We see so many ads for age reversal (creams, potions, lotions, etc.) all of which are supposed to make us feel or look younger. Just suppose.

Just suppose that the whiz kids at “Wonky Wonder Works” lab came up with a true age reversing pill, a capsule that would actually reverse the aging process?

Here’s the set up; Everyone is given his or her pill at age 18 and it’s a once in a lifetime deal. You go through your life in the normal fashion, keeping the pill in reserve. You can take it anytime you choose but when you do you began to grow younger, all the way back to being a single cell and then disappearing.

Keep in mind that the world would go on as normal, continuing to advance as your physical being becomes increasingly younger. You would still be subject to the same chances of illnesses and accidents without regard to which direction your aging process is taking.

When and under what circumstances do you think that you would swallow your pill? How would growing younger affect your relationships? What steps would you have to take to prepare for childhood and impending infancy?

And, upon reflection, do you think that you would ever take the pill?

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Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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14 Responses to AGE REVERSAL

  1. mincs1 says:

    I don’t think I would take the pill. As enticing as it sounds I think I prefer to let nature run its course… It’s kind of scary to think about growing back to a single cell before disappearing!

  2. rixlibris says:

    I lean in the same direction but, as to the end, you would probably lose the ability to understand the process somewhere in infancy. Thanks for the comment.

  3. amommasview says:

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    Wow, that’s a great post with a really great question at the end… I wonder what you would do? Head to the original post to see my answer in the comments…

  4. amommasview says:

    Wow, that is a great question and a really interesting prompt… If I had been given such a pill I would definitely still have it. I would keep it and treasure it, enjoying my life as it is at the moment. I would grow old (hopefully) and one day take it out, look at it again and think of all the great time I had when I was younger. Enjoying all the different stages, the different seasons of my life. And then I would put it away, maybe throw it away and continue with my life until it’s over.
    Why wouldn’t I swallow it? Because nothing would ever be the same. I would grow younger but I would not go through all the stages with my kids or with my hubby anymore. I might have kids again, might find another partner, who knows but I would not grow old with them. When you get younger your interests change. You will definitely not grow young with a partner… So what’s there to really look forward to? Being in diapers unable to move on your own, unable to communicate with no-one to look after you? I rather take this on the upper side of the age scale, you know. Maybe being there with my husband, having our kids and their kids visit us. Growing young by taking this pill the way you describe it seems to me as a lonely path from a certain point onward.
    As much as I enjoyed my life so far, I don’t want to live it twice and definitely not the other way around 🙂

  5. rixlibris says:

    To pill or not to pill, that is the question. I suppose the answer would vary from one individual to the next depending on how well life has gone for them. In my opinion, relatively happy person, content for the most part at whatever point they happen to be, would not take the pill.

  6. dweezer19 says:

    I think most people would tend to take it the moment fear of growing old sets in, when they are actually still quite young, sy around thirty, maybe forty at the latest. After that point, the wisdom I have gained and the settling down of my raging emotions brought me a sense of accomplishment I wouldn’t trade for youth. Now, give me a time capsule where I could go back and repeat a day, a week, or an event, and I will cash that ticket sir!

    • rixlibris says:

      Good point. We all have those “peak moments,” snippets of time that stand out in memory long after the event and yes, those would be well worth revisiting given selective time travel.

  7. Hmmm! A tricky one I must say. Maybe at the point of death when I’m 120 years old 😉

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  9. No. I would not take the pill. I’m glad to get older. Aging is a challenge at times but I do my best to eat right, have a healthy lifestyle and keep in good shape. I Don’t want to be a Benjamin Button case!! LOL!! ❤

  10. rixlibris says:

    Thanks for your comment and insight. I believe that there is a grand and overriding, coherent plan to the universe and that altering it, taking the pill for instance, would be to interfere with that plan. To me that would be a greater gamble than playing the hand as dealt.

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