Sitting in a little bar in lower Manhattan
Nursing a gin and tonic
And rearranging world events in my mind.

The man comes in, obviously down on his luck,
Takes the next stool,
And orders a double shot of bourbon.

He downs the shot, throws a few crumpled bills on the bar,
Turns to me, a tear in his eye,
And says in a voice as sad as the gates of Perdition.

“I never sang my song.”


From “A Mixed Bag” by Rick Fontes, available at Amazon and other fine booksellers.

About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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9 Responses to ENIGMA

  1. amommasview says:

    And so we should all go out there and sing our songs…

  2. Your so right, Is your name Rick.. hmmmmmmmm I love to sing good bad or otherwise..lol
    I am a affiliate for Amazon, I can get the book and advertise it on one of my blogs.. from amazon..

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  4. So moving, love how easy it reads. That final line though is bone chilling. Sorry for the previous comment it won’t let me delete it and my daughter had switched my screens on my iPad…wrong blog!

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