Another Freeway Giveaway

LUTFTime for another exciting chapter in the life of a…….  Wait, no, that’s a different blog.  Those who have followed this exercise know how it works.  For the vast majority of the world not included in that number it goes like this.  Although I am not a poet I did use  an approximation of that genre to document a lifetime of searching.  In “Life Under The Freeway” I travel from hope to hopelessness to the realization that neither of those extremes are really worth holding on to.  In this blog series I am drawing two numbers at random and transcribing whatever appears on the corresponding pages in the book.  There is no set time table for accomplishing this, just whenever the mood strikes.  The book does follow a story arc but random postings will not reflect it.  Anyone interested in getting a closer glimpse can go to Amazon and use the ‘look inside’ feature.  And today’s numbers are: 25 and 30.



Circles                                                                                                                                        Within circles                                                                                                                         Circling around and about.

Chasing, the chaser is chased.

Roles converging, reversing, merging.

Who needs?                                                                                                                                  Who wants?                                                                                                                          Whoever.

Never is ever in reach.

Always to be on the opposite side of the circle,                                                                   Chasing



In my dream I call your name,                                                                                                  Lying here holding a wish for togetherness

Unable to bridge the distance                                                                                           Measured now in miles rather than inches

Soon the moment of ecstasy

Dreams fused to reality                                                                                                          Tensions release.

I begin to drift lazily,                                                                                                                        A journey into that once shared twilight.

This is all that remains of us.

Solo dream                                                                                                                                   Solo love

Calling out your name.





About rixlibris

Retired from child care photography after thirty years of coaxing smiles and wiping noses. Currently venting years of repressed fictional story lines via self-published novels. Married and still alive in a remote corner of Waller County, Texas.
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