent reluctance of anyone in law enforcement or government to discover and bring to light the identity of the person or persons signing the checks.  After all, “spontaneous riots” don’t come cheap.

We can point to those obscure entities, The Globalists, the New World Order or whichever conspiracy de jour but must keep in mind that every conspiracy theory has a golden thread of truth running through it else it would not be believable.

As an example, several hundred people show up in a small city for a spontaneous demonstration.  They gather for the first time at the protest site and square off into opposing factions.  Sure, it could happen but you have to ask, if they arrived spontaneously, without any coordination, where are all the vehicles?

Oh, they were bused in?  Well, there goes spontaneity.   Just a tiny golden thread supporting the conspiracy angle, and there are many others.

If we accept that there truly is an “invisible hand behind the curtain” then the question becomes “why?”  What are the game plans and success indicators for this mysterious who-so-ever?

I will not toy with small theories concerning rewriting bits of history in order to placate the feelings of certain vocal groups.  I believe that the end game is nothing less than the total destruction of the American way of life as it is currently experienced.

The assault began with low hanging fruit, removing all vestiges of the Confederacy.  This was a cause celebre for which a large anti faction already existed and so ginning up massive support was a simple matter.  Exploiting racial tensions has always been a sure fire method of dividing to conquer.

The fates seemed to have conspired to provide all the elements the invisible hand needed to advance its agenda.  For the first time in history we had a president from outside the establishment.  The unanimous attempts by the deep state and nearly all elected officials, both parties, to unseat this president became the focal point that provided misdirection for the invisible hand.  It was time to strike.

The initial moves were very successful but in my opinion the invisible hand moved too quickly to the next stage of operation, that or its minions simply got out of control and went off script.

The next moves should have been a gradual assault on other past public officials, those not connected to the Confederacy.    There was still much low hanging fruit to be attacked in order to solidify the momentum of the movement.  Woodrow Wilson, an avowed racist, the man who segregated the armed forces, was an obvious target as were Andrew Jackson for the Indian Removal Act and even FDR for the Japanese internment land grab.

Instead of sticking to a plan of incrementalism we get a sudden outcry for discrediting all founding fathers who were slave owners, a move which would devalue everything they did to create this nation.  That would make the entire constitution invalid in many eyes and set the stage for civil unrest across a very wide segment of the population.  Why, it would be asked, should we obey laws that were written by such evil, racist men?

That this was a part of the end game I have no doubt but moving to it so quickly would be like trying to kick a game winning field goal from 80 yards out.

The final act of this decades long movement by the invisible hand is meant to result in a largely borderless planet, leaving only one or two other nation states to provide the perpetual enemies needed by the military industrial complex.

To see what this dystopian paradise would look like simply revisit that literary Nostradamus, George Orwell.  Those who make up the invisible hand see the novel 1984 as a desirable world operation manual.  They, of course, would be in charge and so the negative elements of such a society would not touch them.

So when you are kicked back on the couch, holding a cold beverage of choice, and watching the latest riot unfold on your TV, don’t think of it as an isolated event, regard it rather as chess master Kasparov squaring off against IBM’s Deep Blue.

There are many more moves to come.

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Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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    Always food for thoughts, my friend…

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